Candles by Victoria


Gain Island Fresh

Added on 02/13/2021
Smells just like the laundry detergent!! Fresh laundry smell is the best so I bought this one along with clean Cotton and laundry day and I am so happy with them
Sharin A Sleepin Bag

Added on 02/08/2021
LOVE this blend! It's warm and fresh and smells like a cozy fall day
Apple Butter Festival

Added on 02/02/2021
The cold scent smells amazing. I bought for a friend and can’t wait for her to burn to get the warm smell.

Added on 01/31/2021
I LOVE this one! I really like the Teakwood and Cardamom on its own...but was blown away with this one coupled with Poisoned Apple. A top 5 for me for sure!
Crackling Birch

Added on 01/31/2021
The name nails this fragrance. I agree with all of the other reviews...very earthy and woodsy but has a bright feel to it that easily reminds you of a fall day. I'm using it year round. Love it on a Saturday night on our front patio with a glass of wine. It's THAT kind of fragrance.
Alabama Slamma

Added on 01/31/2021
This smell is what perfect smells like! It is memories in a smell! If your thinking about getting this one DO IT!
Drunk Elves

Added on 01/29/2021
I don't know how Victoria did it, but the scent is sooo creamy. I had a small 9oz jar, which threw a light, warming scent throughout my apartment. On a cold whiff, there is a slight creamy eggnog smell, but when burning the candle, the warming sweet cinnamon comes into the scent profile, but does not overpower the creaminess. Drunk Elves is different from the typical winter/Christmas scents, but it is very cozy and is now one of my favorites!
Victorian Christmas

Added on 01/29/2021
Victorian Christmas is a perfect traditional Christmas scent. I had a small scent shot, but a little bit threw a powerful smell of Christmas cheer! On a cold smell, it is cinnamon (similar to the cinnamon pinecones or brooms sold seasonally at the grocery store). But when burning/melting the scent, the cinnamon was balanced by the warming notes of clove and a Christmas tree! Another one of my favorite Christmas scents that adds a little bit of warmth to the home.
Blueberry Candy Cane

Added on 01/29/2021
I was nervous to try this one, but was pleasantly surprised. This is a scent I will be burning all year long. It's a perfect combination of blueberry and peppermint, and makes me feel like I'm in a candy shop.
Under The Big Top

Added on 01/29/2021
I would have never ordered this on my own, but it was sent to me as a sample. I LOVE IT. Sweet and salty, it kind of reminds me of strawberry jello and pretzels.
Amish Quilt

Added on 01/26/2021
Kept me company through the workday on many cold, fall mornings. The cinnamon/clove combo is the strongest scent to me, but it felt cozy and holiday-inspired, and it's now on my favorites list for a re-order next fall.
Waffle Cone

Added on 01/24/2021
My all time favorite. Has a strong throw. ❤️
Hot Sweet & Sticky

Added on 01/24/2021
Love this scent! Has a great throw.
8 oz. Jelly Jar Sampler Pack

Added on 01/24/2021
Oh my are these candles scents amazing. I got them as presents for loved ones- but had to keep one for myself. Truly wonderful.
Milkshake Candles - Choose your favorite!

Added on 01/16/2021
Got this in the Strawberry Milkshake scent, and it is one of my favorite candles I have ever owned! Throw is remarkable, presentation is adorable, and the scent is delicious! Definitely buying more of these in the future
Dutch Apple Crunch

Added on 01/16/2021
I'm a HUGE fan of this scent. It is SO perfect. Apples, cinnamon, bakery, vanilla... and a great throw!

Added on 01/16/2021
Smells very familiar...almost like a popular BBW Christmas scent I have loved over the years but with a little tweak! I will definitely buy it again
Stoneware Candle

Added on 01/10/2021
Very, very cute. These are perfect for a bathroom as others have described and I'm using mine on a coffee table tray in my formal living room. I'm surprised at the scent throw because it's quite small and yet I can smell it throughout the house. Will definitely be ordering this over and over and will keep some on hand for gifts.

Added on 01/10/2021
I LOVE Farmhouse. Very warm and inviting and great for Fall, but also one I will use throughout the year.
French Crumb Cake

Added on 01/05/2021
Whole house smells like a bakery and had me craving desserts!

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