Candles by Victoria


Whipped Body Butter Souffle'

Added on 01/13/2018
Wow i ordered the fruity pebbles this time & its just as perfect as the fruit loop cupcake i got. Im so addicted to these, & they last sooooo long, im going to end up with an entire collection. Amazing!!!
Layered Butterscotch Coconut Cream Candle

Added on 01/11/2018
Oh. My. Goodness! This candle is loaded with the most tantalizing fragrance Oils in coconut cream, Butterscotch, buttercream, cream Brulee and whipped cream! This is the most creamiest candle ever and my favorite candle by far! Try it out for yourself if you haven't already!
CC - Baking With Mrs. Claus

Added on 01/11/2018
This was part of a large haul(all fall, winter and Christmas scents) that I ordered to last me from October through March, and although I had many loaves and jars in that haul, I used up Baking With Mrs. Claus by Thanksgiving! The maple and cranberry notes were very pleasant together; being from the Northeast, I associate those with Thanksgiving more than Christmas, especially with the yam note! Another CBVer said that the yam note was not for her, so be aware of that, but to me, it just made the candle smell even more like Thanksgiving dinner. Some people say they do not want to burn such cute candles, but this one looked nice when melting, with the festive red and glitter combining on and around the whipped wax. Of course, I know that this is meant to be a Christmas candle, but with the way it smelled, I could not leave it packed away until December.
Pepperberry Wreath

Added on 01/09/2018
Of all the CBV fragrances, this smells most like Bath & Body Works “Winter” fragrance. If you could plant yourself in the middle of a field of Christmas trees mingled within a grove of orange trees on a cold snowy evening, then Pepperberry Wreath is what you would smell! Crisp, invigorating but not overpowering-this is a great seasonal fragrance from December to February. Perfect for that season when you want something that is Winter-y but not mint-y, no bakery notes at all and the citrus is balanced by the spruce/pine/balsam notes
Jar Full Of Mini Bundt Cakes

Added on 01/08/2018
Compared to other companys' wax tarts, these are not "mini." If you love intense home fragrance and you would rather melt than burn, get a Jar Full of Mini Bundt Cakes and a high temperature melter, put one or two of these melts in and live inside that scent!
Macintosh Apple

Added on 01/07/2018
This is a really good basic Apple scent. For me personally, not too appealing just because it doesn’t excite me. It’s great for someone who loves Apple though!
Tropical Blast

Added on 01/04/2018
I first ordered this because I wanted to smell a "fresh" tropical blue scent, and this is wonderfully fresh. It has pineapple and coconut notes, but is not a pina colada scent; the other fruity notes blend nicely with the pineapple note. The strongest note is the pure white coconut note, which is just coconut without any sugar, musk, butter or vanilla. You might think that this scent is syrupy sweet, like a tropical drink, but it is not. The scent throw is what one would expect of a CBV scent. I got a throw of at least fifteen feet from melting a quarter of a scent shot.
Nut House

Added on 01/03/2018
Love this fragrance! Very creamy, sweet, and nutty. I was afraid of the vanilla overpowering the pistachio but it actually complimented very well. Was also worried about the almond, because as we all know, generic almond scents are very distinct and usually overpowering, but like the vanilla, complimented the pistachio very well. Couldn't specifically pick out honey or heliotrope like I did with the other notes, but I suppose that's a good thing because they're there to basically lend a helping hand to the pistachio straight to the front. In a wrap, almond and vanilla are present, but as it should be, pistachio is the star and it's an amazing creamy, nutty fragrance.
16 oz. Country Jar Candle

Added on 01/02/2018
The Teakwood and Cardamom scent fills most of our house (not an easy feat when the house is 75 feet long and 35 feet wide!) with the most wonderful smell! We love it!!!
Marshmallow Peppermint

Added on 12/31/2017
The scent throw on this candle is amazing. One 16 oz candle permeates my entire downstairs. I purchased this scent because I wanted to see how it compared to other candles I've had that combined peppermint and marshmallow because it's one of my favorite winter scents. For me, the Candles by Victoria version emphasizes the peppermint just a little too much; I wish it had a little bit more of an almost toasted marshmallow note to it. It's a very high quality candle, just not exactly perfect for my personal preferences, but at this point I'm just splitting hairs.
Sweet Snow

Added on 12/31/2017
This is a really nice candle. It's wintry and festive but would honestly burn really nicely all year round. It's a light, sweet scent with a good scent throw; it's not overwhelming but it still fills a room very nicely.
Scent Shot

Added on 12/28/2017
Love the Butterfly Kisses, Citrus Explosion, Bite me and Lemon Pomegranate!! They maybe shots but they pack a big punch in scents!
Sinful Cinnabon Candle

Added on 12/25/2017
Omg, I kinda felt this website looked a lil sketchy but decided to try it anyways and omggggggggg I love this candle I haven't even lit it cause it's so scented so goodbye overpriced yankee candle hello candlesbyvictoria ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Blueberry Cheesecake

Added on 12/22/2017
Strong scent throw. Perfect scent!!
Whipped Body Butter Souffle'

Added on 12/15/2017
Victoria you have such amazing talent with everything you do and this body butter is no exception! Pink Sugar Pina Coloda is a must have for this! OMG what an wonderful scent!! The body butter itself is so light but still moisturizing without the greasy feel! I live in the desert so this was a true test! LOVE IT!! Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Much love, Garnett
Butt Naked

Added on 12/13/2017
So fresh and clean! Primarily I get lemon and almost a floral note, which I suppose is the teak wood. Very pretty!
Whipped Body Butter Souffle'

Added on 12/13/2017
Wow i just received my souffle' in fruit loop cupcake & it is beyond the best ive ever used! First i ordered it in the refresher oil & was blown away by the scent i had to have the souffle' im so glad i did now im addicted to that. So far its been 3 hours & i can still smell it &my skin is so soft not greasy at all & doesnt have that perfume feel to it. Absolutely perfect like everything ive ever i have to try it with other scents.
Sage & Citrus

Added on 12/06/2017
The citrus in this is very very subtle. I couldn't smell it at all until the candle had been burning a while. Finally able to pick up on the citrus notes and it works well alongside the sage. Has a slightly Christmas-y scent, but also smells like something that might be used in a spa.
Jar Full Of Christmas

Added on 12/04/2017
Such quality and quantity at such a low price is only at CBV. Check the prices on other companies' wax melts that are not in holiday shapes, and you can see what a bargain this is. I do not know how much each of the melts weighs, but, for those of us who like plenty of intense scent, they are certainly hefty enough to drop just one into a warmer and let that throw grow. The candle-shaped and bell-shaped melts are perfect 1960's retro chic, and the tree-shaped melts make me wish that CBV offered a "Jar Full of Trees!"
Deck The Halls

Added on 12/04/2017
The spruce and ozone notes are soft and natural, and the way that the fruity notes are played off of them is indeed amazing. This is a fresh, predominantly evergreen scent, not resinous or "perfumey," even though it has pine and geranium notes. When I smell this, I think of garland made with spruce boughs and winter berries. Scent throw from the wax melts is excellent, but do not assume that a strong scent throw comes only from a very strong scent; many of CBV's light, fresh or mellow scents have great warm throw, and this is one of them. If you like the natural smell of evergreens, but single-note spruce, pine or balsam candles overwhelm your nose, try Deck the Halls. This would be a good scent to use at Christmas parties and holiday dinners because it is a festive scent that would not compete with the aromas of food. The wax is medium mint green in color.

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