Candles by Victoria


Scent Shot

Added on 04/02/2018
This us very reminiscent of Christmas for me . Has the notes of cloves in it . Strong throw and a beautiful scent
Muffin Melt - Blackberry Cobbler

Added on 04/02/2018
So yummy ! Very detailed and realistic looking. . Highly recommend but this will make you incredibly hungry lol!

Added on 03/19/2018
Love this scent. I did not think I would like it at first but the longer I cured it the better the smell. Very good for the spring season after you do a good spring cleaning. Not too harsh but with just the right amount of fragrance. I would definitely choose this again!
Pink Cupcake

Added on 03/19/2018
Absolutely one of my favorites so far! It smells so amazing you actually think that you are baking cupcakes in your kitchen. The scent is very sweet and highly fragrant. LOVE IT❤
Lemon Cupcake

Added on 03/19/2018
Lemon Cupcake is spot-on lemony goodness!! It smells JUST like the frosting on my Pink Lemonade Cake. I need to stock up on this scent ASAP!!!
Magical Mermaid

Added on 03/14/2018
This is such a great scent! I get Watermelon Jolly Rancher and a touch of vanilla frosting. Mouth watering and a new must have for me!
Wax Blaster - S'more's Donut

Added on 03/05/2018
Probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my entire life. It's even more gorgeous in person than it is online, which I didn't think possible. The smell is a sweet-cinnamon/chocolate and it is really good. Strong throw.. absolutely love this product.
Pepperberry Wreath

Added on 03/04/2018
Absolutely wonderful! Perfect blend of berry and fir.
Mama's Got A Sweet Tooth

Added on 02/22/2018
This is absolutely scrumptious. I'm head over heels for this scent. A lot of the times with blended scents you can pick out the individual scents pretty well but this one is different. The blended scents form together perfectly to make this mouth watering bakery scent. If I was asked to pick out specific notes, I couldn't. This blend is to die for. One of my absolute favorites.
Coco Beach Baby Peach

Added on 02/22/2018
I absolutely adore this scent. It is the true definition of a summer scent. It is the perfect blend of peach and coconut, and I actually get a tomato leaf note (which I LOVE that smell) from this as well. I've never smelled something quite like this.. it is so amazing. Please give this one a try if you haven't already.
Peanut Butter Popcorn Ball

Added on 02/22/2018
Absolute perfection. I adore this scent. Perfect blend of peanut butter cookies and buttered popcorn.. two of my favorites on their own, and together the combination is unbelievable. I have this in a 8oz jelly jar, but for sure getting this in a large candle.
Cutie - Red Velvet Cake

Added on 02/22/2018
I got this as a gift from my sister-in-law a couple years ago and I loved it. The scent filled my house as soon as I opened it, even without being lit. Just a word of warning- be careful when the wax gets low and be sure to trim your wick. A month or so ago I was burning it and let the wick get too long and the cup shattered. Could’ve easily been prevented on my part though.
Nag Champa

Added on 02/22/2018
O.M.G!!! If you like Nag Champa, you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this. Smells just like it should.
Sidecar Annie

Added on 02/22/2018
Absolutely LOVE this scent! "complex and memory evoking" is right. To me it's not overly masculine at all. I would describe as warm, sweet & comforting. I bought a scent shot to try & will be ordering the "tub" next!
Log Cabin

Added on 02/20/2018
Oh my goodness! This smells so much like warm, buttered, syrupy pancakes it is dangerous! This scent smells so much like the real thing it will make you hungry! Very strong throw and warm, inviting, comforting scent! This is a must try!
Strawberry Coconut

Added on 02/14/2018
Love this scent. Another perfect bakery scent that smells so good you want to eat it!Very simple but strong throw. Takes me to warm summer days . Would be perfect for a lotion scent too.
CC - Very Cherry Limeade

Added on 02/14/2018
Perfect blend of cherry and lime! Beautiful candle with a sprinkle of glitter for that CBV finish. A must have.
Honey Vanilla Love Dust

Added on 02/13/2018
I absolutely love this! This a sweet, yummy, sexy scent.
Banana Caramel Cupcake

Added on 02/13/2018
Yummo! The banana seems a little subdued once melted but you definitely smell it and it mixes so well with the cupcake and caramel scent. A favorite for sure!
Pearberry Delicious

Added on 02/12/2018
This scent is such a unique and fruity scent and it is very strong. I have it in a 9oz jar Candle and it lit up my whole house within minutes. I will be getting this one regularly!

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