Candles by Victoria


Citrus Explosion

Added on 04/19/2020
I cut a sliver off of a scent shot (not even close to a fourth) and put it in a warmer. It filled my 10'x30' room with fragrance. The grapefruit and tangerine notes nearly blew me away; if it is possible, the Fizzy Pop makes them even fresher. The strong warm throw makes it even more of a pleasure to use.
Jar Full Of Buns

Added on 04/17/2020
I love love love this jar of buns. I have them in many different bakery scents and the jar comes PACKED. They are different sizes and its easy to just pop one or two into my warmer and in minutes my house is smelling heavenly. This jar and the jar full of cookies are my two favorite jars!
Mango Macadamia Nut

Added on 04/16/2020
love love love this! its soooooo yummy! one of my favorites for sure!
Blushing Peaches

Added on 04/16/2020
LOVE such a great spring time smell!
Summer Showers

Added on 04/15/2020
This is a house blend, and a real scent monster; with a wax pool still forming, the scent throw was twenty feet and growing. Within minutes, it took over the main floor of my house, and I could not have been happier about it! This fresh floral reminds me of the atmosphere in the country when the sun comes out after a thunderstorm. It is a great scent to use while cleaning, too.
Summer Sorbet

Added on 04/14/2020
There is a lot more to this than just the fruity notes. I want to make a drink that tastes like this smells. I will need French Vanilla yogurt or gelato, some Bourbon Vanilla flavoring and maybe a bit of coconut,for a start. This scent is just luscious, with incredibly rich, buttery notes along with the medley of fruity notes, and the warm throw is amazing.

Added on 04/13/2020
This is so different from what I expected that I had to ask a friend for an opinion about the cold throw, and we agreed that it smelled like expensive hotel soap: soft mahogany with a floral top note which we could not identify. The truth came out on warm throw. What softened the mahogany scent were resinous notes (myrrh and probably amber) and a spicy but very subtle top note that reminds me of wild roses (although this is far from being a floral scent). The scent throw is excellent, there is no hint of smoke, pine or cedar about it, and this might be a good choice for someone who wants a scent that smells like wood, but not firewood.
Raspberry Sweet Tea

Added on 04/13/2020
This is one of the many of Victoria's scents that smells exactly like its name. All of the notes are perfectly balanced (kudos to whomever decided on the mix for this blend), and the raspberry note is just sweet enough. You might be surprised at how well it mixes with other scents.

Added on 04/12/2020
The chocolate and coffee notes smell very much like Mocha (Victoria's Mocha scent) with a sweet, yet light mix of cherry and vanilla on top. The vanilla mellows out the other notes, so this is not a particularly strong scent, but the scent throw is good.
Tonka Truck

Added on 04/09/2020
Thanks to other reviewers for describing this scent as "warm" and "smoky," I ordered a scent shot, and this instantly became my new favorite fireside scent. I do smell all the notes, but mostly, I get cedar, vanilla and smoke (patchouli meeting allspice). If this had a different name, I probably would have tried it a long time ago, but "better late than never," and thank you, CBV reviewers, for posting.
Cinnamon Gingerbread Latte

Added on 04/08/2020
The molasses note from the gingerbread is quite strong, and the spices win out over the coffee. If you like your gingerbread dark with good bakery cinnamon, this could be your ideal Christmas scent.
Waterlily & Pear

Added on 04/06/2020
This is a light scent, but not light on scent throw. Expect to get a warm throw of at least twelve feet from a scent shot at room temperature. The lily note is exactly what one would want in a white waterlily scent;it is distinct, but soft,and enhanced by a golden pear note that is just sweet enough to make this scent very guest-friendly. People who prefer light or fruity florals should try this scent.
Christmas Cabin

Added on 04/06/2020
It is just days before Easter, and minutes after putting this scent into a warmer, I put a pound of it into my cart! It is both bright and sweet (fruity notes) and warm and cozy (spice notes), and I am loving it. I could see using this during cold weather months, as well as at Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you like Christmas Memories, try this.
St. Barts

Added on 04/05/2020
The pineapple note is much more sweet than tart, and the other fruity notes smell something like peaches and/or papaya when combined with it, depending on your nose. The coconut and rum notes mellow out the sweetness a little. I want to drink it! If you like Tropical Blast, you will probably like this.
Comfort - Banana Coconut Cha-Cha

Added on 04/01/2020
Just recieved my first one of these today. Will definitely reorder this. Smells like heaven.
Mango Tango

Added on 03/29/2020
I love that this scent is still around even if Gain discontinued theirs!
Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Added on 03/28/2020
What an amazin' raisin scent! The cinnamon and raisin top notes blend completely, with the sweet notes right underneath them. If you like the real thing, don't miss this one.

Added on 03/23/2020
I got this in a scent shot variety pack and left it for last, wondering if I could stand the sweetness - I like some sweet scents, but did not want to melt this and feel like I must brush my teeth afterward. Sunburst is on my favorites list, and somehow, a couple of the notes in Sunburst come out more strongly when combined with Ringmaster, and that bit of tartness keeps it from being overwhelmingly sugary. The scent throw is terrific, too.
Bake Shoppe - Sweet Caramel Cookie Drizzle

Added on 03/15/2020
This is a birthday present from my amazing husband. I've had my eye on this one for a while totally wasn't expecting this one. I haven't burned it yet. But on just cold throw I am blown away. It smells fantastic and is absolutely beautiful.
Surprise Melts

Added on 03/08/2020
If you have a strong preference for only a few types of scents, you would be better off getting scent shot samplers than surprise melts, but if you love all kinds of scents, pounds of multi-colored mystery wax are *fun.* Once I got them, I enjoyed sorting them into polypropylene bags and glass jars. The bags of surprise melts which I received contained scents from at least seven of the scent lists, and, since I like scents from many categories, having such variety makes for a great wax stash.

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