Candles by Victoria


Sweater Weather (type)

Added on 12/29/2019
My friend let me smell that candle this is based on, and it's DEAD ON! I love this unconventionally fruity scent. Just fyi this scent is STRONG, REALLY STRONG. It's a gorgeous scent, it's just incredibly overpowering when I used a "normal" chunk of wax; I'd use just a sliver next time.
Rocky Mountain Christmas

Added on 12/29/2019
Favorite of the scent shots I bought, and my go-to Christmas scent now! I'm a fruit addict and I was kind of surprised this has such a distinct and lovely fruity note not mentioned in the description. I think it's the spruce, which my brain interprets as a kind of junipery berry scent? In any case, love love love. I'm getting another shot in my next order!
White Christmas

Added on 12/29/2019
I love this scent! It IS hard to describe, subtle and complex. I think it's good if you want something sweet and a little spicy, but not overpoweringly so - I usually hate sweet, sugary notes, but this one is really nice! FYI it wasn't a very strong scent for me, I had to use more wax than I normally do.
Old Fashion Christmas

Added on 12/26/2019
Clove lovers, this one's for you! All of the notes are so realistic that the citrus and cinnamon do not make this a candy scent at all; it smells more like home made stovetop potpourri.
Sugared Spruce

Added on 12/23/2019
I really don't know how to describe this scent! Clean and crisp for sure! I like warming this scent as a "stress reliever". I will keep this on hand for future use!
Gooey Cinnamon Bun

Added on 12/22/2019
Beautiful. And on cold throw it smells amazing. I'm sure when I finally light it all the scents will meld together perfectly and it will smell even more amazing. Was smaller than I expected. But it smells so good that I don't even care. I'm going to have to order a new one as soon as I light it.
9 oz. Country Sampler Pack

Added on 12/15/2019
After getting a designer candle in this jar, I just had to order this sampler pack. It's the perfect size. Not too big. Not to small. Just right. I can't wait until they get here.
Flannel (type)

Added on 12/14/2019
The woodsy note complements the bergamot perfectly, and the musk note is so soft that it just warms up the scent a little. This is not a heavy cologne scent, but if one would make a comparison to this and cologne, Crackling Birch is the revered grandfather's cologne and Flannel is the cool uncle's cologne. It is exceptionally pleasant and useful as a room spray.
Bit Of The Bubbly?

Added on 12/12/2019
There is a distinct, flowery top note to this, and while I would never call the scent "boozy," it is obvious that it is far from a fizzy soda pop scent. It is not very sweet, and it took me a while to think of which beverage has a taste that is similar to the base note of this scent. I finally decided on triple sec. For some noses, the top note might seem to overpower any citrus note in this robust fragrance, but whether or not one perceives much citrus or not, somehow it is both heady and fresh. Cheers!
Chocolate Fudge Cinnamon Sugar Cookie - Lg.

Added on 12/12/2019
This candle is beautiful and HUGE. Smells so mouthwatering. And this is just on cold throw. I can only imagine how good it will smell once it has been lit.
Bathtime With Pooh

Added on 12/12/2019
I have never smelled what this is supposed to be a duplicate of. But when I smell this I just want to fill the tub and take a bubble bath. This scent is just intoxicating. Absolutely wonderful.
Juniper Breeze

Added on 12/09/2019
This is very guest-friendly, just right if you want a fresh scent with an evergreen note that does not smell at all like a household cleaning product. During the Christmas season, I use this instead of ocean or rain scents in the bathroom.
Tangerine Mimosa

Added on 12/08/2019
All tangerine mimosas everywhere should taste just like this smells - genuine, bright, juicy tangerine and golden, sparkling champagne bliss! Where's the button for the "can't stop gushing about this" rating?
Cappuiccno Brulee

Added on 12/05/2019
This smells like a good medium roast coffee with a little sweet cream. It's a good kitchen scent, even for people who do not drink coffee, but like to smell it.
Blueberry Flapjacks

Added on 12/04/2019
Smells even better than I'd hoped it would. Definitely a new favorite.
Pomegranate & Apple

Added on 12/04/2019
This one was my free scent shot. Omg so fruity and delicious.
Caramel Chocolate Cherry

Added on 12/04/2019
On warm throw, this smells just like the smell you get when opening a quality box of chocolates with a substantial selection of caramels. There is nothing harsh or cloying about this scent; the cherry note smells like more like cherry nougat than cherry liqueur. The caramel note makes this a very mellow chocolate scent. The scent throw is as good as money can buy, and I could see burning a woodwick of this in a front room with a high ceiling, or melting this on Valentine's Day near a fireplace.

Added on 12/04/2019
I love this scent. It smells exactly like Banana Laffy Taffy. Delicious!!!
Alabama Slamma

Added on 12/04/2019
HOLY HICKORY!!! I have just been blown away. I love the smokey woodsy smell. Can't wait for it to cure more so I can melt it.
Fudge Brownie

Added on 12/04/2019
True to it's name. Smells more like brownies than brownies do. Simply AMAZING.

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