Candles by Victoria


Peachy Pink Coral

Added on 05/30/2017
This smells very juicy. It is a well balanced blend of peach and floral notes. This is my favorite peach scent and I've been using it for the good part of the past decade. I highly recommend it.
Fruity Pebbles

Added on 05/28/2017
Oh my god this is one of my favorites. Smells just like the cereal.
Comfort - Banana Coconut Cha-Cha

Added on 05/26/2017
Smells just like banana cream pie, and has a good throw. I love it!
CC - Pretty In Pink Chiffon

Added on 05/26/2017
I haven't burned this candle yet, but only because I can't bring myself to. It's absolutely beautiful and girly. I actually haven't smelled the original this is duping, but to me it smells like a combination of sweet floral with a hint of fruitiness. It's a really great scent for spring and summer.
Star Fruit & Mango

Added on 05/26/2017
I can't believe there isn't a review for this scent. It is sweet and juicy smelling. Almost smells like candy, so good! I wish I had a drink that tasted like this one smells.
Diamonds & Pearls

Added on 05/26/2017
A very strong scent. This smells like a really expensive and sophisticated perfume. It's soft and floral and makes for a great bedroom scent. I'm getting more of the Tiffany D 2.0 in this than the Flower Bomb.

Added on 05/23/2017
A wonderful fall scent! If you like "Leaves," try this one!
Black Label Candle

Added on 05/23/2017
I love the black label candles the scents are amazing and the scent throw is awesome.
Caramelized Pralines

Added on 05/23/2017
OMG this is the best the scent throw is strong and in a good way smells so delicious you can't go wrong this is so yummy.
CC - Oh My Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

Added on 05/23/2017
Oh My Pecan Waffles I absolutely love this candle and it smells so good just sitting there without being lit and even better lit it is such a cute candle and very strong throw it smells delicious.
Breath Of Ireland

Added on 05/20/2017
A favorite of mine for sure! Reminds me of Country Garden air freshener sooooo much. Can't get enough of this scent A+++

Added on 05/20/2017
Of my my top five favorites! Pure gooey sweet cinnabon is what you get..... yummy yummy yummy
Salty Dog

Added on 05/17/2017
I really don't get any of the the notes listed above. To me its a spicy juicy fruit gum. I adore it.
Blushing Peaches

Added on 05/17/2017
I'm not a huge fan of peach, however this scent is amazing. The strawberry and vanilla really balances out the peach
Glitter Tureen Candle - CAS

Added on 05/12/2017
Beautiful candles and beautiful color/glitter choices. I love the cas option and how fully customizable the candle is. Burns a good long while.
Edward Cullen

Added on 05/10/2017
Rich mellow honey mixed with a hint of floral and warm sunshine. For those that love the unique and not your everyday scents, this one is for you. Sweet but not overpowering. One of my favorites
Magical Unicorn Candle

Added on 05/10/2017
Super cute and smells great. So looking forward to burning this one, but then it is so cute it might be a while.
Tiny Bubbles

Added on 05/08/2017
Just amazing! Received this as a sample with my latest order. 100% reminds me of a relaxing bubble bath. Not to strong. Just right! Going to order for sure!
Tropical Kisses

Added on 04/29/2017
My throw wasn't too strong, perfect for spring and summer.
Bake Shoppe - Three Ring Circus

Added on 04/26/2017
I recently placed my first order. I ordered three candles,they all smell soo good, but three ring circus is my favorite . I absolutely love the look of the candle and I just adore the fragrance,by far my favorite. Love,love,love it. I could just smell it all day.Awesome job Victoria and family! .

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