Candles by Victoria


Barefoot In Blue Jeans

Added on 01/22/2019
This scent is a nice feminine soft perfume scent! It’s a must try if you are looking for a unique fun feminine frangrance.
Do The Hula

Added on 01/17/2019
This smells amazing! I do agree that it almost has a butter scotch smell but it's so much better than that . It's perfectly sweet and I can smell the pineapple. I never would have tried this if I hadn't gotten it in a scent shot. Now it is one of my favorites!!!
Banana Oatmeal

Added on 01/12/2019
I love this’s so cozy
Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookie

Added on 12/31/2018
Found this to be too sweet. Not unpleasant, but perhaps the butterscotch is too strong.
Drunk Elves

Added on 12/31/2018
This was a pleasantly mild and creamy scent when burned. Not overpowering at all. Recommend!
Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon Bread

Added on 12/31/2018
Delicious and cozy. Recommend for pumpkin lovers.
Coming Home

Added on 12/31/2018
I love this scent! It’s hard to describe it, other than a sweet woodsy smell. It just makes me feel happy.
Emerald Sea

Added on 12/13/2018
Reminds me of being on Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Very strong and unique scent, gives off a vibe of mystery.
Love Rocks! (type)

Added on 12/10/2018
If you are looking for a soft feminine scent this is it! This scent is not LOUD so it does not over power you but it does envelope the room in a soft but sensual scent that will last all day and more.. I put 1/4 of a scent shot on two of my melters yesterday around 9am and I forgot to turn them off last night and the scent is still going more than 24 hours later. I just love this scent for my room!
Balinese Breeze

Added on 12/06/2018
How delicious, this aroma. Easily fills the room with scent. It’s like a fresh green and floral herbs. Delightful.
Sharin A Sleepin Bag

Added on 11/29/2018
This is so fresh and natural scented. In an earthy, happy scent. Excellent hot and cold scent throw. A little goes a long way, meaning I was able to use only a piece of a scent shot for a long lasting melt. Terrific and ahhhhhhh, to the nose.

Added on 11/29/2018
Like chopping up fresh herbs- leaves and flowers just picked from the herbs in the garden. Then fresh dried eucalyptus leaves crushed I n. So organic. Freshening and earthy.
Orange Cream Soda

Added on 11/25/2018
The scent In this one is so strong! Wow! To me it smells more like Sprite soda than orange soda. It definitely smells like a soda. It smelled the entire 2200 square feet of our home lol
Lime Sorbet

Added on 11/25/2018
Oooh now this scent I really love! It’s refreshing and nice smelling. This one is not strong, just the right amount of throw. It reminds me of lime jello. I will buy this one again for sure. Thank you Victoria
CC - Pretty In Pink Chiffon

Added on 11/18/2018
I love love love this candle I have bout it over a dozen times! I hate to burn it because it is so beautiful but the smell is so yummy! One of my favorite candles by far!
Wood Wick Candle - CAS

Added on 11/11/2018
Loved the scent but the woodwick doesn't quite melt to the edge :/ Keep burning it will catch up with itself. :) Victoria xoxo
Apple Jack N Peel

Added on 11/11/2018
Smells just like Glade Apple cinnamon to me. Reminds me of my grandparents home. My grandma would have one of those glade jelly things in every room. All in apple cinnamon. I love it.
Cinnamon Gingerbread Latte

Added on 11/11/2018
I don’t smell the coffee latte part but I absolutely love this scent. It’s an all time favorite of mine now. It’s cinnamon and warm. This scent feels like a big bakery hug and makes me smile knowing how good my house smells.
Wildberry Scone

Added on 11/11/2018
What an amazing berry scent with just the right amount of sweetness! I really like this scent. Just the right amount of scent, not overpowering. This is my favorite so far.
Fruit Loops

Added on 11/11/2018
This smells like Fruit loops for sure! My kids liked it!

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