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Waterlily & Pear

Added on 10/16/2022
My absolute favorite scent!
Bread Pan Candle With Topping

Added on 10/11/2022
I bought this and I love the smell of the cinnamon on top! It was present it’s so beautiful these candles are so nice! I don’t know whether to like them and use them or let them sit to be pretty. When I got to the second part underneath the cinnamon I had chosen banana cream pie.
Cinnamon Gingerbread Latte

Added on 10/07/2022
Yummy cinnamon and gingerbread. Nice, strong scent. I smelled a touch of coffee.
Enchanted Forest

Added on 10/07/2022
One of my favorite fresh scents! Strong scented with a beautiful blend of patchouli and strawberries.
Watercress and Aloe

Added on 10/07/2022
Lovely, fresh smell! Great for a spa type of feel. I will definitely order again!

Added on 10/07/2022
It’s a pretty scent. Very light and not very strong at all. That’s why I gave 3 stars.
Zucchini Pumpkin Bread

Added on 10/06/2022
Hands down my fave Bakery scent!! I have bought a ton of bakery candles and melts over the years. BEST ONE RIGHT HERE! Hey Mom, you got punkin' bread baking in the oven? You sure? Sure smells like ya do! This scent is strong on the cold throw. However, when melted, gives such a full, sweet, comforting and warm waft thru my house. Very strong throw...only need small chunk in the warmer! Recommend highly!!
Luna (type)

Added on 10/05/2022
Light & Airy throw...very pleasant and not overpowering.
Bermuda Triangle

Added on 10/05/2022
Bermuda Triangle is not a mystery! CBV has solved it! Wow yall..This scent is sweet but not cloying in any way. It is very classy, fresh and has the right amount of throw, not overpowering in any way. A gift in this fragrance, would please anyone!
Cold December Night

Added on 10/05/2022
Just ok for me...prob can use it to blend with something else to make my own Christmas brew melt :) I'm sorry to hear this, this is one of our most popular Christmas type scents. :) xoxo Victoria
Drunk Elves

Added on 10/04/2022
Mild, sweet n creamy :) The drunk elves have mellowed out...yep, thats it
Snuggle Baby

Added on 10/04/2022
Super clean, super soft, so smooth. This is an "everybody" scent!! In my top 2 from CBV!
Surprise Melts

Added on 10/04/2022
Wowzers...what a deal!! Bag is FULL to the brim with assorted wax melts and trims. Fun to search through them and see what goodies lie within. If you love melts, get this!

Added on 10/04/2022
So very fruity...light on floral side. Lovely
Sugared Spruce

Added on 10/03/2022
Absolutely love this scent would burn this all year round!
Amazing Grace

Added on 10/03/2022
very soft/pretty fragrance, not heavy at all...nice and light/airy
Christmas Cottage

Added on 10/03/2022
This is a perfect all around scent. It has a mild,slightly sweet and mellow "feel" to it. Def cozy and def cottage. I want to purchase this one for all of my close friends. Cannot imagine anyone not liking this one. Thanks CBV!!
Cowboy Christmas

Added on 10/03/2022 hubs and I do not like this one at all...I suppose you could try to blend it with something maybe sweet to tone down the is just too much for us
Christmas Pineberry Bough

Added on 10/01/2022
Perfect blend...sweet and yet earthy...sort of....I would burn this any time of year. Fall n Winter...NO BRAINER...get this one yall
Mrs. Claus Kitchen

Added on 10/01/2022
When I first received my scentshots in this and did not like it at all...but now it has grown on me. So I have changed my mind. I am a woman go figure lol. I also received this scent in the cylinder cutie Christmas deco candle and it smells divine & looks divine So, had to give this some time...but I am all for it now:) Maybe it just has to sit for a while for the scent to really come through?

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