Candles by Victoria


Buttermint Candies

Added on 10/09/2017
This is definitely one of my favorites, it has an excellent sweet yet minty scent to it.
Single Flower Tart

Added on 10/08/2017
These are easily cut into sections, which is a plus for the mixologists among us. They are also very giftable.
Country Berry Hotcakes

Added on 10/05/2017
Omg! Cold, you get sweet berries. Throw it in your melter and it goes from berries to warm buttery deliciousness. Strong throw!
Polar Express

Added on 10/04/2017
The perfect soft, relaxing scent! Reminds me of when my man comes home after a day at work, he's been wearing cologne but now its faded and I'm hugging him but I can still smell it, makes me smile. Absolutely, full size candle for me, will burn ALL year long.
Cold December Night

Added on 10/04/2017
Sweet and refreshing scent, absolutely one of my top favorites!
Caramel Brulee Latte

Added on 10/03/2017
Not a problem for me, but my wax was just a regular medium brown, not light gold as shown in the description. This scent is mellow, but not weak, and a good choice for people who want a more intense creme brulee scent. The coffee note is almost undetectable, and people might not smell it because it is well-hidden under the caramel note, which carries the creme brulee note in as pleasant a way as possible. Although the name of the scent is Caramel Brulee Latte, there is no milk note, and the hint of vanilla is definitely not white vanilla. For these reasons, this scent is a fantastic mixer for bakery lovers to add some extra buttery yumminess to bakery scents, to sweeten up coffee scents, and to add a little something to spicy scents. I suggest that bakery lovers order more than a couple of ounces of this, because, once they get started, they will want to keep on mixing this with some of their favorites.
Jar Full Of Cookies

Added on 10/02/2017
Nobody beats this deal: twenty-eight high quality wax melts and a canning jar for what CBV charges is super budget-friendly. Each cookie is just the right size for the reservoir of a two-piece electric tart melter, so there is no need for cutting. The price per ounce and convenient size will have me ordering this again.
Magical Unicorn Candle

Added on 09/30/2017
Much bjgger candle than I thought and the scent I am currently obsessed with. Candle is super cute, full of wax and burns well.

Added on 09/29/2017
To me it smelled like sweet strawberry cake. I put an entire scent shot in the warmer and the throw was so strong that my bf actually asked me to turn it off after a while. This scent is my new favorite!!
Cajun Cornbread

Added on 09/28/2017
OMG this is one of my favorite scents it reminds me of fall for some reason.
Kahlua Cafe O'Lait

Added on 09/27/2017
I started melting an ounce of this blend of dark coffee, dark chocolate and rum scents,and soon was at my computer, logging on to Candles By Victoria to order a couple of more pounds of Kahlua Cafe O'Lait wax melts. I cannot guess why this is not named "Kahlua," because this smells like Kahlua without milk, vanilla or anything else. The wax is a much darker brown than the color shown, too.
Home Sweet Home

Added on 09/25/2017
This is not a dupe of another company's Home Sweet Home candle scent. With its strong buttery note and top note of allspice, this is one potent bakery scent. Fans of Victoria's Amish Quilt scent or another company's Kitchen Spice or Creamy Nutmeg are missing something if they do not try Home Sweet Home.

Added on 09/25/2017
This scent is such a comforting fall favorite of mine. You first notice the cinnamon and sugar notes, but once you melt this scent for awhile you can actually smell the cookie part and the way the crispy brown edges of snickerdoodles smell the moment you take them out of the oven. I don't know how Victoria does it, but this is crazy accurate!
Vanilla After Dark

Added on 09/23/2017
I could smell a light floral scent, it was a little sweet but not bad. I thought it had a strong throw and for a vanilla scent, it was awsome. I'll definitely get this one again.
You Are My Sunshine

Added on 09/22/2017
This scent is AMAZING!!! I don't know how Victoria did it, but this fragrance is a spot-on dupe for my all-time favorite lotion/perfume. I am so ecstatic that I can now have this fragrance throughout my house. Thank you Mrs. Victoria!!!!
Pumpkin Frappuccino

Added on 09/20/2017
Wonderful strong spicy pumpkin latte
Maple Butter Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Crunch

Added on 09/20/2017
Great fall fragrance. One of my favorites. Strong and spicy with a sweet maple undertone. Great scent!
BooBerry Crunch

Added on 09/20/2017
I love Booberry crunch! Strong cereal scent!
Caramel Cafe'

Added on 09/19/2017
When melted, this smells one hundred percent like I have a hot pot of my naturally flavored dark roast caramel coffee on my stove! Somehow, Victoria can make wax smell like the real thing. I wish I could double the five-star rating here.
Paradise Bay

Added on 09/18/2017
This is a beautiful scent! Clean, fresh, amd feminine. It is quite floral but not in an elderly or cloying way. Try it!!

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