Candles by Victoria


Whipped Body Butter Souffle'

Added on 08/24/2020
This body butter has been such a savior since the start of the pandemic. Even though this is supposed to be for the body I mostly use it on my hands! With increased hand washing, my hands are now drier than ever. I use this after I was my hands and they instantly feel so much better! A little goes a long way with this product! I want wait to purchase more when I run out!
Kissing Kris Kringle

Added on 08/24/2020
I love this scent! It’s complex- kind of fruity, warm, with some cinnamon, some sweetness, other things I can’t quite pick out. It’s not too sweet or too spicy. The scent shot is strong even without warming, but warming brings out the maple note more. I usually burn earthy or light fruity summer scents, but this one is something I would definitely recommend to try for fall and winter.
Amish Quilt

Added on 08/23/2020
I got this scent in a scent shot. On cold throw, it's definitely spicy with some nuttiness to it. I'm not detecting vanilla or sweetness. It reminds me of fall, almost like a craft store or something. When warming, it quickly fills my small apartment, though not overwhelming it, and lingers even to the next day. It's a very cozy scent that I would likely repurchase in the future.
Coming Home

Added on 08/18/2020
My favorite scent by far. It smells like Christmas and fall. Something about this scent is very comforting and reminiscent.
Magical Mermaid Candle

Added on 08/18/2020
WOW! This candle is huge, beautiful, and smells so wonderful. I haven't tried burning it yet, but we are using it as a decoration in my daughters room. Love, Love, Love this candle.
Stoneware Candle

Added on 08/18/2020
Love these stoneware candles! Really nice and look great in my bathroom. I can't wait to buy some more of these!
Tropical Soda Pop

Added on 08/18/2020
WOW! This scent is on another level. The soda pop and the tropical smells are very present and neither get lost. So refreshing smelling, and the scent stays for a long time even after you are done burning or melting it. I will for sure be buying this scent again
Sweet Treat - Pink Cupcake

Added on 08/18/2020
Best cupcake smell I have experienced. The pink color is perfect, and this is overall just a great candle.
Sweet Treat - Pumpkin Cheesecake

Added on 08/18/2020
This smells exactly like Pumpkin cheesecake! How amazing it looks is just an added bonus. Such an amazing candle, and I plan on buying these over and over again.
Singapore Sling

Added on 08/16/2020
Smells very vanilla, like pulling a cake out of the oven! Delicious scent with a strong throw.
Surprise Candle

Added on 08/13/2020
I love the surprise candles! Perfect scent throw for smaller rooms. Or light a couple for large room.
Comfort - Pumpkin Gingerbread Splash

Added on 08/13/2020
Cutest candle ever! Smells delicious as expected, my only suggestion is to have a little extra support under the gingerbread mans head. Mine fell off during shipping, but was able to easily reconnect it.
Lemongrass and Cedar

Added on 08/07/2020
Love this scent!!!!!!Clean and refreshing
Bum Bum

Added on 08/04/2020
I ordered this and it doesn't smell like the bum bum lotion. I realllly wish it did because that is the yummiest smell on earth! This reminds me of suntan lotion a bit. I personally wasn't a fan, but everyone has their own preference and I am picky with smells! My friend absolutely loves it though!

Added on 08/04/2020
The first time I ordered this the scent was soo light it was hard to tell, but in fact my entire order had been under scented. The second time I ordered it, the scent power improved. I got this in a 32oz Candle and a Liquid Tart, I gotta say the liquid tart packs the most punch!! You can smell it throughout my 1300 sq foot home. A person below says this is like smelling a pack starbursts but not sugary, more fruity and fresh, and that is a PERFECT description. Highly Recommend this in the liquid Tart!!
Lemon Vanilla

Added on 08/02/2020
This one is my favorites! I've ordered it several times. Lemon Vanilla gives my home a nice summery fresh and warm smell.
Pink Strawberry Champange

Added on 08/02/2020
I got this as a 2oz melt. The scent is string enough to be detected throughout my small apartment, yet it is a sweet, light and fresh fragrance. I was not sure I would like fruity fragrances, but this one I can easily see myself using in the spring or summer times. Reminds me of those strawberry candies that as an older kid I would throw away (usually came in pinata assorted candies), yet as a candle it works.
Cutie - Teacher's Pet

Added on 07/22/2020
I got this for a teacher gift for my daughters teacher and now I want to buy them for every teacher I know. This is so cute, smells amazing, and makes an incredible gift for any teacher. The apple smell is the best apple scent I have ever experienced. It is perfect
Cutie - Raspberry Peach Cobbler

Added on 07/22/2020
So so so good! You will not regret this one! So beautiful, and has the most amazing, delicious smell.
Kendall Rae Wood Wick Candle

Added on 07/17/2020
I ordered this candle after Kendall Rae announced she was doing a collaboration with Candles by Victoria, and I am so glad I did! I picked the scent maple butter pumpkin pecan waffle crunch and it smells amazing. The candle smells like you just walked into a bakery. I cannot wait to burn this candle in my new apartment. I will definitely be buying more candles from this company in the future.

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