Candles by Victoria


Strawberry Angel Food Cake Candle

Added on 08/29/2018
This is an awesome candle! It has a very strong scent on cold, I can only imagine how that will translate once its lit. For being a smaller candle it definitely has a big punch!
Cutie - Strawberry Shortcake

Added on 08/29/2018
It's so hard to have a "favorite" candle from CBV when everything smells so good! This Strawberry Shortcake candle is dreamy, it's so on point with its scent. I love the embeds too! Every time I post a pic of Victoria's candles on social media I get a ton of "likes" and positive comments!
Surprise Loaves

Added on 08/29/2018
Thank you for making these, Victoria! I love these surprise scent combinations! I went through my 1st loaf and just loved the pooled aroma that was created from all the different scents. By far one of the strongest throws! I have my 2nd loaf still in tact, it smells so good! I don't think it's possible to NOT like any of these scent combinations because they're poured with so much love!
Jar Full Of Donuts

Added on 08/29/2018
I bought this in what else, Cinnamon Donut scent! These are so cute. My nieces loved them so much I had to share some with them! Luckily there are plenty of donuts in the jar to satisfy everybody!
Bake Shoppe - Gingerbread House

Added on 08/28/2018
This candle is just to stinkin' cute and it smells amazing!
CD - Pumpkin Blueberry Crunch Delight

Added on 08/28/2018
Blueberry Pumpkin yumminess what's not to love and so adorable!
Raspberry Lime Macaroon

Added on 08/27/2018
One of my favorite scents! Before I got this scent I was worried about the lime because I'm not a huge lime or citrus fan, but the balance of sweet and tart is absolutely perfect. Not too much lime, not too much bakery. Smells familiar but also unique and I just love it!
Muffin Melts

Added on 08/24/2018
I absolutely LOVE these muffin melts for my nightlight warmers. This wax is very soft and melts perfectly in any bulb or low temp warmers that are not hot enough to work well with hard wax like the scent shots. Since all I need is a spoonful for my warmer, one melt will easily last me quite a while. Perfect for stocking up on a lot of scents for less money!
Country Bumpkin

Added on 08/23/2018
Reminds Me Of Autumn In Alabama. Absolutely Perfect!
Ai tori

Added on 08/23/2018
Very Sweet, Strong Smell.
Hawaiian Splash

Added on 08/23/2018
Smells like tropical punch Kool-Aid. Nice subtle scent.
Dark Kiss

Added on 08/23/2018
My Favorite So Far. Very Sweet and Sensual Smelling. Perfect for Date Night.
Do The Hula

Added on 08/23/2018
Very Nice fragrance. Smells similar to butterscotch.
Cutie - Grandma's Porch

Added on 08/22/2018
My new favorite candle, not only is it adorable but it smells devine!!
4 oz. Mini Jelly Jar Candle

Added on 08/19/2018
I ordered 3 of these and they do not disappoint! They pack a powerful punch! I ordered Night Blooming Jasmine,Honeysuckle rose and Apple N jack peel. They all smell amazing! I will never order candlea from anywhere else!
Kiwi Raspberry Cocktail

Added on 07/27/2018
definitely a favorite! this is my moms CAS and i have become obsessed with it! it is the perfect scent if you're looking for something fruity. it has an amazing cold throw and an even better throw once it's warmed! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! i promise you won't regret it!
CD - Fruit Salad Delight

Added on 07/26/2018
Fruity, yummy, beautiful, I love everything about this sweet candle.
Cucumber Cantaloupe

Added on 07/18/2018
This is sweet, clean and just so refreshing! It is an amazing scent with a nice scent throw!
Butter Brickle

Added on 07/15/2018
Oh I just found this scent shot, I didn't know I had it from an order I received back in March (4 months ago now) and I immediately added it to my Favorite Scent list! This is so yummy, it is just a described, a creamy buttery vanilla, with just the right amount of almond, not a cheery almond type, but a nutty almond! It is so good!
Butterfly Melt

Added on 07/11/2018
I ordered Asian Pear & Lily, Fresh Cut Grass and Forrest Rain. These are the coolest tarts I've ever seen! The packaging was SO adorable and the scents just blew my mind. When I first ordered these I questioned them on their shipping costs, but I will never have a problem with that again. These put Yankee Candles to shame and I am super happy I found them. Just one more note.....A few of the packing peanuts fell out and my lightning fast, will eat anything cat grabbed one and ate it before I could stop him. I ran one under water and am happy to report they use the biodegradable peanuts to pack their products in. Another HUGE plus. Customer for life over here.

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