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Surprise Loaves

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Surprise Loaves
Surprise Loaves
Surprise Loaves
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When people come to visit us at CBV North, they always say, I want my house to smell like this!! If you have ever been curious as to what it smells like here at CBV this is a great way to experience that first hand or should we say "nose". 

As we are pouring up your wax goodies, we sometimes have scented wax left over from each batch that we pour, we take that wax and pour it up in these cute little loaf pans, I have been doing this for myself for years but I have recently decided to share these with our customers as well.

Cut off a slice of your loaf and pop it in your warmer then sit back and enjoy as the candle shop smell fills your home!

Each loaf can have 2-5 layers of different scent, we do not mark them so they are a surprise as you melt.

16 oz.

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