Candles by Victoria


Amish Quilt

Added on 11/03/2017
Being from Lancaster, PA, I can fully attest that this smells like an Amish quilt, and what I picture a country home to smell like in fall. I received a 4oz jar, and upon a cold smell, the subtle clove and allspice. When I burned the candle, the spiciness was still there, however the vanilla balanced it out nicely. Great strong scent, but not overpowering. Definitely a favorite for fall!
Chai Tea

Added on 11/03/2017
I received a 4oz jar of the Chai Tea candle. Upon a cold sniff, the candle is light tea and vanilla smell. Burning the candle released a lot more of the scents. My mom isn't a fan of Chai Tea (drinking it), but she really loved the smell of the candle. The candle wasn't very strong, but I was burning the candle in a room that is really open, and was two rooms over. A nice, sensitive scent that might be best in a closed or smaller space. However, I still really love this scent and would buy it again.
Apples & Oaks

Added on 11/03/2017
I received Apples & Oaks in the 4oz Mini Sampler Pack, and what a wonderful choice! This was probably one of my favorite scents in the six I chose. On a cold smell, the candle throws a tart apple smell. Upon burning, the tartness of the apple was there, along with a slight woody scent, so it's not overly fruity. I was also able to catch whiffs of the scent when I was burning it two rooms away, so it throws some great scent, but it is not overpowering. Definitely great for an early fall/ autumn scent, and I cannot wait to buy a bigger size!
Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Added on 11/01/2017
This is smells so yummy! Makes me hungry when melting this scent! I love CBV bakery and cinnamon scents and this one is another new favorite. Highly recommend this strong comforting scent
Comfort - Sinful Strawberry Shortcake

Added on 10/31/2017
A spectacular and splendid strawberry dream! My daughter and I are in awe of this beautiful candle! Smells wonderfully like crust and sweet strawberry cake!
Bake Shoppe - Banana Coconut Dream

Added on 10/31/2017
I am in absolute candle heaven! This is the sweetest and tastiest looking and smelling candle ever! Even my husband loves it! Well done Victoria and family! <3 <3
Grape Soda

Added on 10/27/2017
This is my absolute favorite scent so far. Super throw, but not overwhelming. Will definitely keep reordering this one :-)
Pepperberry Wreath

Added on 10/21/2017
When Salt City went out of business I panicked because it wouldn’t be Christmas without their Pepperberry Wreath scent in my house. I contacted Victoria and gave her the description of the scent and my own recollections of it. She completely duplicated the exact scent! I compared it to the SAlt City one I still had a bit of and they’re identical! Christmas is saved!

Added on 10/19/2017
LOVE this one! Reminds me of Juicy Fruit Gum
Vanilla Cedar

Added on 10/18/2017
Not quite "ski lodge" Cedar-y, but a very strong, pleasant "woodsy" scent
Mustard Jar Candle - CAS

Added on 10/17/2017
Perfect burn all the way down with a great throw. Although its double wicked it burns for a good while. It retains the heat and makes for a really clean burn, no wasted wax.
Leather & Lace

Added on 10/16/2017
This always stays on my favorites list. It is the perfect blend. I don't know what the 'feminine touch' is... maybe vanilla?? But, it is very pretty. I can't imagine this scent being offensive to anyone. A great unisex scent! I have it in a large cube candle & it is more than 3/4 gone. It is time to definitely replace it with another one. I wouldn't want to be without this scent in a candle.
Blueberry Cheesecake

Added on 10/14/2017
This is one of my All time favorite CBV scents. It smells just like Blueberry Cheesecake. It smells delicious. If you are a newbie to CBV, let this one be a part of your first order. You will not be disappointed. :-)
Brown Sugar Shortbread

Added on 10/14/2017
This is a great bakery scent. The aroma reminds me of those Little Debbie's Oatmeal Pies. I know it's not an "oatmeal" scent. But that's what it smells like to me. I like it and I have added it to my favorites list. :-)
Shatara’s Love

Added on 10/13/2017
AMAZING and I LOOOOVE IT. It smells just like the Love Baby Soft perfume. ONLY this smells better...It is a light powdery scent with a hint of floral (or the other way around) to me. This is such a girly girl scent. The throw is amazing. We can smell this fragrance in almost every room and the candle isn't lit. But its not a fragrance that is so strong that it gives you a headache. Its perfect.
Baby Powder

Added on 10/12/2017
This one is amazing. It has sure a nice strong throw and you can even smell it when it's cold. It smells just like baby powder. Definitely will get it again.
Buttermint Candies

Added on 10/09/2017
This is definitely one of my favorites, it has an excellent sweet yet minty scent to it.
Single Flower Tart

Added on 10/08/2017
These are easily cut into sections, which is a plus for the mixologists among us. They are also very giftable.
Country Berry Hotcakes

Added on 10/05/2017
Omg! Cold, you get sweet berries. Throw it in your melter and it goes from berries to warm buttery deliciousness. Strong throw!
Polar Express

Added on 10/04/2017
The perfect soft, relaxing scent! Reminds me of when my man comes home after a day at work, he's been wearing cologne but now its faded and I'm hugging him but I can still smell it, makes me smile. Absolutely, full size candle for me, will burn ALL year long.

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