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When I was asked about doing a Harry Potter inspired line of fragrances I knew right away I had to bring in an expert on the subject. A true HP super fan my 11 year old granddaughter Mia was up for the challenge. She spent a full day in our fragrance kitchen here at Candles By Victoria and on her own (with just a little guidience) she created 4 truly unique and complex fragrances. 

Whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not, I know these scents will be loved by everyone. I am so very proud of her, these fragrances are magical!! 

I also challenged Mia to write her own descriptions of each scent and her thoughts when creating each one. So in Mia's words here is the decription of Hufflepuff:

Mia - "Each scent represents the different houses in Hogwarts. Hufflepuff is what I would describe as a clean but sweet scent. Hufflepuffs are sweet people and why I added chocolate to this scent."

Victoria - "This scent begins with base notes of white and dark chocolate, followed by violet, musk, blackberries and vanilla. With bottom accent notes of jasmine, strawberry, ginger and lemon."

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