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Black Label Candle

Black Label Candle
Black Label Candle
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I have put my heart and soul into this line, from designing the labels to working side by side with our purfumist, testing and creating the most amazing fragrances to choosing an elegant and sophisticated jar and finishing it off with the perfect lid, this new line of candles has been a labor of love and one that I am extremely proud of.

Candles By Victoria Top Shelf Premium Fragrance Black Label candles have been something I have wanted to create for sometime. When you think of top shelf you think of the best of the best. CBV has always used the highest quality fragrance oils but we have took it a step further for this very special line of candles and kicked it up a notch.

Our new top shelf line is just that, when using the comparison of a bar drink, you can get a really great "rail" drink of whiskey and coke or you can step it up and order a "top shelf" Jack and Coke, the same with a rail tequila verses a Patron you are getting the best of the best.

Depth and complexity of fragrance is what separates a great fragrance from an outstanding fragrance. Really good fragrances have a top, middle and a bottom or dry note. The top note is what you smell in the bottle. It is also the note that "flashes" off quickly when the candle is burning. It is the middle notes, or heart of the fragrance oil that you smell when the candle is burning. The dry down or bottom note is the extra kick that gives the throw or the lingering aroma that finishes off the whole scent experience.

Some scents are just more expensive to make. Pure and simple, some fragrances oils are made of raw materials that are more expensive. Some ingredients are less common, harder to grow, process or store. A rare orchid gathered directly from the Tropical Rain Forest that cannot be reproduced by machine will be extremely expensive.

This is where our top shelf line comes into play. The fragrances for this line are the best of the best.. the cream of the crop, very complex and very expensive. It is the depth of these fragrances combined with the beauty of the jar, label and lid that set these candles apart. I wanted to offer this to you packaged in a extremely elegant one of a kind high end candle that is still affordable, and we have done just that.

Treat yourself to something truly special!!

14 oz.

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