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Bella Swan

Added on 02/13/2022
I finally tried this scent and it's lovely. It's fruity and sweet, I'm not a floral person, so I was happy that I didn't pick up on any. I agree that this is a very girly scent and I have to say. It's even more beautiful when mixed with Edward Cullen... I'm a Twilight fan, so you know I had to try mixing the two! Great on their own but even better mixed. ❤
Scent Shots Variety Pack

Added on 02/12/2022
We seasonal melters generally keep larger wax stashes than people who are blessed to be able to enjoy any type of scents any time of year (seems like a superpower), so variety packs are both a pleasure and almost a necessity to those of us who scent by season. The variety packs that I ordered were just right for me because they each included mostly scents for the present and upcoming seasons, a couple of dupes, and a handful of scents that were out of season (a bonus if you plan your melts by month). I do not know if the assortments always turn out that way, but I am willing to order more and see!
Kissing Kris Kringle

Added on 02/06/2022
Reminds me of cherry candy canes a bit. This is a lovely complex scent that I’ll be purchasing again and again. Highly recommend!
Citrus Zest

Added on 02/06/2022
Probably the best citrus scent ever! So clean and fresh. I'm going to get it in the lemon bowl candle. I can't wait!
Peach Magnolia Raspberry

Added on 01/31/2022
So good. One of my favorite spring scents.
Bake Shoppe - Donut Shop

Added on 01/27/2022
Candle smells and looks amazing, love it.
Zucchini Bread

Added on 01/27/2022
Incredible scent! Very strong throw and smells just likes its name. Would surely order again!
Butter Pound Cake

Added on 01/27/2022
This was my first scent from CBV. I ordered many scent shots and a earthy sampler. This was an amazing intro to the scent throw of a delicious bakery blend. Smells like butter and yellow cake. Devine, would order again.

Added on 01/03/2022
This scent is creamy and sweet, with good warm throw. Coffee scent lovers might want to mix this with or melt it beside a scent with a stronger coffee note. I recently enjoyed melting it beside Razzmatazz Hazelnut Coffee, and the combination smelled like raspberry cream chocolates.
Oh Holy Night

Added on 12/31/2021
Agree 100% with the previous review from Aly and couldn’t say it better. I wouldn’t have ordered this one but got it in a scent shot mix and it is pure Christmas magic. It is on my list next year for large cubes.
Cappuccino Hazelnut

Added on 12/30/2021
This scent smells like real hazelnut coffee, and without being bitter at all, or very earthy (like some vendors' coffee scents),so I do not understand why it is so rarely on Victoria's best seller list. Even though hazelnut is not my favorite coffee flavor, I sometimes like to put this in a melter before making coffee. It is an excellent kitchen scent, and I have two melters with it scenting up the whole main floor of my house as I type this, so the warm throw is better than good.
Bake Shoppe - Gingerbread House

Added on 12/26/2021
These made awesome Christmas gifts. This one smells amazing the smell lingers throughout ny home i will definitely be back.
CC - Pretty In Pink Chiffon

Added on 12/26/2021
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ this one smells amazing!
Confetti Unicorn Cupcake Candle

Added on 12/26/2021
Got this one for my daughter she lit it in her room and the beautiful aroma was lingering throughout my home. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Red Currant

Added on 12/11/2021
I finally tried this scent, and was more than pleased - I was amazed. It really is a pure red currant scent, no sugar added, but not too tart, with a fresh top note that surprised me in a good way. While I can understand why it could be a year 'round scent, I will be melting this in the same room with evergreen scents on Christmas.
Caramel Macciato

Added on 12/09/2021
If you like coffee scented home fragrance, you need to try Victoria's coffee scents. The coffee note in this one is nutty, rather than earthy, smoky or sharp (which could be good, but not for a macchiato). The sweetness of the caramel and vanilla notes mellows out the coffee, as in a real caramel macchiato.
Fair Day

Added on 12/01/2021
Out of all of the scents I’ve tried, this is hands down my favorite. It’s so warm, apple-y and sweet. I can’t even describe how perfect it is. I scooped out about a tablespoon of wax from my scent shot and it made my entire first floor smell incredible. I’m definitely going to be repurchasing this in a loaf of it’s own because WOW
Giving Thanks

Added on 12/01/2021
I like scent, but I feel like what I am experiencing is very different than the description or the other reviews. I purchased this as a candle; maybe that's why? It has a decent throw but maybe not quite as much as others I've purchased here. I don't know that I get the notes listed. I get some bakery and warm spices (but not really apple or cookies). I also get a woody and smoky/fireplace vibe. It's definitely a warm, fall scent for anyone who doesn't want anything too sweet.
Cutie - Bath Time With Pooh

Added on 11/14/2021
This has been one I wasn’t going to order but got it in a variety sent shot pack and I fell IN LOVE!! So great! Perfect for a bathroom , body mist or car. Powerful but not overwhelming and just so sweet!
Refresher Oil - Three Ounce

Added on 11/14/2021
You can add this to you laundry detergent and or softeners for your own favourite sent on your clothes. I also put a drop on old car fresheners to liven them back up. You can add a few drops to your package of dryer sheets to enhance smell as well! So many things you can do with these oils! I save my melted wax and once I have enough I get it warm add more oil and let it cure again and I have a new candle! This is the best idea!

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