Candles by Victoria


Strawberry Pancakes

Added on 06/17/2018
One of my favorites! breakfast scent lovers- it's for you!
Coconut Praline

Added on 06/10/2018
Such a delicious coconut scent! The coconut is of course what you get up front, but behind the coconut is a delicious syrupy/dessert scent and the two just combine so perfectly. LOVE this one!!
Muffin Melt - Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Melt

Added on 06/03/2018
This Pumpkin Muffin Melt smells A-MAZING!!! On cold through you can smell the Pumpkin Pecan scent and a bit of the Buttercream but when you melt it and those two scents combine that's when you just want to eat the air! The buttercream makes it smell so creamy and gooey and the throw is strong and just plain DELICIOUS... I bought one muffin to try out and had to turn around and get 3 more. Definitely a melt or combo that I will have to keep in stock!!
Oak For Men

Added on 05/21/2018
I absolutely loved this scent! I loved the way the layers of scents flowed and ebbed as it burned. It was as if the different scents merged individually and stood alone just long enough to identify the scent, then subtly became a delightful mingling of scents as I continued burning it. A very strong throw but not overpowering. My husband even noticed this and commented how nice it smelled. He never notices smells so that is a huge compliment :o) !!
Vanilla Lace

Added on 05/21/2018
All I can say ... Oh My God! Vanilla heaven! The thing I noticed about CBV is the distinct layering of the scents it's pretty amazing how you guys do this so well. Indeed you are magical. Glad I found you! You also need a higher scale beyond just GOOD cuz you're off the chart LOL!
Hawaiian Wedding Cake

Added on 05/07/2018
This scent is the perfect end of summer luau desert. It made the whole house scented in white cake and island drinks made with pineapples . I enjoy every breath in my very comfortable air conditioning home escaping triple digits only dreaming of aloha .
Whipped Pineapple

Added on 05/06/2018
I forgot I had this in a scent shot while looking through my wax. Just popped a piece in maybe 20 minutes ago and it smells so good.
White Nectarine & Pink Coral

Added on 05/04/2018
One of my absolute favorite scents! Smells exactly like I shampoo I used for years that is now discontinued. So so so good!
Muffin Melts

Added on 05/03/2018
I got my first one. They are absolutely adorable. Definitely worth getting if you are looking for something bigger than a scent shot.
Honeydew Melon

Added on 05/03/2018
Oh. My. Goodness. This scent smells so fresh. I love it. If you love honeydew then you need this scent in your life.
Peaches and Cream

Added on 05/03/2018
I ordered this scent in a candle for a friend and I didn’t want to hand it over. Lol. As soon as she got home she lit it because she couldn’t even wait. I told her that I will be ordering this scent for myself in the near future. The scent is so, I can’t even put it into words. Try it out. You won’t regret it.
Mango Smoothie

Added on 05/03/2018
I ordered this in a candle and it smells so good. It had me craving a smoothie.

Added on 05/03/2018
I ordered this in a candle and as soon as I opened the lid this scent hit me like a ton of bricks. It make have taken my breath away as I was instantly picturing being on the beach with my toes in the sand and applying Coppertone suntan lotion. This scent may have taken the ropes as my favorite.

Added on 05/03/2018
This scent smells so good and so strong. I would defintely recommend giving it a try.
Jungle Jane

Added on 05/03/2018
This scent is very unique and in a good way. I have it in a scent shot and defintely need it in a candle in the near future. This scent is a keeper and worth getting.
Trix Are For Kids

Added on 05/03/2018
Mmm. Smells just like the cereal.
Barrel Candle

Added on 05/03/2018
I ordered a pink one for myself and a purple one for a friend. They are very pretty. It was also a hit with my friend!
Bake Shoppe - Raspberry Lime Macaron

Added on 05/03/2018
We all have comfort scents that we go to first. So I kept passing this candle on my searches because I was debating on going with a strawberry, peach, or blueberry candle. Then I was reading how much people loved this candle on Facebook. I decided to give it a shot and I am so glad that I did. The scents complement each other so well and it’s defintely one that I would order again and again. Victoria, you have defintely hit the nail on the head with this candle. It’s absolutely fantastic.
Sweet Milk

Added on 04/30/2018
This is a light scent that smells really good. I’ll defintely be ordering this again.

Added on 04/29/2018
A little goes a LONG way with this. Melted the smallest amount and the scent filled my entire house. The only scent I notice is cherry, but it smells similar to Cherry Vanilla incense that I used to burn. Will definitely purchase again.

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