Candles by Victoria


Comfort - Momma's Peach Cobbler

Added on 05/26/2019
I’ve ordered several of the plain jar candles and scent shots, but this is the 1st decorated 2-wick candle I’ve burned and my my my!!! I’ve read 2-wicks are the way to go for more scent throw and very true! I have high ceilings and it’s hard to get much throw from smaller candles in my home, but these do the job!!! After less than an hour burning this delicious scent is wonderful! I know I will smell it throughout my house in a couple of hours. Definitely buying more of these from now on!
Sweet Almond Macaroon

Added on 05/24/2019
This is the perfect sweet bakery scent, with no spice smells. If you like almond or cookie smells, this is a must have.
Night Blooming Jasmine

Added on 05/19/2019
This scent is amazin! Strong and seductive, even with just a scent shot divided between two warmers the whole house smells so good! A scent I will definitely purchase again!
Peach Ambrosia

Added on 05/17/2019
Peach Ambrosia is such a nice, subtle scent. It smells exactly like a bowl of fluffy marshmallow ambrosia with peach jello and fresh peach slices that my grandmother used to make every Easter. It brings definitely brings back fond memories, and is a great “comfort” scent.
Cherry Chip Cupcake

Added on 05/15/2019
I am a sucker for cherry and blueberry scents. And this one doesn't disappoint. Definitely get the cherry, plus the sweet of the cupcake.
Cherry Chip Cupcake

Added on 05/14/2019
This scent/flavor is SO GOOD you just need to order one right now!!! My daughter & I both just fell in love.
Cinnamon Donuts

Added on 05/14/2019
Since my BBW Cinnamon Sugared Donuts had no throw, I gave this one a try. YUMMY & throw was great! I LOVE cinnamon!
Summer Sorbet

Added on 05/13/2019
I was so excited when I received this as my free scent shot with my last order! I love fruit scents and bakery, and this is creamy fruit goodness! OMG I want to order everything in this scent!
Hot Sweet & Sticky

Added on 05/06/2019
Has a very good throw even with smaller candle. Smell sweet and no cinnamon.
Cafe' Au Lait

Added on 05/06/2019
When I lit this candle in the morning, my roommate was all confused and thought I made French toast. The scent is sweet and warm but not overpowering.
Cutie - Gain Island

Added on 05/04/2019
Im usually a bakery, fuity, or comfort scent gal. I ordered this with the intention of gifting it and boy am I happy I decided to try it myself! This is good! Its nice and strong yet not overpowering. A true fresh scent but warm at the same time. The perfect scent for any room in the house. If you're not into fresh, clean scents, try this one. You may expand your horizons.
Ylang Ylang

Added on 04/28/2019
I first tried this as a scent shot. I cut it in 4 pieces and placed 1/4 each in two of my warmers, this beautiful exotic flower scent quickly filled my large den. I have a high ceiling and it’s normally hard to find scents that this large room, but I could easily smell this scent. Beautiful and relaxing scent. Definitely ordering in a candle next.
Sweet Summertime

Added on 04/25/2019
This is a great scent! I can actually smell the individuals scents & it has a nice strong throw!
Root Beer

Added on 04/19/2019
Smells exactly like the soda.
Tigers Blood

Added on 04/16/2019
Fruity, with a hint of sweet from the coconut. A great light scent, with a good throw
Pumpkin Blueberry Crunch

Added on 04/16/2019
Melted this for the first time today! SOMEONE LET BETTY CROCKER LOOSE IN MY KITCHEN!!!!! This will become a household staple. Everything about this scent works......Throw is mighty....4.5
Snuggle Baby

Added on 04/13/2019
I can't imagine anybody not LOVING this scent! Warning tho................powerful scent throw. Just the way I like it!!!!! Melting it in my bedroom and this smell is heavenly!!!
Strawberry Jam

Added on 04/13/2019
This is a great fruit scent. My whole family loves it. Not too strong not too light.
Forest Rain

Added on 04/13/2019
One of my favorites!!!! This scent is woodsy and clean and has a great scent throw! Try this one you will be glad you did.
Blueberry Orange Creamsickle

Added on 04/08/2019
I got a 4 oz to check this one out. Now I need to get a larger size. It is so good. You need to try it

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