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I started making candles in 1999 for myself because I was a huge candle lover but was always disappointed in the scent throw and burn quality that I got from store bought candles, even from the upper end candle companies. So in my quest for a better burning more fragrant candle, I started Candles By Victoria. I tested for over a year until I came up with the perfect wax formulation to give a full and complete burn all the way to the bottom of the candle. Then I tested and searched for the perfect scents for our line that would give off the strongest and most fragrant aromas!!

I requested the help of my friends and family to give me honest opinions and through many months of testing and reformulating, Candles By Victoria went public in May of 2000 and has been going strong and growing ever since! From my kitchen stove years ago to a small workshop in my backyard to the production facility, dreams do come true! 

Candles By Victoria is my dream and my passion, all of us here at CBV put our entire heart and soul into this business. Candles By Victoria is a family business started by me but loved and nurtured by my family. Our #1 priority is producing high quality, 100% handmade candles and wax melts that smell amazing! Top notch customer service is of utmost importance to us as well and we will go above and beyond the normal call of duty to make sure EVERY customer is satisfied with the products and the service they receive. 

The biggest and most important thing is that we LOVE what we do and I think that shows in every product that we create.



Madison Anderson says - "Victoria doesn't disappoint! I get just as excited when my CBV orders come as I did when our Disney Magic Bands came yesterday, her stuff is as good as going to Disney!" We thought this was just to cute not to share.

Poured Fresh Daily

Here at Candles By Victoria we don't have product sitting around on shelves waiting to be ordered. When you place an order with CBV you know that your items were made especially for you by us with love, care and a dedication to craftsmanship. All candles and tarts are made individually one at a time to ensure you receive a highly scented product each and every time!


Your Candle Queen

He packs a mighty punch!


Chelsea & Wade
My right hand & your Tart Man


What We Believe

Candles By Victoria is a family business, nothing at CBV is poured by a machine, fragrance is not skimped on so we can meet a higher profit margin. Wax, jars, packing supplies, labels, wicks and anything else we use to produce our products are of the highest quality, these things are important to us.

When big companies make their products there is not a person behind them stirring away and pouring love into each item they make; hoping that Sally will love the new fragrance she created or that Julie will go crazy over the glitter candle she picked out.

There is someone here to answer your questions and take care of any concerns you might have 24/7 and typically you will speak directly to me or someone in our family. What big company will answer your calls at  9 pm at night or answer your Facebook messages before we even have a sip of coffee in the morning and we do it because we care, because each of you do mean something to us, you are not just another number but part of our family.

We may not do everything right 100% of the time (although we try) but 100% of the time we will make it right.

Owning your own business is a lot of work, we all work harder and for less money than most waitresses do but we are doing what we love and we are happy to be doing it.

I still stand over a hot melter each and every day, splashing hot wax all over myself and I do it with joy in my heart and a smile on my face. Each time I pour a candle I think of the person who ordered that candle and I think about their home and how in some small way we have touched their lives, that is what makes what we do worth it.

More than twenty years ago I started Candles By Victoria on my kitchen stove, with just a few fragrances some wax and a dream.

When you purchase from CBV, please know that you ARE purchasing from a family just like yours, with hopes and dreams and most importantly with you; our customers in mind.

We love you all and we thank you, from the bottom of our tarts!

Candles By Victoria is a Cruelty Free Company, we will not nor will we ever test on animals, on each other, yes...animals, never!

Our Mission

It is our mission here at Candles By Victoria to offer our customers the finest candles, tarts and wax melt products with the most fragrant scents anywhere.

CBV offers a wide variety of products and an even larger variety of fragrances to choose from. With over 1000 fragrances you are bound to find the perfect one. From container candles to pillars, tarts to decorative candles and one of a kind wax creations, we know you will find exactly what you are looking for here at Candles By Victoria.


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