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You can not order from the Scent Description page, this page only offers the description of our fragrances. To place an order please choose "candles" or "melts" at the top of the page, once you decide on the product you want to order click on that product and add your fragrance choice from the drop down menu.

As you scroll through the scent descriptions you will notice a different color  before the name of each fragrance. These colored hearts represent the color that this fragrance will come in or as close to the color as we can depict. Please note that all candles are hand poured and slight variations in color will occur.

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Caramel Chocolate
A wonderful mix of rich chocolate and caramel with a splash of vanilla. 
Rating: Based on 1 reviews.
Caramel Chocolate Cherry
Rich sweet caramel, decadent chocolate with a touch of cherry... so yummy!
Rating: Based on 1 reviews.
Caramel Coffee Cake
Sweet rich caramel dripping over a yummy baked coffee cake, this scent will have you begging for more.
Rating: Based on 3 reviews.
Caramel Corn
Oh my gosh! If this doesn't smell like caramel corn, I don't know what does! You can smell the caramel, the butter, the popcorn and a touch of maple. This one is destined to be a best seller!
Rating: Based on 0 reviews.
Caramel Cream Eggnog
Chelsea dreamed of this at Christmas.
Rating: Based on 0 reviews.
Caramel Hazelnut Cream
Rich sticky caramel mixed with the nutty fragrance of Hazelnut. This is one amazing scent!
Rating: Based on 0 reviews.
Caramel Macciato
The ever popular trio of Caramel, Vanilla and Coffee, rich, creamy and decadent a staff favorite!
Rating: Based on 1 reviews.
Caramel Nut Cluster
A hearty blend of gooey hot caramel and fresh roasted peanuts! Amazing throw!
Rating: Based on 0 reviews.
Caramelized Banana Split
Our top selling Caramelized Pralines fragrance mixed with banana cream pie, where is the fork?
Rating: Based on 1 reviews.
Caramelized Pralines
This is a rich yummy and very decadent fragrance. Rich delicious caramel and fresh roasted pecans, pralines deliciousness! You won't be sorry, this scent has been a top seller for CBV for years!
Rating: Based on 7 reviews.
Caribbean Coconut
One of the summer trio introduced at Bath & Body Works this spring/summer. A tropical citrus delight beginning with mango, nectarine, banana and scrumptious grapefruit. The middle notes blend blackberry and coconut with island lilies and watery ferns. The dry down is sweet vanilla and musk.  
Rating: Based on 1 reviews.
Carmen Miranda
A sweet blend of oranges, apples, berries, and peaches with a vanilla background.
Rating: Based on 5 reviews.
A crisp, clean aroma of freshly picked carnation flowers with bottom notes of fresh greenery. Wonderful fresh floral fragrance.  
Rating: Based on 1 reviews.
Carnival Fun
A fruity fun mix of Apple Vanilla and Watermelon Taffy, this was our Chubby Chunk scent for August 2015. 
Rating: Based on 2 reviews.
Carrot Cake
Rich and scrumptious, this fresh baked scent will leave you asking for more. A creamy, buttery, cake base with a touch of nuts, sweet caramel and fruity undertones, this is capped with a warm, enticing vanilla cream icing feel. A sure winner with the bakery loving crowd, leaving them all wanting seconds of this tasty dessert. All that's missing is the after dinner coffee!
Rating: Based on 0 reviews.
Carrot Cake Orange Delight
Carrot cake, brown sugar, cinnamon strudel and orange.
Rating: Based on 3 reviews.
Carrot Pineapple Cake
Carrot Cake, Pinaepple Upside Down Cake. Rich and creamy with a hint of spice, just right!!
Rating: Based on 1 reviews.
Cashmere Forest
Melissa's creation of Amber Romance & Patchouli.
Rating: Based on 0 reviews.
A yummy aroma of a homey log cabin. This is a powerful Cedar scent.
Rating: Based on 2 reviews.
Chai Tea
A lovely scent combination of brewed tea, cinnamon, clove and ginger...topped off with vanilla and honey.  
Rating: Based on 7 reviews.
Champagne Pear
Sweet, tart pear surrounded by the bubbly delciousness. A perfect pearing.. pun intended!
Rating: Based on 1 reviews.
Champagne Pomegranate
Fizzy Pop and Pomegranate
Rating: Based on 8 reviews.
Chantilly Lace
Light floral with musky middle notes, rich and warm, complex and intriguing…even if you are not a floral person give this scent a chance.. gorgeous!
Rating: Based on 2 reviews.
Charleston Breeze
A floral bouquet of Jasmine, Lily, and Orange Blossom enhanced by Gardenia, Cyclamen, and Carnation.  
Rating: Based on 0 reviews.
Charlie Brown Christmas
Name that Scent winner. A wonderful holiday fragrance with top notes of Brazilian orange, bergamot, and bread with cinnamon, nutmeg, and lily of the valley on a base of vanilla and raspberry.
Rating: Based on 6 reviews.

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