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Sweet Treat - Chocolate Peanut Butter

Added on 02/29/2024
Love this little candle smells amazing!!!
Smooth Cremeinal

Added on 02/28/2024
I wasn't surprised by this scent at all. Really any of Victoria's scents with Buttercream Crunch is going to be fantastic! Add some Creme Brule scent and I don't know how but it became even better! Love this scent so much! Smells like birthday cake ice cream! Yum!
Hawaiian Dream

Added on 02/20/2024
Wow! What a beautiful tropical fragrance. The throw is amazing, too! I melt in my bedroom (16 X 12) and I put 1/3 of a scent shot in my warmer and went out my back door for 20 to 30 minutes. My back door is on the opposite end of the house from my bedroom. I got slapped in the face with the most beautiful, fruity, sweet, tropical scent and I love it! I received this as my free scent shot and, normally, I'm not too into tropical scents but I'm going to have to change my ways. I absolutely cannot wait to mix this one with florals and gourmand scents!! Plumeria and Viva La Juicy come to mind. I highly recommend you try this, particularly if you think you aren't a fan of tropical fragrances!!
Bonfire Bliss

Added on 02/09/2024
I decided to try this scent because the notes intrigued me. I assumed it must be a house blend but I guess I was wrong. I don't know who came up with this blend but they deserve a raise!! This is a mildly sweet, gently woody, complex blend that I would absolutely love to wear on my body! I am absolutely getting this in the whipped body frosting and perfume, at least. Such a gorgeous mixture of notes that I wouldn't have thought would work so well. This is what I would expect a fragrance as expensive as Baccarat Rouge 540 to smell like but this is much better, in my opinion. I highly recommend this one. Another 10/10 scent from CBV with great throw and lasting power! ????

Added on 02/09/2024
This scent is perfection! A creamy, sweet but not too sweet, buttercream frosting with powerful throw and great lasting power. This is also perfect for mixing with other scents. Some favorites to mix with are Waffle Cone, Bonfire Bliss, Tiffany D 2.0 and Aquolina Blue Sugar, to name a few. This scent is an easy 10/10.
Route 66

Added on 02/04/2024
One of my favorites! I use this scent year round, and it's the perfect summer scent. I tried this first in a scent shot, then I got it in a candle, body spray, and body oil. I always get compliments on how good I smell when I have the body products on. You can't go wrong with this one! Definitely give it a try!!
Candles By Victoria Laundry Scent Booster

Added on 01/25/2024
I LOVE the laundry scent booster! I ordered it in the scent Pink Sugar. I do use more than the two scoop recommendation. I used this when I washed my blankets four days ago and they still smell amazing! I will definitely be ordering this again.
Designer Whipped Body Butter

Added on 01/09/2024
You gotta get this Body Souffle! I am a big fan of lotions, potions and perfumes and have tried every fragrances body product from every brand out there. This is the best stuff I've found!! It's better than BBW by far. It's better than the Bum Bum Cream and I ordered it in Sugar Shock and it smells amazing ALL DAY. I can't wait to order another scent!!
Scent Shots

Added on 12/28/2023
The scent shots are the best I've ever had. I love the bakery scents.
Pepperberry Wreath

Added on 12/11/2023
I want to thank the reviewer, yellowdogs1 for requesting that Pepperberry Wreath be duplicated. I searched high and low when Salt City Candles went out of business because it is the absolute best Christmas scent I've ever found. Whoever walks into my house agrees! Thank you Candles by Victoria for recreating it!!
Country Bumpkin

Added on 12/07/2023
As the years go on and I try more and more CBV scents, I'm finding that many of my favorites have a cinnamon note in them. This wonderfully spiced, sweetly gourmand offering is beautiful. Not only for fall and winter holidays, but I'd burn or melt this one anytime I want to relax with a book and a soft blanket and just feel cozy. This scent is reminiscent of Amish Quilt, to me, yet different in that I think this is a little sweeter. Although, Amish Quilt is also one that would be perfect as a cozy day pick, too! Country Bumpkin is a little more gourmand, I think. Not too spicy, not too sweet and just as warm and inviting as a comfy chair, fuzzy socks and a fluffy blanket... These Fall fragrances will never get old and I love to melt them all year round. Whether its cold and dark outside, or hot and sunny, sometimes a fragrance that reminds you of the leaves beginning to turn and a loved one offering you a hug and a warm drink hits the spot. The throw on this one is pretty great, too!
Christmas At Gigi's

Added on 12/07/2023
I LOVE Christmas at Gigi's! I found it to be a comforting, fabulous scent. I smell cinnamon with an undertone of vanilla. It's strong, and I will be ordering this scent again.
Christmas At Gigi's

Added on 12/07/2023
I LOVE Christmas at Gigis! I used a fourth of the scent shot, and it fills my kitchen and living my room. I smell a strong cinnamon note and vanilla. It's a comforting scent, and I would melt it year round. It's going on my favorites list
Country Comfort Jar Candle - 16 oz.

Added on 11/26/2023
I've loved this candle company for years, but now will be a devoted patron. My scent of choice was out of stock,and Victoria herself called to tell me that my order would be late. She offered to make another scent, which I declined. I won't shop anywhere else, EVER! If you haven't tried Pepperberry Wreath, you must. It is my favorite Christmas candle!!! Thank you for making such beautiful candles, and thank you for your outstanding customer service. Xo
Good Grief Charlie Brown!

Added on 11/12/2023
I ordered this in a small candle on a whim to try something new. The combination is so simple but together they are SO DANG GOOD!!! A new favorite!!! Whoever came up with this one (and the name)….GENIUS!!!
Autumn Peach Brunch

Added on 11/12/2023
Deliciously delectable scent that I was really excited about when I smelled it on cold. It turns out, this is absolutely spot on for a fresh, creamy, sweet créme brulée you'd be served in a really nice restaurant. Imagine the smooth, thick, creamy, vanilla custard with the freshly caramelized brown sugar that the chef heats right before the desert is brought to your table. Nice and warm, with the sugary crust that crunches when you put your spoon into it, to take a bite... That is what this smells like! It is so yummy smelling! I'm not a big fan of peach scents but when I read the scent description, I was intrigued. I'm so glad I gave this a try.I don't really smell peach in this but it could be my nose, I guess. Either way, I'm getting this in a big candle ASAP! This is a 10/10 for sure!
Sugared Spruce

Added on 11/11/2023
This is sooo good I was burning the candle my daughteer stopped by just loved it. This is my favorite holiday candle a must have!
Candles By Victoria Laundry Scent Booster

Added on 11/11/2023
Scent isn't as strong as some other products, but isn't bad (also possible the scent I got is just "weaker"). I will probably buy again when I run out but with a different scent. Seems to work best with smaller loads (would not recommended using the two scoop only recommendation for loads with "heavy" items like a lot of blankets, towels, etc).
Chocolate Raspberry

Added on 11/11/2023
First time buyer and I ordered the Chocolate Raspberry. It smells good and has a great throw but I can't smell much if any chocolate. --------------------------------------------- Give your candle a week or so more cure time, if you aren't smelling the chocolate note some cure time can really make all the difference. You can read more about cure time on our website or in the information we sent you with your order. :) xoxo Victoria
Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow

Added on 11/08/2023
OMG. How does this not have any reviews?? This scent is amazing! Of all the CBV fragrances I've tried, and I've tried a lot, this might be my favorite. It is sweet gooey marshmallow, with the perfect amount of pumpkin, vanilla and spice. I got this in perfume, melts and oils and I'm definitely grabbing a candle in my next order. I can't believe how good this is! Great throw, too!

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