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Scoop Some Scent
We pack 16 full ounces of whipped highly scented wax into this adorable jar. You scoop out what you need, put it into any electric warmer or tealight burner that you have, then sit back and enjoy the wonderful aroma without a flame. This wax is very
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Wax Blaster
CBV Wax Blasters are brand new to our line, a 16 oz. Scoopable Wax Treat! You get to choose two different fragrances!! The first scent you choose will for the whipped wax, the second scent you choose will be what we scent the wax&n
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Wax Blaster - Blackberry Maple Crumb
A 16 oz. plus scoopable treat! Blackberry and Maple Butter Crunch make up the fragrances in the delightful scoopable treat! Filled to the brim with our Blackberry and Maple Butter Crunch fragrance combination. Topped with Maple Butter Crunch wax crum
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Wax Blaster - S'more's Donut
A 16 oz. plus scoopable wax treat! Layers of wax donuts and marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate sauce and a tiny bit of glitter to top it all off. Scoop out as much as you like into any type of wax warmer you have then sit back and enjoy t
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Wax Blaster - Strawberry Banana Pie
A 16 oz. plus scoopable wax treat! Banana, Strawberry Jam and Granny's Pie Crust goodness are the fragrances that make up this delectable treat! Topped with wax crumbs, wax strawberry and banana embeds, strawberry banana sauce with a tiny t
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Wax Gelato - CAS
Our Wax Gelato comes in our Create A Scent (CAS) option. We give you the opportunity to create a one of a kind fragrance by mixing two of our existing fragrances and giving your new fragrance creation a name! CBV's version of the yummy Italia
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