Candles by Victoria


Cutie - Barefoot in Blue Jeans

Added on 03/22/2019
This was my first major CBV melt. Needless to say was thrilled and this scent is fabulous. From the day it arrived to about 3 weeks later when I burned it, filled my bathroom with wonderful scent. Barefoot in Blue Jeans will always be one of my go to scents.
Rock That Vanilla

Added on 03/21/2019
My favorite of Victoria's vanilla scents! I'm not a fan of vanillas that are super sweet and cakey. I really wanted a fresh, relaxing vanilla that would make the bedroom smell heavenly. This one is perfect!

Added on 03/21/2019
I love this smell! Its perfect smells so much like cinnabon at the mall when it use to be there
Endless Weekend (type)

Added on 03/20/2019
In my top 10! Light clean scent! Amazing dupe!(type) WTG Victoria ♡
Neroli Blossom

Added on 03/17/2019
It smells so good. I love this one. Definitely a favorite.
Magical Mermaid Candle

Added on 03/16/2019
Wonderful scent . I bought this for my daughter for her birthday and she loves it! The tail is super cute with little glitter embedded into it .The tail came separate but had a little place to put the tail . It it absolutely adorable. If you are looking for a special gift for a teenager this is it ! It’s just so darn cute ! Must have ! The colors are vibrant and scent has a smooth long lasting throw . Thank you for the love put into this !
Sweater Weather Candle - Choose Your Color

Added on 03/16/2019
I ordered this in orange . It smells exactly like sweater weather from bbw. This candle cane in a nice glass bowl and is extremely heavy and full with wax . I recommend putting a saucer or some type of plate under it as it melts. It has an amazing scent throw ! I highly recommend this candle . Far the best dupe I’ve ever came across. Worth every penny
Mini Mickey Melts

Added on 03/16/2019
I bought these in strawberry lemonade scent so mine came in a pink Mickey form . They are so cute . Each little face is adorable and perfect. The scent throw is amazing . I passed a few out to my friends and they are also in love with these ! Definitely a hit! A great gift for a teenagers birthday also
Surprise Candle

Added on 03/16/2019
Such an amazing candle ! I’m so addicted to these ! I now put one in each order I get ! Must have ! The scent throw is amazing and you never know what to expect with each layer !
Scent Shot

Added on 03/16/2019
Wild cherry scent shot smells exactly like those luden cough drops ! I love this smell ! Highly addictive!
Pumpkin Patch

Added on 03/14/2019
This is the perfect fall scent! Rich creamy pumpkin, a little spice and a touch of earthiness. I've never smelled a scent like this, it is one of a kind and wonderful!
Pink Sugar Zucchini Bread

Added on 03/11/2019
I received this as my free scent shot, and I was a little worried, thinking it would be spicy, which I can't handle, but to my surprise, I love this! I guess the sweetness of the pink sugar, takes away from the spicy! It is a sweet bread scent and the scent throw is so strong. I will be ordering this gain!
French Toast

Added on 03/11/2019
I took a chance and ordered this even though the description states "hint" of cinnamon, but it is still too much cinnamon for me. I've never been a fan of cinnamon, I guess I can't handle any, to me that is all I smelled.
Anjou Pear

Added on 03/10/2019
This is a great clean floral type scent, just wish it was a little stronger!
Nut House

Added on 03/10/2019
I ordered this, then also received one as my free scent shot! I tried both of them, and not sure if I got a bad batch, but both of them smelled like pistachio at first, then after a few hours, the scent reminded me of play-dough! The throw was strong, just not a fan of play-dough, lol!
Strawberry Banana Custard

Added on 03/10/2019
Another scent added to my favorite list! This is the perfect blend with the right amount of creamy! Has a strong scent throw!
Tigers Blood

Added on 03/05/2019
Wow!!! Had me a tigers blood freeze pop today and this is EXACTLY what Ms. Victoria gives us in a scent form. It is yummy, juicy fruity goodness. It is delicious and mouthwatering. Quickly made it's way over to my favorites list.
Hemingway (type)

Added on 03/01/2019
This went straight to the top of my favorites list. Don't be scared off by the word "masculine" in the description - this is a really beautiful scent that is gender-neutral and appropriate any time of year. The apple peel gives it a slight fruity note, but the leather and sweet wood are warm and earthy. I will always have some of this scent on hand!
Macaron Melts

Added on 02/25/2019
These are my absolute favorite melts! They are super cute, make great gifts, and are the perfect size for melting. Just pop one in your warmer and you're set! I can't love these enough!

Added on 02/24/2019
OMG! What a dead on dupe! I closed my eyes and I was instantly, in my mind, walking around that handmade cosmetics store because that's exactly what it smells like. I LOVE IT!! I will definitely be ordering more of this scent is all the forms it is available.

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