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Scent Shots Sampler Pack

Added on 11/06/2019
Just purchased this in my very last order as I was running out of scent shots but wanted to try out new scents! This is such an amazing idea and you get such an great variety! I got scents that I didn't even know existed! I would recommend this to anyone who has a hard time choosing scents!
Mrs. Claus Kitchen

Added on 11/03/2019
This scent is not listed under "Fruity," but I think of it as one of my favorite berry scents because the mulberry and spice notes enhance the cranberry note, rather than obscuring it. I *must* have cranberry scent during the last three months of the year, and Mrs. Claus Kitchen (I know it is not strictly a cranberry scent)satisfies that craving. The sweetness of the maple note goes well with the slight tartness of the berry notes. This scent is wonderful to mix with Maple Butter Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Crunch or Cinnamon Stick, and although I love Mrs. Claus Kitchen on its own, I will be mixing it with other scents in future.
Brownie Peanut Butter Cheesecake Candle

Added on 11/03/2019
I have tried many of CBV candles and I have enjoyed all of them but this is the one I keep coming back too. I love that the smell of chocolate and peanut butter flows through my home. All the candles have a great scent throw. This is my favorite though ♥️
Pumpkin Patch

Added on 11/03/2019
A really nice, creamy pumpkin scent. It really is what you think a fall candle would smell like! I started burning this on Halloween when handing out candy to Trick or Treaters, and when my friend visited my house, she commented, "Wow, your house smells really good!" when i opened the door! Another great CBV scent that I will redorder!
Scent Shot

Added on 11/03/2019
Love this complex apple scent! This is one of my favorites, especially in fall.
16 oz. Country Jar Candle

Added on 11/02/2019
I purchased a 16 oz. Country Ultra Sampler Pack, and the first one I burned was Waffle Cone. First of all, every person who's come into our home has commented on how good it smells. This morning, we're having someone clean our carpets and he said how good our house smells, but I burned the candle Last Night... in a Different Room! The other thing worth mentioning is that these candles last so much longer than any other one I've purchased. I've found that one of these 16 oz candles lasts as long as 1.5 of a competitor's candles (so the six of these in the pack I bought for $85 will last as long as 9 of the other brand's candles -- which cost me about $100 if I wait for a great sale). That makes these SUCH a better deal for a better smelling, stronger smelling candle, and I'd much prefer a small business owner anyway!
Spiced Pumpkin Chutney

Added on 11/01/2019
I am absolutely OBSESSED with this scent! I am not normally a “bakery” or sweet scent lover - but this is so heavenly. I highly highly recommend!!
Pumpkin Patch

Added on 10/29/2019
This scent is a little spicy, a little buttery, with a very natural-smelling pumpkin note - "undeniably FALL" indeed! I bought this scent in cube melts, thinking I might want to blend it, but since melting it, I doubt that I will want to mix it with anything else. This is a house blend, not a dupe of another brand's Pumpkin Patch, but if you have ever loved any Pumpkin Patch scent, try this. Victoria sells it all year long,too, so there's no waiting all summer to see if it will be available.
Cream Cheese Frosting

Added on 10/20/2019
If you wonder if this is one of those scents that smells exactly like its name, wonder no longer; it is! The realistic dairy note exudes at the moment it begins to melt, not at all like a generic vanilla scent.

Added on 10/18/2019
I love this scent so much! The spices are just such a wonderful blend, and i have a good feeling that this will be one of my favorites of my order. Will definetly reorder this in at least a muffin melt size because it is so good! If any of you are looking for a fall scent, this is one to throw in because it is just too good to pass up!
Best Friends

Added on 10/15/2019
What a wonderfully unique scent! Massive throw - fills my entire 3,000 square foot house. Scent seems to shift as it melts - vanilla to berry, sweet to mellow. It's unlike any other scent I buy from CBV. Whenever I am at a loss on what to burn I pick this. If you like vanilla and/or fruity scents, give it a try!
White Chocolate Caramel Crunch

Added on 10/11/2019
When I had this in a scent shot from a sampler pack I loved it. But I could only melt it when my husband isn't home. For some reason it gives him headaches. Which was saddening because I loved it so much.
Rock A Bye Baby

Added on 10/04/2019
This is a great combination, it is a bit heavier on the coconut though! Still love!
Apple Cinnamon Butter

Added on 10/04/2019
This scent was an emotional roller coaster for me. I finished burning about a week ago so take my review with a pinch of salt. When i first got it, it didn't sit well with me. Then, i gradually warmed to it. When i finally burned this, sometimes i didn't like it, and sometimes it was my favorite out of my order. It really depended. I would let the oils in this one "infuse" a little bit before burning. I don't wanna give it a three star review because it was great at times, so ill give it a 4 star. In reality, i would give it a 3.75 star if it was possible. I would still recommend people to try this one because it seems like a lot of people enjoyed it. Despite this, i'll probably give it another shot in the future if i ever decide to try this scent again.
Maple Butter Crunch

Added on 09/29/2019
I can take a knock-you-down, in-your-face maple scent, but this one is not it. This is a warm, buttery bakery scent with just enough maple to sweeten it a little. It is a cozy little kitchen scent on its own, but would be a great mixer to go with berry bakery, coffee, pumpkin and nutty scents.
Sweet Treat - Hot Apple Pie

Added on 09/27/2019
This candle smells exactly as it says, like a fresh hot apple pie. Key front scent is the Macintosh apples and the bakery cinnamon scent is perfect! I’m only knocking a star because it’s not quite the apple pie scent I was looking for, but I burnt this to the very end in about two weeks time! Awesome container afterwards as well! Drinks glass or makeup brushes holder!
4 oz. Mini Jelly Jar Candle

Added on 09/27/2019
Perfect for an office desk, hubby opens it an placed it front of his desk fan at work and it scents up the area around his desk, just on cold throw! It’s Cinnabon scented! Eventually I’ll ask him to bring it home to burn, but he’s enjoying it for now.
8 oz. Pie In A Jar Candle

Added on 09/27/2019
These are fantastic little everyday gifts, sized perfectly for travel too! I got mine in Banana Fosters and was blown away by the fantastic blend of the pie crust scent and the scent I chose. I’m only sad because it’s so small, these would be super cute in a bigger candle too! I’m definitely buying these as gifts!
Pumpkin White Chocolate

Added on 09/23/2019
I got this as part of a fall scent shot sampler. I probably never would have ordered it as a single scent shot because I never eat white chocolate, but this scent is very pleasant. The white chocolate note dominates and the pumpkin smells just like pumpkin puree; it is not very spicy. This would be a good scent to try for people who like pumpkin scents, but can do without much clove or allspice. The scent throw is incredible, too. One ounce (half of a scent shot) can scent an 8x12 or 10x10 room in a matter of minutes.
Friday Night Lights

Added on 09/23/2019
Two of my favorites scents combined together, how perfect! And the name is perfect too! Good, strong scent that lingers even after you've blown out the flame.

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