Candles by Victoria


Chocolate Wasted

Added on 05/16/2020
Love this. A great chocolate scent!
Stoneware Candle

Added on 05/14/2020
I love the stoneware candles, they are the absolute best candles for my bathroom I get compliments everytime company comes to visit and the fragrance that flow out of them are a added bonus!!!
16 oz. Country Jar Candle

Added on 05/12/2020
I just lit my first candle, the scent I chose is Love Spell, and oh my goodness! These candles are my new favorite! The quality is amazing, handmade beautifully, and the scent is spot on. It's like I scented my entire apartment with my most loved body mist. It's burning nicely, and I'm already extremely impressed. Great job, CBV! You've made me a repeat customer from my first sniff
Jar Full Of Hello Kitty

Added on 05/12/2020
I ordered these as well in my first order, and I'm already in love! They are adorable, but huge! I put one in my wax warmer right away and the scent filled the room. I love Hello Kitty and I'm so happy I ordered these. The scent is perfect and they melt so nicely. I can't wait to try different scents.
Love Spell

Added on 05/12/2020
My favorite VS scent for years! I ordered an candle and wax melts in this scent, and they definitely are "spot on"! I love that my entire apartment is now enveloped in this sweet scent. Even my fiancee said, "it smells like you in here!" Love it!
Thorn Candle

Added on 05/12/2020
Just got my candle and holy cow, this is absolutely gorgeous and HUGE! I knew it would be a big candle but I was not prepared, it's so pretty and sparkly and solid, truly a one of a kind candle. I chose the scent "pink rose cupcake" because that just seemed so fitting for the look of the candle and the vanilla is strong with that one. I love it. I'm excited to order more candles in the future.
Brownie Melts

Added on 05/11/2020
Bought there breakaway melt very happy with them smells amazing worth the wait
Barefoot In Blue Jeans

Added on 05/11/2020
Excellent! Love this soft, sweet, slightly musky scent.
Get Me S'more

Added on 05/05/2020
Love this scent! A perfect chocolate and marshmallow scent!
Buttered Popcorn

Added on 05/05/2020
A nice, mellow buttery popcorn scent! Love it!
Fruit Loops Cupcake

Added on 05/05/2020
This one is my favorite of the ones I've tried so far! It's like a mix between Fruit Loops and buttercream frosting! Wonderful!
Watermelon Lemon Lime Cranberry Fizz

Added on 05/05/2020
I got this as a sample and love it! It almost reminds me of a Cherry Limeade from Sonic, but with cranberry. Delicious!
The Bubbles Make Me Loopy

Added on 05/05/2020
What a fun scent!! Fruity and Fizzy, I notice it lasting for 2-3 days usually.
Cozy Kitchen

Added on 05/05/2020
“Cozy” is the best way to describe this scent!! Not overwhelmingly strong, but strong enough it lasts quite awhile.
Blueberry Butter Pound Cake

Added on 05/05/2020
Oh my yummmm!! Victoria’s blueberry scents are the best! Blueberry Butter Pound Cake has quickly become one of my favorites. She creates a Buttery scent so well, it smells like fresh baked blueberry muffins every time I melt it! Not overwhelmingly strong, but you’ll notice it right away!
Fresh Linens

Added on 05/05/2020
Oh my! This is by far the strongest scent shot I’ve gotten so far! I melt 1/8th of a shot in my bedroom and within half an hour my entire house smells like clean laundry! I would definitely recommend this one, but a heads up that a little goes a long way, it’s strong!
Bathtime With Pooh

Added on 05/05/2020
Definitely my favorite scent so far! So relaxing and comforting. I love melting it in my bedroom, smells like you’ve just taken a bubble bath. That being said, I have not smelled whatever it is supposed to be a duplicate of.
Sunshine & Rainbows

Added on 05/05/2020
If you’re a fruity lover, look no farther! This is a wonderful blend of juicy fruits, tartness, and a bit of sweetness. The blend of candy and fruit is so good!
Vanilla Bean

Added on 05/01/2020
I absolutely love vanilla scents and really wanted a lovely , pure vanilla. THIS IS THE ONE! To be totally honest, I did not like this when I smelled it cold and was so upset but lit the candle anyway and the smell burning was EXACTLY what I was hoping for! A gorgeous, warm vanilla. Improves every room. Definitely a reminder that sometimes the cold throw is very different than the melt/burn! I will be reordering this one for sure.
Black Current

Added on 05/01/2020
LOVE this scent. It's fruity and floral for sure. Definitely enticing and romantic in a way! It makes me smile every time I walk into the room!

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