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Lemon Bowl Candle

Added on 08/05/2022
This lemon bowl candle is so perfect in every way! It's triple wicked so super even burning! You can get it in any scent but I would suggest one of Victoria's perfect lemon scents. You won't be disappointed!
Jungle Gardenia

Added on 08/02/2022
Gorgeous vintage perfume-like fragrance. I purchased this because I wondered if this is a tribute to the Tuvache fragrance of the same name. Not overpowering but still noticeable. It reminds me of my aunts who always wore fabulous perfumes. I will definitely be purchasing more candles in this fragrance as gifts.
Breath Of Ireland

Added on 08/02/2022
I love this scent! I came across the reviews that mentioned Country Garden and felt nostalgic and decided to try. It's a nice floral scent that isn't overpowering, and I think would be guest friendly.
Cotton Candy Fruit Salad

Added on 08/02/2022
I received this as a scent shot as a gift with purchase. It smells like fruit candies! Very sweet and yummy.
Ghost Stories

Added on 08/02/2022
This is the most wonderful scent I have ever smelled. I will be burning this year round it is not overwhelming at all its a perfect blend. It smells like the forest with a soft sweet smell of mulled cider in the background it's beautiful. This will be in every order of mine from now on the absolute perfect fall scent.
Cathy's Come Home

Added on 07/31/2022
This is so comforting and soothing. Great bedroom scent
Lime Kiwi

Added on 07/27/2022
I am so happy that I was sent this as a free scent shot! This is AMAZING I will be purchasing this in a big candle. If I was to describe this scent its like a sweet tart beautiful soap! I absolutely love it!
Succulent Triple Wicked 32 oz. Candle

Added on 07/24/2022
This candle is so beautiful you don't want to burn it! I had a really hard time deciding on what scent to get it in and decided on Coco Lime Verbena. It is perfect in every way. I will be purchasing again. If you have been thinking about getting this candle, DO IT! You won't be disappointed. Another great thing about this candle is you can reuse the bowl for decor or in my case, my new cereal bowl!
Hippy Chick

Added on 07/22/2022
Well, this is heavenly. I am smitten! I don't know if it's just me or what but I detect something reminiscent of the vintage fragrance Bal à Versailles, with its earthy beauty and complexity. Very unique and not at all what I expected. I am so please to have taken the chance. Even my husband made mention that this smells quite nice, and he is not into fragrances like I am in the least. If you like earthy, nag champa/frangipani-ish scents, then try this one!

Added on 07/17/2022
I am a huge Harry Potter fan...this scent couldn't be more spot on...It invokes the spirit of Snape , perfectly.. Imagine Snape walking through the dungeon, damp stone with moss starting to cover it..cloak billowing behind him.. this would be the scent , that would trail him, as he passed you.. Simply amazing ????
Patch Work Quilt

Added on 07/03/2022
This is a great thrower! If you're looking for a scent that's spicy and warm, that will make your home feel like fall and winter have arrived, this is it. There's no bakery note here but the spices make it a great scent to mix. I put a small piece of this onto some already melting "Fresh Baked Bread" wax I had going and it really brought it to the next level. I can imagine putting a very small piece of this into just about most food scents and turning them into something amazing! This scent and Waffle Cone would be beautiful...
Scent Shots

Added on 07/02/2022
Great product. Extremely helpful when you’re just not sure about a scent. Buying scent shots has saved me from buying full size candles of scents I thought I’d love but just weren’t for me. I cut them into 6 pieces and mix and match to create my own concoctions before ordering CAS, or just to play and see what works together.
Jar Full Of Strawberries

Added on 06/26/2022
My mom loved them.
Fruit Salad

Added on 06/11/2022
I smell ripened strawberries in whipped cream, and not much else. This does not need anything else! You might get a little whiff of other fruits, but this scent is a long way away from traditional, citrusy fruit salad. It reminds me of summer parfaits.
Sweet Treat - Lemon Lime Fizz

Added on 06/08/2022
This is just a perfect fresh summer scent.
Victorian Christmas

Added on 05/31/2022
This scent is so warm and cozy. The spice and evergreen together are perfectly Christmassy!
Winter Snowflake

Added on 05/31/2022
I adore this scent! It's wonderful for the whole winter season. The pine is very natural and blends perfectly with the peppermint.
Tropical Soda Pop

Added on 05/30/2022
At room temperature and about 40% humidity, I get a good thirty-foot warm throw from this, a longtime favorite that is good to have on hand during heat waves. To me,there is more than just a dash of fizz in this,and it is very refreshing.
The Bubbles Make Me Loopy

Added on 05/20/2022
This scent is amazing and STRONG! To me it smells like a big bowl of fruity pebble’s right now it is my go to scent. ????
18 oz. Dough Bowl Candles

Added on 05/15/2022
CBV’s Dough Bowl Candles are simply gorgeous! The bowl allows for a huge scent throw of whatever incredible CBV scent you choose. I am stocking up now for Christmas gifts!

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