Candles by Victoria


CC - Oh My Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

Added on 09/08/2020
GET THIS CANDLE TODAY!!!! this is my favorite candle I have bought so far. It smells like caramel, pumpkin, pecan in the best way. The candle makes my entire apartment smell so good. I get compliments on it every time I light it
Scent Shot

Added on 09/06/2020
Generous amount of wax and we cut it into quarters. We have 2 burners that we run at the same time. We can burn each scent twice cutting the shot into quarters. The longer you let some scents cure (sit) the stronger they are and you don't need much.
Crackling Birch

Added on 09/06/2020
Get lost in a forest wearing your coziest sweater. Fall/Christmas scent. Personally I love the woodsy/manly scents and burn them all year round. This is a very atmospheric scent.
Witch's Brew

Added on 09/03/2020
Smells like fall! Cinnamon is the biggest note we smell when we used this in our wax burner(purchased in scent shot). This is probably my Father's favorite scent. I can smell a hint of cranberry as well; although to me, it smells more like apple. If you're a spice/fall/cozy scent person then get Witch's Brew.
Carnival Fun

Added on 09/01/2020
This scent is going to be a staple in my scent collection. I purchased this in a scent shot and will place future orders for this scent in candle form. Sweet and yummy smelling. Reminds me very much of "Godmother" soap from Lush.
Room Spray

Added on 08/30/2020
Just got a new car and I been using my Pink sugar spray!!! Can I just tell you it smells amazing in my car.long lasting.. now i can have pink sugar everywhere i go..
Zucchini Bread

Added on 08/26/2020
Incredible scent! This is super realistic. I can actually smell the crumbly part of a real zucchini bread in this. I'm usually not a huge bakery scent fan, but this is amazing and super cozy. It's a great summer to fall scent. This is also great to mix with other scents.
Coffee Bean

Added on 08/25/2020
Wow. Smells just like a good cup of coffee!
Whipped Body Butter Souffle'

Added on 08/24/2020
This body butter has been such a savior since the start of the pandemic. Even though this is supposed to be for the body I mostly use it on my hands! With increased hand washing, my hands are now drier than ever. I use this after I was my hands and they instantly feel so much better! A little goes a long way with this product! I want wait to purchase more when I run out!
Kissing Kris Kringle

Added on 08/24/2020
I love this scent! It’s complex- kind of fruity, warm, with some cinnamon, some sweetness, other things I can’t quite pick out. It’s not too sweet or too spicy. The scent shot is strong even without warming, but warming brings out the maple note more. I usually burn earthy or light fruity summer scents, but this one is something I would definitely recommend to try for fall and winter.
Amish Quilt

Added on 08/23/2020
I got this scent in a scent shot. On cold throw, it's definitely spicy with some nuttiness to it. I'm not detecting vanilla or sweetness. It reminds me of fall, almost like a craft store or something. When warming, it quickly fills my small apartment, though not overwhelming it, and lingers even to the next day. It's a very cozy scent that I would likely repurchase in the future.
Coming Home

Added on 08/18/2020
My favorite scent by far. It smells like Christmas and fall. Something about this scent is very comforting and reminiscent.
Magical Mermaid Candle

Added on 08/18/2020
WOW! This candle is huge, beautiful, and smells so wonderful. I haven't tried burning it yet, but we are using it as a decoration in my daughters room. Love, Love, Love this candle.
Stoneware Candle

Added on 08/18/2020
Love these stoneware candles! Really nice and look great in my bathroom. I can't wait to buy some more of these!
Tropical Soda Pop

Added on 08/18/2020
WOW! This scent is on another level. The soda pop and the tropical smells are very present and neither get lost. So refreshing smelling, and the scent stays for a long time even after you are done burning or melting it. I will for sure be buying this scent again
Sweet Treat - Pink Cupcake

Added on 08/18/2020
Best cupcake smell I have experienced. The pink color is perfect, and this is overall just a great candle.
Sweet Treat - Pumpkin Cheesecake

Added on 08/18/2020
This smells exactly like Pumpkin cheesecake! How amazing it looks is just an added bonus. Such an amazing candle, and I plan on buying these over and over again.
Singapore Sling

Added on 08/16/2020
Smells very vanilla, like pulling a cake out of the oven! Delicious scent with a strong throw.
Surprise Candle

Added on 08/13/2020
I love the surprise candles! Perfect scent throw for smaller rooms. Or light a couple for large room.
Comfort - Pumpkin Gingerbread Splash

Added on 08/13/2020
Cutest candle ever! Smells delicious as expected, my only suggestion is to have a little extra support under the gingerbread mans head. Mine fell off during shipping, but was able to easily reconnect it.

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