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Winter Snowflake

Added on 05/31/2022
I adore this scent! It's wonderful for the whole winter season. The pine is very natural and blends perfectly with the peppermint.
Tropical Soda Pop

Added on 05/30/2022
At room temperature and about 40% humidity, I get a good thirty-foot warm throw from this, a longtime favorite that is good to have on hand during heat waves. To me,there is more than just a dash of fizz in this,and it is very refreshing.
The Bubbles Make Me Loopy

Added on 05/20/2022
This scent is amazing and STRONG! To me it smells like a big bowl of fruity pebble’s right now it is my go to scent. ????
18 oz. Dough Bowl Candles

Added on 05/15/2022
CBV’s Dough Bowl Candles are simply gorgeous! The bowl allows for a huge scent throw of whatever incredible CBV scent you choose. I am stocking up now for Christmas gifts!
Sugar Cookies

Added on 05/12/2022
Smells just like fresh baked sugar cookies. Love it.
Designer Whipped Body Butter

Added on 05/05/2022
The fragrance lasted all day on me. I ordered it in the scent “Bathtime With Pooh”. Fragrance is the first ingredient. This made my skin soft without being greasy. Left it with a nice glow too. Great buy.
Fruit Loops

Added on 04/08/2022
Great Fancy Moses!! ???? There are scents with strong scent throw and then there's this. On cold sniff, it was strong as soon as I received my order. Much stronger than my other items, mostly because they hadn't cured yet. I melted 1/8 of a scent shot and immediately I could tell that this scent was a BANGER. If you love the smell you get when you pull open the Fruit Loops, then this is your jam. This is the first time my family members have told me to turn off my wax meter because it was TOO STRONG. I don't have a problem with strong because I love things that smell good. I'm a perfumes collector, as well, so as long as something smells good, there's no such thing as too much. Not everyone agrees. I suggest, if you aren't sure, try a scent shot. It smells exactly like Fruit Loops, don't doubt that. Just make sure you can handle the throw. I haven't tried this scent in candle form but I've no doubt it's just as good.
Love, Victoria xoxo - CAS

Added on 04/08/2022
Victoria's Create a Scent option is one of the reasons I became such a huge fan, and this is my favorite type of candle to use! What could be better or more exciting to a scent junkie like me than being able to chose two scents from CBVs vast collection, choose a color, and name that creation? I love reading the scent notes, and thinking about what I can put together! The Love, Victoria candle is elegantly shaped, with a wide mouth, and two wicks for great throw! Perfection!
8 oz. Jelly Jar Sampler Pack

Added on 04/08/2022
I absolutely love how these burn! So clean, and even. As other reviewers have mentioned, the sampler packs are a wonderful way to try out some of Victoria's vast collection of scents. They're also just the cutest little candles, and perfect if you're like me and have to burn one candle completely before starting another. Each one has lasted me for about a week, and the throw fills my downstairs area. Many thanks to Victoria and her wonderful family for the love and care they pour into every product!

Added on 03/23/2022
I actually prefer the Honeycomb scent over Bathtime with Pooh. I feel like I'm the only who doesn't care for Bathtime with Pooh but I love Honeycomb. It's more bakery scented which I love! A must try!

Added on 03/20/2022
For years, I delayed trying Hyacinth, wondering if it would be too much for me (I rarely buy florals other than in fruity florals or complex blends). Now I know what I was missing: a spring floral with an excellent balance of sweetness and freshness. When I melted it for the first time, it went right onto my favorites list. It is a bit sweeter and softer than the most pungent of natural hyacinth scents, but I would never change anything about it.
Edward Cullen

Added on 03/15/2022
No wonder Bella was so obsessed with Edward's smell! Anyone who smelled this good would have a big problem trying to keep me away from them. I am not a fan of floral scents but I had to try this one and Bella Swan. I like both but this is my favorite of the two. They mix beautifully, by the way! The scent is much more complex than I was expecting. It's a sweeter floral because of the honey and the sunshine note must be why this reminds me of a very bright, sunny day with flowers blooming all around. Honeysuckle to my nose, not necessarily lilacs. But, again, I'm not really a fan of floral's. So I don't know that I'd be able to pick out a lilac by smell but I could pick a honeysuckle. This is a beautiful scent and this bakery fan is going to order it regularly. I hope you'll try it, too. I can't imagine anyone not loving this fragrance.

Added on 03/15/2022
This is a beautiful scent. The strong throwing, elegant, sweetness of honeyed floral notes from Edward mixes so wonderfully with the fruity softness of Bella. This makes a really lovely mixture and I was surprised how much I fell in love with this fragrance. These scents are perfect on their own but mixed they are really special.
Surprise Loaves

Added on 03/15/2022
I might be a candle/melt nerd because one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday is bust out a Surprise Loaf and cut it into pieces. The different layers come apart fairly easily and I LOVE trying to guess which scent is which! I put the different flavors in separate containers because, at first, they smell very similar. After a few days you can really smell the individual scents after they've been contained. They only thing that is kind of a bummer is that once in awhile I will really fall in love with one of the scents and I have no way of knowing what it is, so reorder is off the table. I do really enjoy these, though. Lots of wax and you get to try new scents!

Added on 03/11/2022
This smells exactly like a Cinnabon or walking by a Cinnabon at a mall. It's just a perfect scent of a cinnamon pastry with icing. It's super strong too so you literally cannot go wrong with this scent.
Pumpkin Cheesecake

Added on 03/11/2022
This smells so much like pumpkin cheesecake it's ridiculous! How does she do it?!

Added on 03/11/2022
Out of all the scents in my most recent order this is my favorite. I'm surprised but also not surprised since Pumpkin Pie Spice is my favorite scent of all time. So obviously in a similar category. I smell the perfect nutty spice that this is supposed to smell like. I bake a lot and when I use nutmeg I always grate it straight from the nut.
Ocean Melon Mango

Added on 03/11/2022
This is like summer in a scent. Just so tropical and wonderful!
Pumpkin Cider

Added on 03/11/2022
This is one of the best pumpkin scents Victoria has in my opinion, but the only downside is it's not very strong. I keep it to bathrooms mainly but I always end up buying some because I love it!!!
Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey

Added on 03/11/2022
This is a wonderful unoffensive scent. I actually think I like this one more than Bath Time with Pooh but both have similar scent profiles to me. It's just a really creamy, soft scent. You should try it at least once. I use it mostly in my bathroom while I'm taking a bath.

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