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Muffin Melt - Banana Nut Bread

Muffin Melt - Banana Nut Bread
Muffin Melt - Banana Nut Bread
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These babies are huge, they are poured in a jumbo foil/lined cupcake liner, just peel back the liner and your tart is ready to use. We begin with a layer of Buttercream Crunch, we added a second layer in our wonderful Banana Nut Bread scent, we than added another layer of wax crumbs in Buttercream Crunch, we over poured that with Banana Foster and than added banana wax embeds, two wax walnut embeds, then we drizzled the entire thing with more Banana Foster. Amazingly delicious, but don't let your family or friends take a bite!

Made with the same softer wax as all our melts, so this little beauty is very easy to cut up and add just the right amount to your tart warmers. You can get a minimum of 4 uses out of this single tart.

6 fl. oz. 

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