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30 oz. Triple Wicked Candle

Added on 05/10/2023
This candle is LARGE! Triple wicked with a super wide opening for maximum scent throw! I'm definitely going to buy more in my favorite scents and reuse the jar too!
Comfort - Fruit Cheesecake

Added on 05/01/2023
This candle is so cute and smells like a delicious bowl of Berries and Cheesecake. Double wicked and beautiful glitter to top it all off. Lick the air worthy!!!
Vanilla Birch (type)

Added on 04/05/2023
This is soooo good love this scent I always burn it in my bedroom walking down the hall I start to smell it pure heaven a must try it is one of my favorites
Route 66

Added on 03/25/2023
Love this scent so much! Perfect for summer or really any time of the year! Any scent by CVB with Fizzy Pop in it is going to be your favorite! For real! Fizzy Pop and Strawberry Limeade you can't go wrong with that! Give this scent a try!
Satsuma Punch

Added on 03/25/2023
I was blown away by this scent! I'm a big fan of Satsuma so decided to give Satsuma Punch a chance and I'm glad I did! Incredible! Fruity, clean and fresh, that's what I look for in a scent! Also, the color of the wax is a light peachy, pink color! Freaking gorgeous! A must try!
Mediterranean Fig

Added on 03/20/2023
Wow! This has a very strong throw! I absolutely love this one!
Embossed Candle

Added on 03/07/2023
I love this jar! The scent throw is excellent, and it looks so pretty when lit. This is my favorite shape and size to burn regularly.
Milkshake Candles - Choose your favorite!

Added on 03/07/2023
I bought the Orange Creamsickle and the Strawberry Milkshake scents, and recently burned the Orange Creamsickle. It burned beautifully, and I got approximately 80 hours of burn time with the proper wick management Victoria recommends. These candles are adorable, and the added touch of the donut on top just takes it over the top! I need to get the Cookies and Cream and Chocolate next!
CD - Almond Macaron Delight

Added on 03/07/2023
This candle is so pretty with the little macarons, and the scent is so delicious! I love CBVs Almond scents! You'll want to eat this!
18 oz. Dough Bowl Candles

Added on 03/07/2023
Such a gorgeous candle! Victoria's Dough Bowls offer tremendous throw, and are so bright and elegant while lit. I've purchased three so far, and highly recommend them!
Designer Whipped Body Butter

Added on 03/06/2023
I literally never write reviews for anything I buy, but I felt like I had to for anyone debating buying this. Let me start off by saying, I am addicted to perfume and lotion, so I’ve just about tried them all. I love smelling good, and my skin dryness is level alligator. Lotions are tricky, most either smell good but leave you dry, or only smell good for 5 minutes but are nourishing. But this lotion…oh boy. She is THICCC, but in the best way possible. Spreads like a dream, a little goes a long way which is rare for any lotion. it’s been HOURS and I’m pretty sure the neighbors could smell me from here. Dry skin?-we don’t know her while using this. 10/10 add to cart and thank me later.
Candles By Victoria Laundry Soap

Added on 03/01/2023
I absolutely love this laundry soap. I got the scent sweater weather and it makes my clothes smell amazing. I will definitely order this product again!
Car Diffuser

Added on 02/21/2023
I love the simplicity of the diffuser and my car smells so good that I have my coworkers sitting in my car and asking me to place orders for them
Designer Perfume

Added on 02/12/2023
Absolutely love this perfume I ordered this in Boardwalk Marshmellow Cloud smells heavenly my boyfriend loves it I am going to have to order the whipped bodybutter souffle next to go with it lets face this is the best price your ever going to get smells heavenly can't stop sniffing my wrist this is a must have Thank You Victoria
Volcano (type)

Added on 02/12/2023
I loved the original manufacturer's scent, but their prices were insane and their candle quality was subpar at best. CBV's version is much more robust and throws through my entire house. I plan to buy this in every form possible as it is a great year-round scent and is so refreshing and clean! CBV knocked this one outta the park!
Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds (type)

Added on 02/12/2023
This scent is so warm and inviting. My kids and husband all liked it too. It’s not a power house but sometimes I just want a softer scent. I turned on my warmers downstairs in the morning and then forgot to turn them off that night. The next morning I was walking down the stairs and noticed it still smelled so good. So not super strong but a soft long lasting beautiful scent. I’m buying in a bag of melts I loved it so much!

Added on 02/06/2023
This smells so good light floral fresh scent just love it will definanetly order this again
Norwegian Forest

Added on 02/01/2023
Wow! This nails a winter forest…new Christmas (and frankly through the winter) scent now added to favorites! It’s absolutely fantastic!
John Dutton

Added on 01/31/2023
I have this in my bedroom and it was lasted all week! A strong, manly scent. One of my favorites.
Honeysuckle Fruit Flower

Added on 01/31/2023
This fruity floral is fun and happy! It smells like a hint of honeysuckle mixed with fruit punch. I love it!

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