Candles by Victoria


Macaron Melts

Added on 02/25/2019
These are my absolute favorite melts! They are super cute, make great gifts, and are the perfect size for melting. Just pop one in your warmer and you're set! I can't love these enough!

Added on 02/24/2019
OMG! What a dead on dupe! I closed my eyes and I was instantly, in my mind, walking around that handmade cosmetics store because that's exactly what it smells like. I LOVE IT!! I will definitely be ordering more of this scent is all the forms it is available.
Hot Sweet & Sticky

Added on 02/22/2019
This scent combination is out of this world! The Coconut Cream Pie and the Sticky Toffee Corn perfectly complement each other, in my opinion.
Wood Nymph

Added on 02/22/2019
One of my favorites! I love that it's a strong woody's smell mixed with citrus and jasmine. Perfect name for this scent.
Apple Cherry

Added on 02/22/2019
Sooo yummy! Your cherry scent is amazing! This is my favorite cherry scent mixed with the apple, awesome!
Autumn Brittle

Added on 02/22/2019
What a wonderful scent! Really love how these scents come together. I smell more of the honey and almond, alittle cranberry.
Emoji Melts

Added on 02/19/2019
These are perfect! I added 4 to my warmer for an amazing throw, and just a few to mix with other scents! I will definitely order these again!
Orange Vanilla Coffee

Added on 02/18/2019
This is my favorite of the coffee scents I've tried! The vanilla is warm and soothing, but the orange note adds a unique, energizing twist. It's a strong thrower and would be great all year-round.

Added on 02/18/2019
This is a must try for fall!
Coming Home

Added on 02/15/2019
I can't pinpoint any one scent, but the combination is perfection. This is one I will use year round.
Crackling Birch

Added on 02/08/2019
One of my favorite earthy scents. Strong throw. Like other reviewers I too smell a bit of a masculine perfume scent, but I smell the sweet wood scent. One of My favorites!
Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce

Added on 02/08/2019
Ultimate favorite! Strong throw. One I will always keep stocked.
Jungle Gardenia

Added on 02/08/2019
Strong beautiful scent of gardenia with a bit of greenery. Love strong scents like these!
Gain Island Fresh

Added on 02/05/2019
Usually laundry scents are too overwhelming for me but this one had a really nice scent when the candle was lit!
CAS - Chubby Chunk Loaves

Added on 02/04/2019
Absolutely in love with these made two one with juniper breeze/bouquet & one with white ginger/bouquet & they smell absolutely amazing together the throw in the package was out of this world and the longer I let it sit the stronger it gets! I will definitely be stocking up on these! They are packed full to the top & over there very heavy & well worth the money spent!
Shatara’s Love

Added on 02/03/2019
Such a beautiful, soft scent. Victoria nailed this scent and I will continue to order it over and over.
Surprise Candle

Added on 02/02/2019
I always add one of these to my orders! It's always fun to see what other people order!
Wood Wick Candle - CAS

Added on 02/02/2019
This candle may cost a little more due to it being a woodwick but it's my favorite candle! I love the sound of the wood burning and if you follow the instructions on how to burn this candle, you will not get any smoke! This will always be on my "To Purchase" list!
Fruit Loops

Added on 01/30/2019
This is the perfect fruit loops scent, it smells EXACTLY like the cereal , you will definitely love it if you love the fruit loops cereal
Milkshake Candles - Choose your favorite!

Added on 01/30/2019
I purchased the Mint chocolate, and Orange creamsickle and the throw is wonderful on the candles on cold and lit up. “ Very true to scent, and such a great burn. I recommend you get one if you have not”. You will love them all!

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