Candles by Victoria


Lemon Vanilla

Added on 08/02/2020
This one is my favorites! I've ordered it several times. Lemon Vanilla gives my home a nice summery fresh and warm smell.
Pink Strawberry Champange

Added on 08/02/2020
I got this as a 2oz melt. The scent is string enough to be detected throughout my small apartment, yet it is a sweet, light and fresh fragrance. I was not sure I would like fruity fragrances, but this one I can easily see myself using in the spring or summer times. Reminds me of those strawberry candies that as an older kid I would throw away (usually came in pinata assorted candies), yet as a candle it works.
Cutie - Raspberry Peach Cobbler

Added on 07/22/2020
So so so good! You will not regret this one! So beautiful, and has the most amazing, delicious smell.
Thorn Candle

Added on 07/17/2020
I just received my candle and I absolutely love it! I ordered my candle in the scent vanilla bean and I could smell the scent before I even unwrapped my candle. This candle is big and will definitely last a long time. Not only is this candle worth the money you will spend, but the proceeds also support a great cause.
Kendall Rae Wood Wick Candle

Added on 07/17/2020
I ordered this candle after Kendall Rae announced she was doing a collaboration with Candles by Victoria, and I am so glad I did! I picked the scent maple butter pumpkin pecan waffle crunch and it smells amazing. The candle smells like you just walked into a bakery. I cannot wait to burn this candle in my new apartment. I will definitely be buying more candles from this company in the future.
Toes In The Sand

Added on 07/11/2020
If I put on some beach waves sounds and close my eyes while this is melting I could swear I was at the beach. Great scent!! <3 <3
Dutch Apple Crunch

Added on 07/02/2020
One of my favorite bakery/crafty smells! I say crafty because it reminds me of walking into a craft store. I’m not a huge fan of cinnamon but it has the perfect amount in it to give the scent a kick of spice but not to be overpowering. A good mix of warm apple and cinnamon with the tiniest hint of vanilla. I will be ordering this in a larger size soon.
Cherry Fizzy Pop

Added on 07/02/2020
My husbands favorite scent. So strong and yummy! Smells just like a can of cherry soda. You need to be a cherry lover for this one! I’ll be ordering a larger size soon.
Iced Orange Pineapples

Added on 07/02/2020
A very good pineapple scent. I don’t get a lot of the Orange though. I have 3 different pineapple scents and they all smell extremely similar, I just think the pineapple overpowers everything else in all of them. Being a pineapple lover though I can’t complain, it’s a BWW good scent!
Mango Tangerine

Added on 07/02/2020
Ohhhh man! If you’re looking for something really fruity, sweet, but not overpowering, Mango Tangerine is it! It’s so sweet. Great for a bedroom or main area of a home. I’ll definitely be ordering it in a larger size soon.
Caramel Coffee Cake

Added on 07/02/2020
Nice coffee scent, the cake part got a little lost on me.

Added on 07/02/2020
When I first received this one, I honestly didn’t care for it. It smelled nice, but just wasn’t my thing. It kind of got forgotten about for a few months but now melting it it’s one of my favorites! So many difference scents combined! Very sweet like candy but also tart and fruity. Makes me think of a fair. Would definitely buy it again
Apple Butter Festival

Added on 07/02/2020
A really good fall scent but not my favorite. I’m glad I tried it but there are a few others I would chose over this one personally.
Apple Raspberry Crumble

Added on 07/02/2020
Nice scent, you can definitely smell both apple and raspberry as well as a slight buttery scent.
Kiwi Kicker

Added on 07/02/2020
I got this SS in a sampler order. It’s definitely a strong kiwi scent, tart and fresh. Melts well. Not one I would have ever ordered on my own but it’s a nice fruity scent. If you like kiwi you’ll like this one.
Hawaiian Splash

Added on 07/02/2020
I got this one in a SS sampler and ohhhh is it good
Lemon Cupcake

Added on 07/02/2020
Exactly what it says, smells just like a lemon cupcake! Very soft, not overpowering but lasts a long time
Thorn Candle

Added on 06/30/2020
I discovered you through Kendall and bought this candle right away. I got it in the scent rose and was blown away by how highly scented it was. I have already purchased more candles since this one. I would love if you guys offered more floral designs for your candles. Your sculpted candles are so nice and I would love to have some more floral options for the sculpted ones as well. Victoria's Reply: Hi Joy we are so happy you love your CBV goodies. We do have a floral design in our Design A Candle, be sure to check that out. :)
The Hunger Games

Added on 06/25/2020
This scent is amazing. My absolute favorite apple scent. No cinnamon. Just beautiful, strong apple.
Fairy Garden

Added on 06/22/2020
This candle smells so nice!! At first when I smelled it unlit, I thought the scent would be too subtle. But now I have it burning and it definitely fills the room! And also not to the point where it's too overpowering. Highly recommend if you're looking for a fruity/floral scent :)

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