Candles by Victoria


Kiwi Kicker

Added on 07/02/2020
I got this SS in a sampler order. It’s definitely a strong kiwi scent, tart and fresh. Melts well. Not one I would have ever ordered on my own but it’s a nice fruity scent. If you like kiwi you’ll like this one.
Hawaiian Splash

Added on 07/02/2020
I got this one in a SS sampler and ohhhh is it good
Lemon Cupcake

Added on 07/02/2020
Exactly what it says, smells just like a lemon cupcake! Very soft, not overpowering but lasts a long time
The Hunger Games

Added on 06/25/2020
This scent is amazing. My absolute favorite apple scent. No cinnamon. Just beautiful, strong apple.
Fairy Garden

Added on 06/22/2020
This candle smells so nice!! At first when I smelled it unlit, I thought the scent would be too subtle. But now I have it burning and it definitely fills the room! And also not to the point where it's too overpowering. Highly recommend if you're looking for a fruity/floral scent :)
Magical Angel Fire Candle

Added on 06/18/2020
I love this candle so much! I can only describe it as what the 90s smelled like to me. Like all those mall stores I loved going to. I have no idea if that makes sense but I love it! The top layer is very fruity and so good. Once thats gone I smell a light floral vanilla perfume scent. This is my new favorite candle.
Cutie - Captain Crunch Berry

Added on 06/18/2020
This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! If you want a straight up artificial sweet berry smell this is for you. I think it is spot on to the captain crunch all berries not the original kind with the crunchy sugary toasted cereal pieces. It doesn't have an overwhelming bakery/sugar scent and I kinda wanted that so I will probably order something else next time. Still a great candle and so cute
Blue Sugar Cotton Candy

Added on 06/18/2020
Received this as my free scent shot and was unsure at first. It is so great though! I think its got a little something for everyone and is a great scent in any room from bathroom to kitchen. Its so unusual but in the best way. I will be ordering this in the future for sure.

Added on 06/17/2020
This is the most magical scent! SO GOOD!
Lemon Peach Pound Cake Preserves

Added on 06/17/2020
One of my favorites! Such a good strong scent through!
Crunch Berry Waffles

Added on 06/12/2020
I'm OBSESSED with Captain Crunch so when I saw that this was a scent, I knew I had to try it, and I'm so glad I did! If you're looking for a warm, fruity scent that packs a punch, this is a great choice! This scent throws amazingly--I can smell it in my bedroom all the way out into my living room. Such a great scent and a must-try :)
Cappuccino Hazelnut

Added on 06/12/2020
A new favorite! Very warm, inviting scent, coffee scent is not overpowering for me. Highly recommend to try.
Life Is A Beach

Added on 06/08/2020
I love this scent, the fiz, the fruity...I could smell this all day everyday and never get sick of it! It's not too sweet or fizzy, just perfect! I got it in a candle and just wish it had a little more power. It's not as strong as I'd hoped! Reply from Victoria: Give it a little more cure time that always helps. :)
Kendall Rae Wood Wick Candle

Added on 06/06/2020
Nice glass, strong scent, lasts for a long time, and the wood wick sound is so satisfying! One of my favorites candles to get, love Kendall rae's channel so this solidifies it. Great Candle, will buy again!
Fluffy Pink Candy

Added on 06/06/2020
Closest to cotton candy! Very sweet will be adding this to my favorites and def will order again!!
Pink Sugar

Added on 06/06/2020
Hands down my fav CBV scent so far. Scent throw is awesome!! Definitely will buy again
Berries & Cream

Added on 06/02/2020
Really lovely, fruity scent. On first burn this was a little overpowering for me, and I didn't really like the cold throw. After burning for an hour it mellowed out into a really beautiful sweet treat! Scents the whole place!
Vanilla Bean

Added on 06/02/2020
Much like one of the other reviewers, I was looking for a simple but lovely vanilla scent. On cold throw, I didn't like the scent. However! Once I lit the candle it was absolutely amazing! Exactly the kind of vanilla I"m looking for. It fills up the entire apartment and is so warm and inviting. In love.
Bake Shoppe - Three Ring Circus

Added on 05/30/2020
This candle is definitely one of my favorites. Not only is it a beautiful candle but the smell is wonderful! I can't stop picking up the jar and smelling it. If you love sweet scents, definitely try this candle out!
Viva La Juicy

Added on 05/30/2020
This scent smells DELICIOUS! If you love Viva La Juicy perfume, you will 100% love this scent!!

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