Candles by Victoria



Added on 10/14/2020
AMAZING! Smells so yummy and is really strong and lasting! After burning it a few days ago my room still smells like a cinnabon storefront :)
Kendall Rae Wood Wick Candle

Added on 10/13/2020
It makes a perfect crackaling sound, as if there was a real fireplace in my home. Friends and family enjoy and sound, and adore the sent. Definitely going to buy more. Love the logo, and a pretty good size.
Maple Pecan Streusel

Added on 10/12/2020
I love this scent, so warm and comforting. Best for fall/winter but i find myself burning Maple scents throughout the yr. Will definitely order again.
Pumpkin Pickin

Added on 10/07/2020
Like the others said, it's a true pumpkin scent. I love it. I will order this again. Very much a fall scent.
Main Street

Added on 10/05/2020
This one I don't think I would re-purchase, but I'll enjoy it while I have it. Definitely not a bad scent, to me, it smells EXACTLY like french toast. Not the CBV scent French Toast because I haven't tried it, but actual french toast. It's freshly sprinkled cinnamon, cream, and a light breadiness. The only reason I'm not crazy over it is the cinnamon. It's heavy heavy on the cinnamon, and I was hoping for more of a creamy vanilla scent. I try to avoid cinnamon scents because they are irritating for both my mom and I.
Cleopatra's Closet

Added on 10/05/2020
nice i really appreciate your work.
16 oz. Country Jar Candle

Added on 10/05/2020
Great product i must say.
Spice & Apple

Added on 10/04/2020
Ahhh, i love this scent. Perfect for fall. Makes me want to curl up with a blanket on chilly day. Reminds you of a day spent apple-picking. Will order this again.
Maple Butter Crunch

Added on 10/04/2020
My nephews come for breakfast every Saturday. I like to have something burning when they come and boy did they love this one. I love all things Maple but was glad when they gave their 2-thumbs-up.
Bake Shoppe - Caramelized Praline Supreme

Added on 10/03/2020
My gosh, this is a wonderful candle. Not only is it beautiful, but it smells amazing as well. I've never been so impressed with a candle before. HIGHLY recommend this one!!
Pumpkin Pie Spice

Added on 09/30/2020
This is one of my favorites especially for fall. It's smells just like a Pumpkin pie cooking in the oven. Such a warm scent.
Thorn Candle

Added on 09/30/2020
I ordered this in Angel Food Cake for my Mother and we both LOVE it! The smell is wonderful and The candle itself is BEAUTIFUL! I bought it for my mom because Angel Food Cake was my daddy's favorite cake and we just lost him 8/14. It's a beautiful Memorial for him with a GREAT cause behind it as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! From Victoria: You are so very welcome!! xoxo
Butter Pound Cake

Added on 09/30/2020
This is one that I didn't like at all on cold, but was a tiny bit better on warm, but not by much. Not my favorite scent but I'm sure there are people out there that will love it. To me, it's just extremely strong synthetic butter, and headache inducing for me.

Added on 09/30/2020
It has been cold here in Kentucky the past few days, and I have cracked my gelato of this baby out and it is so awesome. It's put me in the Christmas mood like no other, I love this scent! I am so honored to be the one who created this mix and I hope so many people get a lot of enjoyment out of this! Great for year round, but PERFECT for Christmas in my opinion!
Comfort - Caramel Gingered Apple Crisp

Added on 09/28/2020
This is the PERFECT fall or kitchen candle in my opinion! Not only is it beautiful with little apple slices decorated on top with glitter, it has a great apple scent but also maple-y so there’s hints of sweetness. It smelled up my entire house and people could’ve walked in and thought I was baking. Definitely recommend
Sinful Cinnabon Candle

Added on 09/28/2020
I wish I could attach a photo so you could see how beautifully crafted this candle is. I can tell a lot of effort goes into making these. It is in a pretty blue bowl, white wax and cinnamon rolls and sticks created from wax and topped with glitter. This is the perfect cinnamon scent if that’s something you’re into. I don’t think its overwhelming, even before being lit it smells amazing.
Cozy Kitchen

Added on 09/28/2020
I don’t know how to describe this scent other than it’s almost fruity and almost sweet. It smells super good but it has a light scent so it isn’t too overwhelming

Added on 09/27/2020
This one of my favorites. The blend of fragrance is perfect, nothing is overpowering. Perfect for fall, i love it.
Crackling Birch

Added on 09/27/2020
I like this scent, yes it is strong but there is something about it that is perfect for a cool Fall day.
Cinnamon Apple Peach

Added on 09/26/2020
I like scent. It's not too strong but it is good, warm as the other reviewer said. the cinnamon is not over powering in this one.

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