Candles by Victoria


Witch's Brew

Added on 11/25/2020
I was very surprised to find this scent was my and my Mother's absolute favorite when we placed our order recently. We are both very big fans of fall scents. I read the scent description for Witches Brew and it sounded interesting, so I took a chance and we love it. I smell carmel apple cider and a mix of several other fall scents I cannot place. The delicious mixture of smells is nothing I can put a finger on. It's not too sweet, not to warm but plenty of both. Definitely not a bakery scent but smells good enough to eat. It is everything wonderful about fall, friends, costumes, mischief, wonder and anticipation of Halloween, as well as the holidays to come. Highly recommend!
Caramel Apple Pecan Cobbler

Added on 11/24/2020
Wow bought this in a large bread pan. Omg best decision I’ve ever made. You can smell one slice all over the house. My husband and daughters can’t stop talking about it.
Bathtime With Pooh

Added on 11/24/2020
Omg!! One of the most relaxing scents I’ve ever smelled. I can’t even describe it. It’s just too good. I can even smell this cold. The day I warmed it I put in another order for a candle, more melts and room spray in this scent. Lol
Jacob Black

Added on 11/22/2020
This scent is exactly as described. It’s very forrest-y with a hint of pine and musk.
Sugar Daddy

Added on 11/22/2020
This scent definitely smells like sweet candy. I can smell the blue sugar and at a first smell, I almost thought the smell was fresh smelling like linen. The scent is subtle and not overwhelming but still strong enough to burn and smell.
Gingerbread Latte

Added on 11/22/2020
This scent smells like cinnamon and ginger. I think it smells more like gingerbread rather than coffee. The throw is strong.
Strawberries & Champagne

Added on 11/22/2020
This scent is fruity and soft smelling, not too strong. Very refreshing
Emperor's Love

Added on 11/15/2020
I love this scent! I don't get any lemon, but all of the scents combined just smell divine. It's unlike anything I've ever smelled before. This is definitely a favorite!
Cozy Kitchen

Added on 11/08/2020
This is a good scent. It’s light, somewhat sweet somewhat fruity. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it smells like though. I burn this in my living room as i feel it isn’t a “kitchen” scent.
Mint Tea

Added on 11/08/2020
I love this!! Very refreshing 10 throw.
Cognac & Cubans

Added on 11/06/2020
Very strong! You can smell it with the top on. Cannot wait to warm this baby!! lol

Added on 11/06/2020
Absolutely gorgeous fruity floral. Will repurchase this one for sure :)
Pumpkin Pickin

Added on 10/27/2020
I finally had a chance to melt the scent shot that I purchased, and I am glad I did! On a cold sniff, you receive pumpkin intertwined with a brief smell of vanilla and then a boldness of spices. During the melt, the scent reverses, the spices come to the forefront with the sweetness of vanilla pumpkin trailing behind. The scent reminds me of walking into a craft store during the fall season. The throw of the scent shot is great; melting a 1/4 of this scent covered my 1 bedroom apartment.
White Peach & Silk Blossom

Added on 10/26/2020
Floral and fresh, slightly understated compared to other fresh/clean fragrances but a nice strong throw.
Laundry Day

Added on 10/26/2020
So fresh and clean. Amazing scent and exactly as described :)
Caramel Apple Pecan Cobbler

Added on 10/25/2020
The first time I smelled this, I was HOOKED!! This is going to be one of the scents that I'll be buying for the rest of my life!
Aspen Caramel Woods (type)

Added on 10/25/2020
Aspen Caramel Woods is absolutely 10/5 for a rating! If you want to feel like everything is right in the world, then get this scent! I always feel such joy when I smell this one..
Japanese Cherry Blossom

Added on 10/25/2020
Soft, delicate, powerful fragrance! This is in my list of Top 5 scents of all time. I cannot stop smelling this one!! This is such a great one to smell if you're ever in need of something comforting.
Tangerine Mimosa

Added on 10/23/2020
I haven't been able to stop sniffing this since it arrived. Absolutely amazing balance between the tangerine and champagne/fizz scent. This will be a new staple in my collection!
Feetie Melts

Added on 10/22/2020
LOVE these! They are so cute and adorable, incredibly convenient to just pop a few of these into your warmers and then be amazed by the strong scents they fill your home with. This amazing family never fails to wow me by how great their products are.

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