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Summer heat, no problem, we pack your wax goodies to withstand the hotter temps!


We understand that shopping for scented candles online can be difficult, here at Candles By Victoria we are devoted to candle making and to your online shopping experience. Our number one goal is that you receive outstanding customer service combined with an amazing, well made, highly scented candle! Here at Candles By Victoria we have spent many long hours of testing until we came up with what we believe, and our customers tell us, is the perfect clean burning wax formulation that give our strong scented candles a complete burn and an amazing scent throw, from the first time you light one of our candles to the very last drop, one small candle will scent an entire room, we guarantee it!

Our creamy highly scented candles are individually hand poured right here in our store in Van Texas and are drenched with the maximum amount of the finest fragrance oils. We have searched the world over to offer our customers the finest quality fragrances for our highly scented candles that you can find anywhere. With over 900 fragrance choices, we know you will find something you will love. Our secret is that each candle is hand poured at the time of order, this ensures fresh, highly fragrant candles each and every time.

How many times have you purchased scented candles only to be disappointed in the way they burned or the fact that you couldn't smell them no matter how close you got? How aggravating is it to burn a candle once only to have the wick become buried in wax? How many times have you had wax stuck to the side of the candle jar that didn't melt? How much money have you wasted on inferior candles from other more expense candle companies?

Here at Candles By Victoria we don't want you to purchase candles from us just ONE time, we want you to become a part of our candle family! This means we will go to great lengths to make your candle buying experience a pleasurable one. Candles are what we do best, try our candles for yourself, experience what our customers tell us is the "Cavier of Wax".

                                                                                  Family owned and operated since 1999!