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Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds (type)

Added on 01/02/2023
This is a lovely complex fragrance but there's very little throw, which is disappointing. When I received my order I went to this scent first but couldn't really smell anything. I always put everything away to cure and when I came back to this several months later, I still didn't smell much. I decided to give it a try anyway. The fragrance is a lovely sweet, pillow marshmallow warmth and a woody, mild homey scent I couldn't quite place. It reminded me a bit of By the Fireplace but sweeter. Unfortunately, the performance was lacking, as I'd thought it might be. I burn and melt all my wax goodies in a 12 by 14 room, so this wasn't an open concept room with vaulted ceilings. Just a master bedroom. My advice would be to purchase this fragrance in a large candle, for maximum scent distribution. There are just so many high performers in Victoria's scent library that I'll probably skip this from now on. -------------------------------------------------------------------- "I'm sorry to hear that, we get so many compliments on this scent from our customers just do a search in our group on FB and you will find a ton but not everyone smells every scent the same. Thank you for your input. Victoria xoxo"
Wood Wick Candle - CAS

Added on 01/01/2023
This Wood Wick Candle that I named after my beautiful Cuz/Sis Aminah Love. She loved Frankincense and Myrrh but Patchouli was her number 1 favorite fragrance. January 10th marks her 2nd anniversary of death due to Covid and other underline issues. I received this creation of Candle, all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Thank you CBV for allowing us customers to create and name our special candles. You gained a customer from Philly, Pa. Have a blessed New Year 2023!!!
Applewood Fir Needle

Added on 12/16/2022
I have tried tons of samples from the company. This fragrance is the best I’ve tried. It’s the fresh fir needle scent that I love and a little sweetness from the berries. It’s perfect for winter. I ordered the 2 oz wax melt. I think a candle scent would be stronger and last longer. The wax melt smell only lasted about a day. "Hey Mary you may want to update your warmer, we have one we highly suggested listed in our Facebook group if you are interested feel free to email me, a warmer can make all the difference in the world!"
Raspberry Buttercream

Added on 12/12/2022
One of my most favorite scents! A perfect blend of raspberry and buttercream. The throw has lasted a long time in one of my warmers.
Chocolate Wasted

Added on 12/12/2022
Chocolate Wasted is a delicious, rich and true chocolate scent! Calories not included;)
Peanut Butter Buttercream Frosting

Added on 12/12/2022
Such a delicious scent. Victoria needs to make more scents with the delicious buttercream because I find it really adds that special extra. Yummy goodness!
Christmas At Gigi's

Added on 12/09/2022
Christmas At Gigi’s was an immediate favorite for me. It is cozy, comforting, and the perfect Christmastime scent! I definitely smell each of the scent notes, and they meld together beautifully to make one delightful blend. On cold sniff I get the sweet cinnamon and spices that reminds me of those sugar-coated gummy cinnamon hearts that are out around Valentine’s Day. But once my candle was burning the orange, pumpkin, vanilla, cotton candy, and molasses made their presence known in a perfect complement to the spiciness of the cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Christmas at Gigi’s gives me *all* the Christmas feelings!
Unicorn Melts

Added on 12/06/2022
These Unicorn melts are so cute! I got some in the scent Pink Sugar so I could have Hot Pink Unicorns! So Freaking Cute!
Tuberose and Gardenia

Added on 12/03/2022
I wasn't impressed when I first received this scent, however, after I had it burning, it ending up being one of the best candles I've ever had! I got the wood wick and it smells so floral and woody! Highly recommend!
Sweater Weather (type)

Added on 12/03/2022
Victoria is a Rock Star ⭐️ Best Single Shot Melt I’ve Ever Smelled/Purchased! And I Have Purchased From Many Other Small Businesses. Victoria Knocks The Competition Out Of The Water! I Am A New Customer, Melting Sweater Weather It Lasts And Lasts 2 Days Now. I Love The Fragrance, Can’t Wait To Melt The Other Scents I Ordered❤️ Michelle N.J.
Cutie - Christmas At Gigi's

Added on 11/30/2022
This candle is so adorable! It smells incredible and I got a lot of complements from family and friends on how wonderful it smelled in my home. The molasses note brings everything together for a delicious bakery type scent. This candle wouldn't be complete without the shimmering red and green glitter. Just gorgeous!
Breath Of Ireland

Added on 11/19/2022
What a magnificent scent! Strong, fresh, flowery and such a delight!
Million Dollar Baby

Added on 11/19/2022
Delicious scent! Smells like the real deal.
Country Bumpkin

Added on 11/19/2022
What a delightful balance of fruits and spices. Sweet, but not overly sweet. A must try for fall.

Added on 11/19/2022
It’s a pretty and light smell with a weaker throw. I preferred this better when I had it warming in a small bedroom, compared to my huge living area.
French Quarter

Added on 11/11/2022
This is my favorite so far. I’m a new customer and have only ordered a handful of scents but this one is absolutely incredible! Cannot wait to TRY and get all of them
Room Spray

Added on 11/01/2022
I absolutely love these sprays! I have several of them and am very much considering getting body butter and laundry detergent in the same scents as my Body Sprays! FYI - Pink Sugar and Tiffany D 2.0 are my faves, so far! I even use them in my hair. ❤️
Cathy's Come Home

Added on 10/24/2022
This scent is absolutely perfect.
Succulent & Sandstone

Added on 10/24/2022
Fresh and clean, a perfect bathroom scent !!
Tiffany-D 2.0

Added on 10/23/2022
feminine and has a very strong throw...only need a small amount in the ol' warmer to make my whole house smell good.

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