Candles by Victoria


Angel Food Cake

Added on 01/29/2020
I was surprised how much I love this scent! My kids came in and immediately asked what I was baking. My entire house smelled delicious
Honeysuckle Peach

Added on 01/29/2020
A favorite of mine in the summer! It will have your entire house smelling so sweet and wonderful! It's such a perfect blend of fruit and floral.
Kiwi Raspberry Cocktail

Added on 01/29/2020
Holy throw! This is a favorite of mine to melt for social gatherings. Sweet, tangy, and delicious!
Main Street

Added on 01/29/2020
This one became a quick favorite! Warm, buttery goodness! Another one I love to burn while entertaining
Apple Cinnamon Butter

Added on 01/29/2020
My husband's favorite! Perfect for any time of year. This scent is simply delicious.
Million Dollar Baby

Added on 01/25/2020
Absolutely one of my favorite scents. To me it smells just like a freshly baked pineapple upside down cake that my mom used to make every weekend growing up.
Magical Angel Fire Candle

Added on 01/24/2020
Wow so so amazing!! Smells so heavenly!! Beautiful!
Magical Mermaid Candle

Added on 01/24/2020
Omg! Amazing like they all are! So pretty I cant bring myself to burn! Oh the smell, Cbv is genius!
Jacob Black

Added on 01/21/2020
Absolutely loved this one! Smells exactly like I'm walking through a beautiful damp forest, near an ocean. Masculine yet clean and soothing. Will always have one of these in the house!
Day Dreams

Added on 01/21/2020
I'm not normally one for floral scents, however this is such a beautiful, well balanced scent. In my opinion the jasmine definitely stands out and the lavender and lilac go so well together. Love it!

Added on 01/20/2020
I love the fruity-ness to this scent! Ravenclaw is my House, and I feel this is great scent to describe the house. If there was an old book scent mixed with this it would be amazing!
Hansel & Gretel

Added on 01/19/2020
Smells just as described and so very yummy!
Muffin Melt - Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Melt

Added on 01/12/2020
Absolutely LOVE this! There's so much detail in the design and it smells amazing and throws like a beast! Currently on my 2nd melt of the same wax with no end in sight of the scent.
Mid Summers Night Dream

Added on 01/10/2020
It didn't seem particularly masculine to me at first but now I think about it, it has a men's body wash quality to it. I like that it's clean and fresh without being too sweet and girly, I can see this as a great scent for a man's space. However it smells like detergent to me, and the name made me think it would be something more rich and exotic.
Caramel Brulee Latte

Added on 01/10/2020
Beautiful! I wasn't sure about sugary scents, I find them saccharine, but the buttery caramel scent of this is perfect, rich and not overpoweringly sweet. The coffee note is a bit hard to smell but it's there - I'd try mixing this with another coffee scent to make it even more delicious! Like most bakery scents, I find it VERY strong and like to use a very small amount of wax.
Fizzy Pop

Added on 01/10/2020
This scent is like magic and smells just like 7-Up. I can smell the soda syrup, the carbonated bubbles, and the lemon-lime fresh scent. It’s a clean scent as well. One of my faves!!
Happily Ever After

Added on 01/10/2020
This scent is absolutely amazing! It has quickly become my favorite CBV fresh/floral scent. It reminds me a lot of Soft Blanket from YC, but better. It's a very sophisticated floral scent that exudes elegance. This would be a great living room or bedroom scent.
Design A Candle

Added on 01/09/2020
My first DAC was extremely beautiful and perfect for Christmas 2019! The two scents I chose were Drunk Elves and Marshmallow Peppermint. A Christmas design and labeled as "Drinking Christmas". I am extremely happy with how it all turned out, which in short is amazing! I can't wait to purchase another DAC.
Bake Shoppe - Donut Shop

Added on 01/08/2020
This candle was a delight to look at and IMP smelled more like a churro - yum ! It had a very cinnamon-y scent and smells so good that I could smell the candle from across the room even when it was not lit !
Halloween Melts

Added on 01/07/2020
So adorable. I received cats, ghosts, haunted houses and tombstones. All large pieces and lasted awhile. Hoping for a skull next time!

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