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Raspberry Butter Cream Delight

Raspberry Butter Cream Delight
Raspberry Butter Cream Delight
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This candle is 24 full ounces of yummy goodness. The bottom layer is our delectable Granny's Pie Crust, followed by a layer of Raspberry Butter Cream and finally to top off this mouth watering dessert in a jar we have added a whipped layer of our Buttercream fragance then we capped the whole thing off with raspberry wax embeds and a touch of glitter!

Each on of these candles are handmade to order and no two are exactly alike. Each candle is created especially for you, it takes a long time to pour candles such as these, each candle is poured individually so they REALLY are not only candles but works of art.

Please place on a heat safe plate while buring, possible over flow candle happen during the intital burn.

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