Candles by Victoria


Friday Night Lights

Added on 09/23/2019
Two of my favorites scents combined together, how perfect! And the name is perfect too! Good, strong scent that lingers even after you've blown out the flame.
Autumn Brittle

Added on 09/17/2019
A great fall scent, if you don't care for cinnamon. Sweet, with a good throw!!
Iced Orange Cinnamon Rolls

Added on 09/17/2019
Smells like I just baked up some cinnamon rolls and added the orange icing. I make them for special occasions, and now I can have the scent every weekend
Apple Cobbler

Added on 09/17/2019
Bakery, apple, and spices, but not overpowering cinnamon. I love it.
Cutie - Farm House Gathering

Added on 09/16/2019
The Coffee Cup Cuties are so much fun to burn and this one is no exception! The cinnamon is very strong on cold throw, but the coffee scent comes out once it's burning. It made my whole apartment smell happy and cozy, a great autumn scent!
Enchanted Forest

Added on 09/12/2019
I love this scent and it is now on permanent rotation! To ke it smells like a fruity carmex chapstick and I love it!
Scent Shot

Added on 09/05/2019
These scent shots are perfect for a first timer like me! I have burned these to try out new scents and they always fill up my small room strongly. You won't go noseblind with these! I will always put some of these in my order to try out the variety of scents CBV has to offer.
Dutch Apple Crunch

Added on 09/05/2019
Unfortunately I don't smell any vanilla in has a pretty standard apple scent with a whiff of cinnamon--certainly not bad, but not what I was hoping for.
Frenchville Coffee

Added on 09/05/2019
This is a nice scent--I don't detect much vanilla in it, but I think it just softens the coffee scent because it smells less intense than other pure coffee candles I've tried.
Pink Grapefruit

Added on 09/05/2019
This is a really nice grapefruit scent with a strong throw!
Blushing Peaches

Added on 09/05/2019
I don't smell the vanilla at all, but I still love this scent. The strawberry and peach both come through strongly; it's really delicious and fruity!
Lemon Cupcake

Added on 09/05/2019
Holy moly, this smells exactly like lemon cake! Mostly sweet, but with the perfect amount of lemony tartness. My favorite scent I've tried so far from CBV.
Strawberry White Cake

Added on 09/04/2019
This has officially become my favorite CAKE scent! I had to let this cure a bit but it smells just like a cake with fresh juicy strawberries on top that have been tossed in sugar till it creates a sauce that you drizzle over the cake! SIMPLE PERFECTION is exactly what it is.

Added on 09/02/2019
This is wonderfully sweet, soft and mellow (reminds me of orange blossom honey), with a great warm throw. The rose and cinnamon notes are just enough to add the little feminine touch to this girly scent, so it could be a good blender for citrus and light floral scents.
Tokyo Spring

Added on 09/02/2019
This beautiful scent is a MUST HAVE for me. Whether I order 50 bucks or 300$. It's fruity, clean, relaxing and fresh.
Ai tori

Added on 09/02/2019
Two amazing scents brought together to make a beautifully girly scent. I love this one so much
Apples & Oaks

Added on 09/02/2019
This scent was a huge surprise to me. I've always loved apple scents but woody scents often smelled moldy to me. This is crisp juicy apple and the most wonderful woody note. I find this such a comforting scent perfect for fall
Dancing In The Rain

Added on 09/01/2019
This is so guest-friendly that it should be on the Best Sellers menu more often. If you like Sweet Pea, Rain or Emerald Sea (or if the discontinued Neptune's Oasis was one of your favorites), you might want to try Dancing In The Rain. Its fresh and fruity notes are well-balanced, and its five-star rating is well deserved.
Cutie - Dutch Apple Pie

Added on 08/29/2019
This candle is absolutely the cutest thing, so realistic! The ice cream scoop is drizzled in what looks like syrup, and the apple slices look like they’ve been cooked in a brown sugar sauce! The crumble is realistic as well! This candle smells amazing! I have the Hot Apple Pie Sweet treat candle and this Dutch Apple is more of the scent I was searching for. A spicy sweet bakery Apple pie scent, perfection! It now sits on my breezeway in the kitchen and I have to stop myself from grabbing a spoon and digging in!! Highly impressed with CBV candles!!
Autumn Leaves

Added on 08/24/2019
First time CBV'er here. This is the first scent i have burned. I got this in a scent shot. On the top, all i smell is orange, but once you smell the bottom of the scent shot, you definitely get an earthy smell. It smells amazing on warm, the scent transitions to more of a spiced orange almost. Dont take my word for it because im a first time "candle reviewer", so how about you get this yourself?!? Very clean and fresh. Im so glad i tried this company and i will order this fragrance again!

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