Candles by Victoria



Added on 01/20/2020
I love the fruity-ness to this scent! Ravenclaw is my House, and I feel this is great scent to describe the house. If there was an old book scent mixed with this it would be amazing!
Hansel & Gretel

Added on 01/19/2020
Smells just as described and so very yummy!
Muffin Melt - Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Melt

Added on 01/12/2020
Absolutely LOVE this! There's so much detail in the design and it smells amazing and throws like a beast! Currently on my 2nd melt of the same wax with no end in sight of the scent.
Mid Summers Night Dream

Added on 01/10/2020
It didn't seem particularly masculine to me at first but now I think about it, it has a men's body wash quality to it. I like that it's clean and fresh without being too sweet and girly, I can see this as a great scent for a man's space. However it smells like detergent to me, and the name made me think it would be something more rich and exotic.
Caramel Brulee Latte

Added on 01/10/2020
Beautiful! I wasn't sure about sugary scents, I find them saccharine, but the buttery caramel scent of this is perfect, rich and not overpoweringly sweet. The coffee note is a bit hard to smell but it's there - I'd try mixing this with another coffee scent to make it even more delicious! Like most bakery scents, I find it VERY strong and like to use a very small amount of wax.
Fizzy Pop

Added on 01/10/2020
This scent is like magic and smells just like 7-Up. I can smell the soda syrup, the carbonated bubbles, and the lemon-lime fresh scent. It’s a clean scent as well. One of my faves!!
Happily Ever After

Added on 01/10/2020
This scent is absolutely amazing! It has quickly become my favorite CBV fresh/floral scent. It reminds me a lot of Soft Blanket from YC, but better. It's a very sophisticated floral scent that exudes elegance. This would be a great living room or bedroom scent.
Design A Candle

Added on 01/09/2020
My first DAC was extremely beautiful and perfect for Christmas 2019! The two scents I chose were Drunk Elves and Marshmallow Peppermint. A Christmas design and labeled as "Drinking Christmas". I am extremely happy with how it all turned out, which in short is amazing! I can't wait to purchase another DAC.
Bake Shoppe - Donut Shop

Added on 01/08/2020
This candle was a delight to look at and IMP smelled more like a churro - yum ! It had a very cinnamon-y scent and smells so good that I could smell the candle from across the room even when it was not lit !
Halloween Melts

Added on 01/07/2020
So adorable. I received cats, ghosts, haunted houses and tombstones. All large pieces and lasted awhile. Hoping for a skull next time!
Sweater Weather (type)

Added on 12/29/2019
My friend let me smell that candle this is based on, and it's DEAD ON! I love this unconventionally fruity scent. Just fyi this scent is STRONG, REALLY STRONG. It's a gorgeous scent, it's just incredibly overpowering when I used a "normal" chunk of wax; I'd use just a sliver next time.
Rocky Mountain Christmas

Added on 12/29/2019
Favorite of the scent shots I bought, and my go-to Christmas scent now! I'm a fruit addict and I was kind of surprised this has such a distinct and lovely fruity note not mentioned in the description. I think it's the spruce, which my brain interprets as a kind of junipery berry scent? In any case, love love love. I'm getting another shot in my next order!
White Christmas

Added on 12/29/2019
I love this scent! It IS hard to describe, subtle and complex. I think it's good if you want something sweet and a little spicy, but not overpoweringly so - I usually hate sweet, sugary notes, but this one is really nice! FYI it wasn't a very strong scent for me, I had to use more wax than I normally do.
Old Fashion Christmas

Added on 12/26/2019
Clove lovers, this one's for you! All of the notes are so realistic that the citrus and cinnamon do not make this a candy scent at all; it smells more like home made stovetop potpourri.
Sugared Spruce

Added on 12/23/2019
I really don't know how to describe this scent! Clean and crisp for sure! I like warming this scent as a "stress reliever". I will keep this on hand for future use!
Gooey Cinnamon Bun

Added on 12/22/2019
Beautiful. And on cold throw it smells amazing. I'm sure when I finally light it all the scents will meld together perfectly and it will smell even more amazing. Was smaller than I expected. But it smells so good that I don't even care. I'm going to have to order a new one as soon as I light it.
9 oz. Country Sampler Pack

Added on 12/15/2019
After getting a designer candle in this jar, I just had to order this sampler pack. It's the perfect size. Not too big. Not to small. Just right. I can't wait until they get here.
Flannel (type)

Added on 12/14/2019
The woodsy note complements the bergamot perfectly, and the musk note is so soft that it just warms up the scent a little. This is not a heavy cologne scent, but if one would make a comparison to this and cologne, Crackling Birch is the revered grandfather's cologne and Flannel is the cool uncle's cologne. It is exceptionally pleasant and useful as a room spray.
Bit Of The Bubbly?

Added on 12/12/2019
There is a distinct, flowery top note to this, and while I would never call the scent "boozy," it is obvious that it is far from a fizzy soda pop scent. It is not very sweet, and it took me a while to think of which beverage has a taste that is similar to the base note of this scent. I finally decided on triple sec. For some noses, the top note might seem to overpower any citrus note in this robust fragrance, but whether or not one perceives much citrus or not, somehow it is both heady and fresh. Cheers!
Bathtime With Pooh

Added on 12/12/2019
I have never smelled what this is supposed to be a duplicate of. But when I smell this I just want to fill the tub and take a bubble bath. This scent is just intoxicating. Absolutely wonderful.

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