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Added on 08/14/2019
I really liked the scent of Cinnabon! Not to much Cinnamon that may not care for this scent, with just enough Vanilla to balance both scents together. The scent is medium and has a good throw.
Cinnamon Stick

Added on 08/14/2019
For all of the Bakery Cinnamon lovers! The scent is rich on cold and in your warmer! I recommend if you want to try a great scented candle or melts! I don't know how CBV does it. However, this scent is point on! I have ordered the Cinnamon a couple of times. You can't find anything comparable elsewhere! 10 STARS!
Hot Sweet & Sticky

Added on 08/14/2019
I LOVE this sweet scent and probably one of my top ten scents. The scent is rich on cold and in your warmer! I recommend if you want to try a great scented candle or melts! I don't know how CBV does it. However, this scent is point on! You can't find anything comparable elsewhere!
Cinnamon Caramel Swirl (type)

Added on 08/14/2019
This scent is pretty strong! Excellent blend of Cinnamon, Caramel and Vanilla! The scent is rich on cold and in your warmer! I recommend if you want to try a great scented candle or melts! I don't know how CBV does it. However, this scent is point on!
Blueberry Orange Creamsickle

Added on 08/14/2019
I have this scent in a scent shot and it is amazing! You will smell the Blueberry and the Orange Creamsickle! The scent is amazing on cold and super in your warmer!
Blueberry Cheesecake

Added on 08/14/2019
If you like Blueberries and Cheesecake, this scent is for you. It isn't overwhelming strong and it isn't lite. This is a perfect blend. The color of wax is beautiful. I received mine in a free scent shot from one of my orders. I have added the scent to my favorites!
Bear Claws

Added on 08/14/2019
I love this scent and it is a great mix with your favorite bakery scent! Or burn/melt alone. I do recommend for any Bakery lovers!
Citrus Explosion

Added on 08/05/2019
I love this scent!! It is very strong! I love that it is more of a mandarin orange type scent than a lemon!
CC - Oh My Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

Added on 07/31/2019
Amazing candle I of course love the sent! And the little details in the candle also I appreciate how you package them, they come wrapped serval times in bubble wrap to make sure they don’t get damaged in shipping keep up the amazing candles !
Magical Mermaid Candle

Added on 07/31/2019
This candle is so pretty! I love the smell as well very fruity and tropical. the little mermaid tail came separately packaged in a box so it wasn’t damaged and theirs a little spot in the candle you stick it in and its a really cute candle would make a great gift but i don’t wanna give it away ha.
Sinful Cinnabon Candle

Added on 07/29/2019
BEST candle I have ever had !!! The throw is amazing! I posted a picture of it to Instagram, and people asked me how I made this dessert!! Haha! It’s beautiful, smells wonderful, and the throw is super strong! Cinnamon and bakery lovers will love this!!!!

Added on 07/28/2019
I'm a fan of citrus and bergamot, but I could never find the perfect scent - until now! Satsuma is sophisticated, exotic and beautifully blended. It puts me in a better mood. I can't thank Victoria enough for this favorite!
Do The Hula

Added on 07/24/2019
I absolutely love this scent! A new favorite for summer! Smells so delicious
Heavy Metal

Added on 07/15/2019
This scent is crazy and the throw is so strong (even cold)! To me, it smells like Dr. Pepper - fruity and sugary - it's insane! I'm not familiar with the scent this is duped from, and I'm not usually a sugary scent fan, but this one is a winner in my book!
Day Dreams

Added on 07/15/2019
My first time melting this wonderful scent! (Lilac/Lavender/Jasmine). If you are a lover of floral or any of these scents this one is spot on. Like sitting in a garden and getting lost in the fragrance. Great throw without being over bearing. This is a must try!

Added on 07/11/2019
Beautiful, true gardenia smell! Love nice strong scents like this one!!
9 oz. Country Sampler Pack

Added on 07/11/2019
These are far the best candles in the market, the scents go a looooong way, they are fresh, delicious and delicate ... nothing can beat the home made confort. Love it!

Added on 07/08/2019
This is a wonderfully fruity scent but still very unique. Like the other reviewer mentioned, it is tropical without the typical coconut or pineapple notes. It has an excellent throw, even when cold. A definite add to any fruit lovers list!
Texas Summer

Added on 07/08/2019
Stop and smell the flowers!!! This is a wonderful floral scent. I get the Lilac and Magnolia, but don't have Bluebonnet so don't know. This has a huge throw for those who love in your face scent. I would definitely get this again.
Blushing Peaches

Added on 07/07/2019
I'm not a fan of peach, but love strawberry & vanilla, so thought I would be able to handle this, I was wrong. This to me smells mostly like peach. It's a sour peach type and I didn't care for it.

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