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Pumpkin Cheesecake

Added on 07/15/2021
I ordered a Sweet Treat candle, which was absolutely beautiful and looked exactly like the picture, by the way and it was Pumpkin Cheesecake scented. I was unsure of the scent and bought it because I loved the looks of the candle. I'm so glad I did because I love pumpkin scents and this one is so yummy! I didn't think I wouldn't like it, the scent just wasn't my first choice but now that I know just how delicious it smells I will definitely get it again. It's a creamy pumpkin with an extra sweet creaminess.
Waffle Cone

Added on 07/15/2021
Purchased this scent in a 9oz candle. It's got a wonderful throw and although I was hoping for the waffle cone scent you smell upon entering a Baskin Robbins 31 flavors, I still liked the scent very much. The cinnamon is definitely the standout note note in this one. I love cinnamon, it's just not what I was hoping for here. I was expecting it to be in the background with more of the creaminess of the vanilla and sugar to be at the forefront. I'm definitely not sorry I purchased it, though. This little 9oz candle isn't playing. I had it burning in the bedroom where I was reading a book and when my nephew came over, as soon as he walked in the front door he wanted to know what was cooking and couldn't believe that this little candle was what he was smelling. I told him his mom has been buying candles from the wrong place. ????
Angel Food Cake

Added on 07/13/2021
Great bakery scent: potent, sweet, accurate.
CC - Oh My Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

Added on 07/13/2021
This is HANDS DOWN one of the BEST PURCHASES I have EVER made!!!!! My girlfriend and I have been buying candles from here for a while now and it’s definitely an addiction, each one is more amazing than the last; but let me tell you this one is so great we don’t even burn it!!! Literally it smells so good since we took it out of the packaging it makes the room smell like it, wax melt style, just from sitting there. I literally wake up in the night smelling this candle like a candied pecan is under my literal nostril. Please buy this candle!
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (type)

Added on 07/12/2021
If you haven't gotten this scent yet, YOU MUST. I'm sorry for the length but I think you should know, I got a candle for Christmas. It was a BBW candle in this scent and I immediately fell in love. I went to buy more but it was seasonal. I checked with Victoria and sure enough, she has the scent. I've purchased from CBV and always loved my goodies. I've never tried any of the dupes, though, and wondered if it would be as strong and yummy smelling as the original. When I received my order the first thing I did was check this candle. I was STOKED! Not only is it a spot on scent dupe but uncured, it was easily as strong a throw as my BBW candle. When I lit it 2 weeks later I immediately went on the website and ordered several more and also made a CAS with Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Dulce De Leche, I named it Dulce De Licious and boy is it DELICIOUS! Don't wait. Get yourself some of this AMAZING SCENT.
Pink Rose Cupcake

Added on 07/10/2021
Of all the CBV scents I've tried so far, this is my favorite. It's so unique! You wouldn't think rose and cupcake would make sense together but it's the most amazing smell! The cupcake is there but the rose adds this amazing depth to it. It doesn't smell like a typical rose scent either. I had a triple wick of this sitting in my house and not even burning it smelled up the whole room! I will always have to have one of these on hand!
Caramelized Banana Split

Added on 07/06/2021
This scent is sweet and sticky and I am in LOVE!!
Scarecrow Crossing

Added on 06/28/2021
Love this! I agree that this smells similar to walking into a Michael's craft store! It's a nice change from the usual pumpkin/apple. I cut up my SS of this into thirds. It was a bit light in an open concept area, but strong in my small bedroom! I find this scent to be very relaxing, it was nice to melt while reading my summer reading book for school. I would melt this all year round!
Orange Cream Soda

Added on 06/22/2021
Orange Vanilla Coffee is my favorite scent, so I wanted to try Orange Cream Soda too. It did not disappoint! It smells exactly like orange cream soda and has a powerful throw. It's so creamy and comforting that I think it would be an excellent scent for fall and winter as well.
Pumpkin Pie Spice

Added on 06/18/2021
I received this as a free scent shot in my last order. I'm a lover of fall scents, especially pumpkin scents. I have to say that the name of this scent perfectly describes it. I purchased many pumpkin scents and comparatively, this one smells like the spices you'd add to your pumpkin pie with a background of creamy pumpkin. If you're looking for a pumpkin pie filling scent, this is the one. Smelled great on cold sniff and had a wonderful throw upon melt. Would also be a great one to mix with other fall scents. It's not too "spicy" if that throws you off. A nutmeg, allspice, light cinnamon and pumpkin mixture. If you want something with a more spicy fall scent, I'd suggest Amish Quilt.
Bahama Mama

Added on 06/09/2021
I purchased a candle in this scent for my Mom since she loves coconut. I am not normally a big fan of tropical scents or coconut heavy scents. Particularly, toasted coconut type scents. Bahama Mama is a beautiful, creamy, mouthwatering version on a tropical scent. The coconut is creamy and perfectly balanced by the vanilla. The pineapple is a perfect addition to the creamier, sweetness and adds the perfect yummy, tangy twist that makes your mouth water when you smell it. I imagine this would be an amazing one to mix with a tropical floral scent or an aquatic fragrance to create some lovely tropical creations. It's a perfect blend on it's own. Lovely cold and packs a punch while burning! This one really is lovely and has an excellent throw. You could make so many great concoctions with this one using the "Create A Scent" option, my Mom is looking forward to trying it in our next order. This scent is definitely a new favorite!
Bake Shoppe - Blueberry Pie

Added on 06/07/2021
I ordered this candle and just received it. It smells amazing kind of like Blueberry syrup. I really love it. It shipped very quickly and I'm very happy with the sent.
Texas Summer

Added on 06/05/2021
Love this one!! Super strong scent that I love
Santa's Whiskers

Added on 05/20/2021
Omg this is one of my favorite Christmas scents. I originally got a 6 count sampler pack all with Christmas scents to give as gifts, this one was an easy favorite. Smells just like the decorated sugar cookies that’d be left out for Santa. I had to keep this one for myself, no way I was letting this one go.
Cucumber Melon

Added on 05/15/2021
I got this as a free scent shot a while back and thought a nice warm spring day would complement this scent perfectly! It did! It's fresh and clean, and would be perfect to use as a bathroom scent when guests are coming over!
Coffee Cup Candle

Added on 05/12/2021
I cannot believe the size and value of these!! The mug is huge and gorgeous to use after the fact, and the candle is triple wicked and throws like crazy! Compare this to BBW triple wicked candles... you get much more wax, the coffee mug, the scents are incredible, all CBV candles burn perfectly and they are absolutely adorable. This is my favorite product to date.
CC - Oh My Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

Added on 05/11/2021
Got my first one of these and finally burned it. OMG I have died and gone straight to heaven. This candle is AMAZING.
Comfort - Sinful Strawberry Shortcake

Added on 05/02/2021
Excellent! Potent and delicious: highly recommended for gourmet and strong scent lovers!
Room Spray or Body Spray

Added on 04/12/2021
Highly scented room spray. I personally have tried the Baby Powder fragrance and love it. Can't wait to try the others. Victoria is so pleasant and has excellent customer service.
Citrus Explosion

Added on 04/06/2021
This scent was given to me as a sample wax tart and its amazing. Soooo strong. Within five minutes of melting I could smell it so far away. Its exactly what it says mandarin orange/ satsuma and fix. Delish!!!! Almost like a satsuma orange soda....fanta anyone ? I'm going to visit my next door neighbors and I will probably still smell it

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