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Added on 11/11/2016
OMG!!!This smells just like the real thing...CANTALOUPE. This is the first time I have ever had a cantaloupe scented anything smell so much like the real thing. This is one of my FAVORITE scents and I promise you if you purchase it you will feel the same. This is a must have.

Added on 11/09/2016
This is one of my favorite scents. It is not one of those "fake" rose scents, it smells just like you have walked into a rose garden. I LOVE IT. :-)
Baby's Breath

Added on 11/01/2016
My scent shot was a nice ocean blue, not pastel blue - not an issue for me, but maybe a matter of consideration while buying candles to match decor. The vanilla is not a sweet bakery vanilla, but a white vanilla that is just enough to keep this fresh floral from being an overpowering jasmine scent; in that respect, it will probably remind some people of a certain rain scent which was heavily marketed for teenagers. I would recommend this as a bathroom scent, although the scent throw of two ounces of melt will easily go twenty feet or more once liquified. At present,this is listed under house blends, not florals, and it gets five out of five for giving an almost knock-you-down warm throw of a not-so-heavy scent.
Bake Shoppe - Donut Shop

Added on 10/30/2016
OMG this candle is breathtaking ~ It's not even lit yet and my room is filled with this yummy scent, when I light it I know the aroma will flow through the house. If you love bakery scents as much as I do please do your self a favor and buy this candle in fact buy as many as you can that's how much you will love it
Pumpkin Souffle'

Added on 10/22/2016
The added vanilla/caramel makes this a nice change from regular spicy pumpkin scents I've smelled. A perfect blend of pumpkin spice and sweetness. I just love it!
Autumn Leaves

Added on 10/20/2016
This is soooooo good. I got this in a loaf with pumpkin blueberry crunch and it is the best!
Orange Cream Soda

Added on 10/17/2016
This scent smells EXACTLY like orange soda. It's as if a bottle of orange crush is drifting under your nose. Good scent throw with the scent shot. Fresh smelling and pleasant. This is one of my favorites.
Oak For Men

Added on 10/15/2016
This is the only cologne-scented wax that I purchase for myself. I guess this is not considered a Fall scent, but the nutmeg, allspice,and aldehyde notes come through so strongly that I use this scent a lot more than pumpkin scents in the Fall. Bachelors, if you want a home fragrance that is woodsy without being heavy on pine or cedar, this is the one to try. This scent would also work well as home fragrance in a house with eclectic and/or dark wood furnishings, and as a spray for inside cars.

Added on 10/15/2016
I ordered a Fall Scent Shot Sampler Pack and was happy to see this scent in there. Once again, Victoria's dupe is better than the original. I'm melting it right now and it was only halfway melted when the scent throw went more than ten feet. I smell spice more than orange. Melt this scent on a sunny Fall day and enjoy, or get it going on a purely miserable cold day and pretend!
Caramelized Pralines

Added on 10/13/2016
OMG!! You must try this candle, it smells so good creates a superb melt pool with an amazing scent throw. Your home will smell yummy for weeks I cants wait to buy another ~
Cinnamon Stick

Added on 10/13/2016
Love the cinnamon stick It one of my got the best far. Very please this 2nd time ive order from u keep ordering☺

Added on 10/12/2016
perfect scent for any house it fresh and sweet and clean and bakery all at the same time!
Apple Pie Ala Mode

Added on 10/11/2016
It's an amazing apple smell if you're into those kind of scents. However, I don't get the vanilla ice cream scent in this fragrance that well. Maybe mixing a vanilla scent with this would be delicious. Not one of my favorites but if you love apple smells you will love this! :)
Square Candle Large

Added on 10/08/2016
Absolutely love this candle melts perfectly and fills my room with the most unbelievably great scent . Will be ordering again soon
Bake Shoppe - Caramelized Praline Supreme

Added on 09/28/2016
I'm not really a leave a review type of girl but I just had to leave one for this candle. I initially found Candles By Victoria through one of my favorite youtubers and was immediately head over heals for her decorative candles and creative molds. I didn't hesitate to place an order and neither should you. I've never in all my life had such a strong candle. This candle along with the six others I purchased arrived in three layers of bubble wrap and was buried in packing peanuts but as soon as I opened the box the smell hit me as if I was actually burning the candle. Incredible throw, fabulous wax pool, nice wicks, and to top it off adorably decorative. You will not be disappointed with anything you order here. Victoria can do candles like no other!
Apple Cinnamon Butter

Added on 09/28/2016
Omg!!! the scent is awesome the best that I have got long time:)
Jar Full Of Bundt Cakes

Added on 09/27/2016
Got the melts today They are awesome the scent is yummy I will be ordering more melts these are by far best i have got and long time very happy:) Cherie
Blackberry Raspberry Vanilla

Added on 09/20/2016
spot on dupe!! its so light and refreshing that it gives off the perfect aroma of the 3 mixed together. this is a must buy!!
Sweet Talk

Added on 09/14/2016
I LOVE this scent. It's so beautiful.Love Victoria's version better than what it's duping!
Green Tea

Added on 09/14/2016
This is a good clean bathroom scent. You can smell the tea notes and especially lemon. The rest of the notes contribute to a pretty ozone like scent which keep things interesting. This candle is like drinking a cup of tea in late spring. Green Tea is a strong scent with a soft profile that I do not see offending anyone.

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