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Bake Shoppe - Apple Pie Ala Mode
We begin with our yummy Apple Pie Ala Mode fragrance, topped with a layer of our Granny's Pie Crust then garnished it with wax apple slices a scoop of wax ice cream then sprinkled it with cinnamon. So yummy! Poured up in our favorite Love, Vi
Rating: Based on 1 reviews.
Bake Shoppe - Banana Coconut Dream
We begin with a layer of our amazing Granny's Pie Crust fragrance, we then whip up a second layer of our Banana Coconut Cream Pie. We garnish the top with wax vanilla waffers, a dollop of whip cream and spinkle it with chocolate and gold ca
Rating: Based on 3 reviews.
Bake Shoppe - Blackberry Cobbler Delight
One of my personal favorites. This amazing candle begins with a layer of our Bear Claws fragrance, we then pour a second layer of Blackberry followed by a whipped topping of Berry Blackberry Cobbler. We then top the whole thing with blackbe
Rating: Based on 2 reviews.
Bake Shoppe - Caramelized Praline Supreme
Caramelized Pralines, another CBV cult favorite. We begin with a deep layer of this wonderful buttery nutty fragrance. Next we added a whipped top layer in the same yummy scent, we topped it with wax embed pralines and a dollop of wax whipp
Rating: Based on 4 reviews.
Bake Shoppe - Donut Shop
Truly one of my favorite candles, our Donut Shop candle smells amazing and looks to darn cute!  We begin with a layer of Cinnamon Donuts, we then add another layer of hand whipped wax in the same scent, we circle the whole thing with wax donut e
Rating: Based on 9 reviews.
Bake Shoppe - Peanut Butter Cookie Dream
We begin this candle with a layer of our yummy Peanut Butter Cookie fragrance, we then add a layer of our hand whipped wax in the same scent. Next we top it off with peanut butter cookie wax embeds and sprinkle it with sprinkles. Amazingly good, if y
Rating: Based on 1 reviews.
Bake Shoppe - Three Ring Circus
We went to the circus for this fun, sweet and savory candle. We begin with a layer of our amazing Cotton Candy scent, we then added a second layer of wax peanut embeds scented in our famous Caramelized Pralines scent. Next we added a hand whipped lay
Rating: Based on 11 reviews.

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