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Wintery Candy Apple

Added on 01/21/2023
Absolute perfection! Fruity and not too sweet. A spot-on dupe but better! If you're a fan of the original definitely give this one a try!
Barn Wood

Added on 01/17/2023
One of my favorite woodsy/earthy scents. The right balance of sandalwood and patchouli. Amazing throw.
Oak & Lavender

Added on 01/17/2023
What a beautiful medley of lavender and oak! It really does remind me of a Farmer’s Market.
Surprise Candle

Added on 01/17/2023
What a fun candle! I bought this for myself as I love to get surprises.
Big Bertha 2.0

Added on 01/17/2023
Oh my! Big Bertha 2.0 is incredible! A massive, gorgeous statement piece! I have mine on my dining table and people that visit are in awe of her size and her throw.

Added on 01/16/2023
Fantastic!! Beautiful Christmas & snow scent!
Snowman Coffee Cup Candle

Added on 01/12/2023
This Snowman Coffee Cup Candle is so adorable! It doesn't look quite like the picture shown. His carrot nose is flat. Still super cute, double wicked for an even burn and you can use the coffee cup after the candle is done. I bought two of them in the scents Old Fashion Christmas and Silent Night. Love them!
Snowflake Bowl Candle

Added on 01/12/2023
This candle is so beautiful! It's perfect for the long winter months. It's triple wicked and I was surprised at how large it was. I got one in the scent of Marshmallow Campfire, which is a perfect scent for winter to me. Love it!
Angel (type)

Added on 01/11/2023
I love complex scents like this. Although I can't say if it smells like the perfume because I've never tried it, I do very much enjoy this fragrance. The throw isn't very strong if that matters to you. My favorite way to melt this is to mix it with Aquolina Blue Sugar. What an amazing creation the two of them make! I would love to wear this mixture as a perfume! You've got to try mixing them!
Texas State Fair

Added on 01/11/2023
Just smells like a Caramel apple to me. Very nice scent and decent throw.
Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds (type)

Added on 01/08/2023
I absolutely love this scent just got it in a scent shot not to long ago it's going on the 4th day in my melter still throwing off a beautiful scent...
Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds (type)

Added on 01/02/2023
This is a lovely complex fragrance but there's very little throw, which is disappointing. When I received my order I went to this scent first but couldn't really smell anything. I always put everything away to cure and when I came back to this several months later, I still didn't smell much. I decided to give it a try anyway. The fragrance is a lovely sweet, pillow marshmallow warmth and a woody, mild homey scent I couldn't quite place. It reminded me a bit of By the Fireplace but sweeter. Unfortunately, the performance was lacking, as I'd thought it might be. I burn and melt all my wax goodies in a 12 by 14 room, so this wasn't an open concept room with vaulted ceilings. Just a master bedroom. My advice would be to purchase this fragrance in a large candle, for maximum scent distribution. There are just so many high performers in Victoria's scent library that I'll probably skip this from now on. -------------------------------------------------------------------- "I'm sorry to hear that, we get so many compliments on this scent from our customers just do a search in our group on FB and you will find a ton but not everyone smells every scent the same. Thank you for your input. Victoria xoxo"
Wood Wick Candle - CAS

Added on 01/01/2023
This Wood Wick Candle that I named after my beautiful Cuz/Sis Aminah Love. She loved Frankincense and Myrrh but Patchouli was her number 1 favorite fragrance. January 10th marks her 2nd anniversary of death due to Covid and other underline issues. I received this creation of Candle, all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Thank you CBV for allowing us customers to create and name our special candles. You gained a customer from Philly, Pa. Have a blessed New Year 2023!!!
Applewood Fir Needle

Added on 12/16/2022
I have tried tons of samples from the company. This fragrance is the best I’ve tried. It’s the fresh fir needle scent that I love and a little sweetness from the berries. It’s perfect for winter. I ordered the 2 oz wax melt. I think a candle scent would be stronger and last longer. The wax melt smell only lasted about a day. "Hey Mary you may want to update your warmer, we have one we highly suggested listed in our Facebook group if you are interested feel free to email me, a warmer can make all the difference in the world!"
Raspberry Buttercream

Added on 12/12/2022
One of my most favorite scents! A perfect blend of raspberry and buttercream. The throw has lasted a long time in one of my warmers.
Chocolate Wasted

Added on 12/12/2022
Chocolate Wasted is a delicious, rich and true chocolate scent! Calories not included;)
Peanut Butter Buttercream Frosting

Added on 12/12/2022
Such a delicious scent. Victoria needs to make more scents with the delicious buttercream because I find it really adds that special extra. Yummy goodness!
Christmas At Gigi's

Added on 12/09/2022
Christmas At Gigi’s was an immediate favorite for me. It is cozy, comforting, and the perfect Christmastime scent! I definitely smell each of the scent notes, and they meld together beautifully to make one delightful blend. On cold sniff I get the sweet cinnamon and spices that reminds me of those sugar-coated gummy cinnamon hearts that are out around Valentine’s Day. But once my candle was burning the orange, pumpkin, vanilla, cotton candy, and molasses made their presence known in a perfect complement to the spiciness of the cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Christmas at Gigi’s gives me *all* the Christmas feelings!
Unicorn Melts

Added on 12/06/2022
These Unicorn melts are so cute! I got some in the scent Pink Sugar so I could have Hot Pink Unicorns! So Freaking Cute!
Tuberose and Gardenia

Added on 12/03/2022
I wasn't impressed when I first received this scent, however, after I had it burning, it ending up being one of the best candles I've ever had! I got the wood wick and it smells so floral and woody! Highly recommend!

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