Candles by Victoria



Added on 09/30/2020
It has been cold here in Kentucky the past few days, and I have cracked my gelato of this baby out and it is so awesome. It's put me in the Christmas mood like no other, I love this scent! I am so honored to be the one who created this mix and I hope so many people get a lot of enjoyment out of this! Great for year round, but PERFECT for Christmas in my opinion!
Comfort - Caramel Gingered Apple Crisp

Added on 09/28/2020
This is the PERFECT fall or kitchen candle in my opinion! Not only is it beautiful with little apple slices decorated on top with glitter, it has a great apple scent but also maple-y so there’s hints of sweetness. It smelled up my entire house and people could’ve walked in and thought I was baking. Definitely recommend
Sinful Cinnabon Candle

Added on 09/28/2020
I wish I could attach a photo so you could see how beautifully crafted this candle is. I can tell a lot of effort goes into making these. It is in a pretty blue bowl, white wax and cinnamon rolls and sticks created from wax and topped with glitter. This is the perfect cinnamon scent if that’s something you’re into. I don’t think its overwhelming, even before being lit it smells amazing.
Cozy Kitchen

Added on 09/28/2020
I don’t know how to describe this scent other than it’s almost fruity and almost sweet. It smells super good but it has a light scent so it isn’t too overwhelming

Added on 09/27/2020
This one of my favorites. The blend of fragrance is perfect, nothing is overpowering. Perfect for fall, i love it.
Crackling Birch

Added on 09/27/2020
I like this scent, yes it is strong but there is something about it that is perfect for a cool Fall day.
Cinnamon Apple Peach

Added on 09/26/2020
I like scent. It's not too strong but it is good, warm as the other reviewer said. the cinnamon is not over powering in this one.
Cozy Kitchen

Added on 09/26/2020
Love this scent. It is so warm and as mentioned below, a cozy scent. My nephew walked in the house and said WOW, what smells so good ! One of my favorites.
Frankincense & Myrrh

Added on 09/25/2020
This smells as described. It's a warm scent. I was expecting something like the incense they burn at church. I give this 5 stars because it is a good scent.
Banana Nut Bread

Added on 09/23/2020
Banana Nut Bread smells amazing. Just like the real bread. I left the cover off , when I came home from work the entire room smelled delicious! Candle was not even lit.
Wood Wick Candle - CAS

Added on 09/22/2020
This candle is fantastic I got the sent rain and it smells so good! The sound of the wood wick is just fabulous! The shipping was extremely efficient and came in much faster than I expected (also came so well packaged very protected). This is my first experience with Candles By Victoria and they have a new loyal customer in me. I am so excited to try other scents from this company! Thank you!
Fuzzy Navel

Added on 09/20/2020
I melted half a scent shot of this yesterday and I can still smell it today and its just a strong as it was when it started to melt! I'm digging this scent!
Waffle Cone

Added on 09/17/2020
First time burning this scent. Talk about wonderful. Its one of my favorites for sure.
4 oz. Mini Jelly Jar Candle

Added on 09/16/2020
My favorite size on this website!!! Amazing throw and they last/burn for much longer than you would think. Plus, this is a great way to be able to affordably try multiple scents. Can't say enough good things. Don't overlook the 4oz!!!!
Kendall Rae Wood Wick Candle

Added on 09/14/2020
Ordered because of Kendall and I have already placed a second order. I love the wood crackling, I got it in apple cinnamon butter and it is so strong the second I opened the box I smelled it. 100% recommend
Wax Brittle

Added on 09/13/2020
This is a good buy, and very easy to use: I never have to cut it,I just pick out a few pieces for each melter. Wax brittle is flat, so it is the easiest type of melt to put into poly bags for sharing.
Cutie - Captain Crunch Berry

Added on 09/13/2020
This candle is so adorable and it burns nicely. Not an overpowering sugary scent, and it smells delicious! In my opinion it is a must have/try!
Comfort - Raspberry Caramel Buttercream

Added on 09/13/2020
Now this candle is one of my favorites! It is extremely beautiful and smells delicious! Currently on a slow burning standstill so I don't run out haha! Will definitely re-order!
Caramel Brulee Latte

Added on 09/10/2020
Loveeeee this one! I got it in a bakery sampler set and it makes the entire house smell like caramel coffee! Very sweet and buttery with the lightest coffee latte scent
Finger Lickin Good

Added on 09/08/2020
Smells like a fancy candy/pastry shop. Sweet yet I get a hint of herb which is probably the woody scent. A complex scent I would recommend for spring because its fruity yet you get that warm woody smell.

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