Candles by Victoria


Cappuccino Hazelnut

Added on 06/12/2020
A new favorite! Very warm, inviting scent, coffee scent is not overpowering for me. Highly recommend to try.
Life Is A Beach

Added on 06/08/2020
I love this scent, the fiz, the fruity...I could smell this all day everyday and never get sick of it! It's not too sweet or fizzy, just perfect! I got it in a candle and just wish it had a little more power. It's not as strong as I'd hoped! Reply from Victoria: Give it a little more cure time that always helps. :)
7 Up Pound Cake

Added on 06/06/2020
smells weird, hard to place my finger on it but it doesn't smell like sugar and vanilla but more like almond and lemon. Not horrible but just not for me i suppose.
Kendall Rae Wood Wick Candle

Added on 06/06/2020
Nice glass, strong scent, lasts for a long time, and the wood wick sound is so satisfying! One of my favorites candles to get, love Kendall rae's channel so this solidifies it. Great Candle, will buy again!
Fluffy Pink Candy

Added on 06/06/2020
Closest to cotton candy! Very sweet will be adding this to my favorites and def will order again!!
Pink Sugar

Added on 06/06/2020
Hands down my fav CBV scent so far. Scent throw is awesome!! Definitely will buy again
Berries & Cream

Added on 06/02/2020
Really lovely, fruity scent. On first burn this was a little overpowering for me, and I didn't really like the cold throw. After burning for an hour it mellowed out into a really beautiful sweet treat! Scents the whole place!
Vanilla Bean

Added on 06/02/2020
Much like one of the other reviewers, I was looking for a simple but lovely vanilla scent. On cold throw, I didn't like the scent. However! Once I lit the candle it was absolutely amazing! Exactly the kind of vanilla I"m looking for. It fills up the entire apartment and is so warm and inviting. In love.
Bake Shoppe - Three Ring Circus

Added on 05/30/2020
This candle is definitely one of my favorites. Not only is it a beautiful candle but the smell is wonderful! I can't stop picking up the jar and smelling it. If you love sweet scents, definitely try this candle out!
Viva La Juicy

Added on 05/30/2020
This scent smells DELICIOUS! If you love Viva La Juicy perfume, you will 100% love this scent!!
Mahogany Spice

Added on 05/27/2020
There is something about this scent that reminds me of childhood vacation with my family. I cannot put my finger on it but it is near and dear to my heart for that reason. It smells great, strong without being overpowering. Very unique, even those who are iffy on earthy scents would enjoy this one as it has a little spice and sweetness.

Added on 05/24/2020
Smells like a lollipop! Such a fun fragrance for the young at heart!
Cotton Candy

Added on 05/24/2020
This was my first order AND MOST DEFINITELY WONT BE MY LAST!! Even though this cotton candy scent doesn't smell like what I expected It is still an amazing smell, heavy strawberry notes which are great! Scent throw is quick and heavy enough to fill my whole house I am however burning 3 wax melt warmers, but hey I love when things smell great. The shipping was fast. I will most Definitely placing another order, a different scent this time, but with all the has to offer I see many orders in my future lol. I am extremely pleased Thank you!! Kris

Added on 05/24/2020
Absolutely amazing..clean fresh scent...
CAS - Puffy Heart Loaves

Added on 05/20/2020
These are easy to cut without much crumbling. They come neatly and securely packed. I just bought one for the first time and will definitely buy more for Christmas gifts; with the quality of the wax, superior scent throw and price per ounce, these make famous-name jar candles look like overpriced junk in comparison.
Fluffer Nutter

Added on 05/20/2020
Heaven. That's the best way I can describe it. Absolutely scrumptious and this is one of my favorite scents of all time!
Pure Seduction

Added on 05/20/2020
I enjoy this scent for what it is. It definitely doesn't smell like Pure Seduction from VS, I know that scent by heart because it was my go to middle school fragrance and brings back a lot of memories, but this scent is good too. My mom and I both really enjoy it burning... it's soft and floral-esq... but not in the sense of a bouquet of flowers kind of floral. This reminds me almost of a spa type fragrance... it's very relaxing! I was hoping for a dupe of my beloved Pure Seduction, but in the process, I found another scent that I can appreciate and be relaxed by :) This scent lingers forever btw... not overpowering when it burns, but it lasts & lasts & lasts!
Love Shack

Added on 05/17/2020
Has became a favorite of mine! I ordered a scent shot of this, and put it aside and forgot about it for about a year and a half. Put it in the warmer tonight and I am blown away! When you smell it cold, the unmistakable scent of Love Spell completely overpowers Pink Sugar. To my nose, on cold, it's solely Love Spell. But let me tell you, when it's burning, the sweetness of that Pink Sugar goes up to bat with the strength of Love Spell and they are fighting for first place! It smells like pure sugar mixed with Love Spell, and it almost reminds me of the syrup inside of Fruit Gushers! It's amazing. I will be ordering some of this very soon.
Cucumber Lily

Added on 05/16/2020
I keep coming back to this one because it is a slightly sweet,fresh scent with a combination of a soft white lily note and fruity cucumber scent that makes it one of Victoria's best scents for Spring.
Chocolate Wasted

Added on 05/16/2020
Love this. A great chocolate scent!

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