Candles by Victoria


Banana Walnut

Added on 11/01/2018
LOVE this scent. At first, I wasn't too crazy about it, definitely get that banana laffy taffy scent to it, but the power of having it cure for a couple of days and it was a completely different scent to me. The scent turned out to be soooo good! Thinking of mixing it with chocolate chip cookie for some yumminess in my kitchen.
Lily of the Valley

Added on 11/01/2018
This sent makes my eyes water. It is too sweet for my preference. I got it in a scent shot and dumped it after 3 times. It makes me a bit wary of the floral scents.

Added on 10/31/2018
Smells wonderful. Love it.
Muffin Melts

Added on 10/29/2018
I absolutely love these muffin melts I use them in all my different warmers I have & they work amazing in each one and give the same throw! Hands down these are the best for the value you pay and last for quiet awhile too! I’m stocking up to make sure I don’t run out I like them so much!
Surprise Loaves

Added on 10/29/2018
I absolutely love the suprise loaves you get a lot of wax for your money & I love the suprise of trying to figure out what the smells are im getting! There perfect if you wanna have a switch up of smells and want a variety this is the way to go! I’ve ordered a few loaves so far and they’ve never had the same smells in any of them it’s all been different! I’m stocking up on these to so I don’t run out!
Reeses Banana Nut Bread

Added on 10/29/2018
I've never been a fan of chocolate scents, but this is my first! I love banana nut bread scent and now this is even better!

Added on 10/24/2018
A wonderful, warm, bakery almond scent. This is a lighter CBV scent, but still packs a punch. It’s a scent that most everyone will find enjoyable.
Mini Mickey Melts

Added on 10/23/2018
So cute. Got these because my son was looking over my shoulder when I was shopping and spotted Mickey. He loves that they look like Mickey and I love that they smell so amazing. Will definitely reorder.
Wax Blaster

Added on 10/23/2018
AMAZING!!! Will definitely order again.
Aspen Caramel Woods (type)

Added on 10/20/2018
I just received this scent in a ss and I am kicking myself for not getting it in candle form!! It is AMAZING!If you like cozy, warm, relaxing scents that make you want to curl up with a good book or man this is a scent you should try! I cant wait to warm it I love it on cold throw so I can only imagine how good it will be warmed.
Fall Melts

Added on 10/15/2018
These are adorable! The sizes of the leaves, pinecones and pumpkins are different, which makes them perfect! Just add your desired amount to your warmer, or mix with other scent shots to create a new scent!
Lemon Cheesecake Strudel

Added on 10/14/2018
OMG....I ordered this scent in the 8oz jelly jar, and it has filled up my whole upstairs. It is the right balance of lemon and cheesecake, not too strong on cinnamon, which is what I love! I have to have more of this scent - perfect all year!
Brownie Peanut Butter Cheesecake Candle

Added on 10/11/2018
This candle smells amazing. And it's absolutely beautiful. I don't know how I will bring myself to burn it.
Pumpkin Blueberry Crunch

Added on 10/08/2018
This is a rich bakery scent. The pumpkin slightly tones down the tartness of the blueberry and adds a sweetness. I detect no butter note. There is a very subtle crust note but overall the scent reminds me of a sticky dessert filling. Very nice.
Mermaid Kiss

Added on 10/08/2018
This is a complex aquatic scent. The floral note combines beautifully with the sea salt/ocean air vibe. Don’t be afraid if you don’t care for anything floral though. The floral note is very subdued and not cloying, old fashioned or green/Earthy. This is primarily a scent reminiscent of the ocean and it’s breeze. Think of fresh salty sea air, and foamy ocean water crashing alongside jagged rocks. This is a beautiful fragrance for a bathroom or throughout your house in the Spring/Summer.
Lavender Pumpkin

Added on 10/08/2018
This scent intrigued me as I love lavender but never thought to mix it with pumpkin. The two mesh very well together though and I can smell equal parts lavender and pumpkin. The lavender is not an herbal lavender though. Perhaps it’s because the pumpkin adds a beautiful sweetness which at times is reminiscent of a baked good. This is a warm and relaxing scent.
Blueberry Pie

Added on 10/05/2018
Delicious scent! This smells like the gooey, rich filling of a blueberry pie with a lovely note of a dry, flaky pie crust. Very authentic!
Grandma's Porch

Added on 10/04/2018
Beautiful, cozy, relaxing Autumn scent, that I'm loving. It was one of my very first candles in my order and I will definitely buy another in a bigger candle”. Not any cinnamon or spice but still a nice crisp scent
Pearberry Fun

Added on 10/04/2018
I was instantly transported to my youth in the 90's with my first experiences with BBW. Victoria, you did an outstanding job in duping this one. I'm happy to have received as a surprise SS and would absolutely order this one in the future.
Bake Shoppe - Peanut Butter Cookie Dream

Added on 09/27/2018
There is no way I'll ever burn this unless I have another one on the way. It's beautiful and smells so delicious. Definitely a favorite.

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