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As you scroll through the website you will notice a different color  before the name of each fragrance. These colored hearts represent the color that this fragrance will come in or as close to the color as we can depict. Please note that all candles are hand poured and slight variations in color will occur.

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Cherries and Chestnuts
Just like the name suggests, this is a wonderful fragrance one of my new favorites!!
Based on 3 reviews.
Cherry Almond
A perfect blend of two of my favorite scents. This is one strong fragrance!!
Based on 2 reviews.
Cherry Angel Food Cake
Our wonderful sweet angel food cake with a touch of cherry.
Based on 1 reviews.
Cherry Chip Cupcake
Pink Cupcake & Cherry Vanilla - CAS by Amanda
Based on 3 reviews.
Cherry Cobbler
Tart cherry blended perfectly with a buttery crust base.
Based on 1 reviews.
Cherry Cookies
Cherrie cookies, what's not to love.
Based on 1 reviews.
Cherry Vanilla
A mix of cherry and vanilla that will make your mouth water!!
Based on 1 reviews.
Chocolate Almond Banana Parfait
Chocolate, Almond, Banana Cream Pie.
Based on 0 reviews.
Chocolate Banana
Rich creamy chocolate and ripe fresh banana… the perfect combination!  
Based on 0 reviews.
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Do you love the smell of chocolate cookies baking in the oven? This fragrance will send you running to the store for the real thing.  
Based on 2 reviews.
Chocolate Covered Cherries
Creamy rich chocolate combined with cherry, what could be sweeter and smell better?
Based on 0 reviews.
Chocolate Mint
Rich, creamy and smooth just like the after dinner mints or my favorite ice cream, this scent is a true treat!!
Based on 3 reviews.
Chocolate Orange
Rich creamy chocolate mixed with orange.. one of my favorites.  
Based on 1 reviews.
Chocolate Peppermint Splash
Dark chocolate with heavy cream and a splash of peppermint. To die for!!  
Based on 3 reviews.
Chocolate Pudding
Top notes of dark chocolate and white chocolate mixed with a creamy vanilla base down note, sweet and creamy!  
Based on 1 reviews.
Chocolate Raspberry
Chocolate covered raspberries this scent is just plain yummy!!  
Based on 1 reviews.
Chocolate Strawberries
Fresh strawberries covered in yummy rich chocolate!!
Based on 1 reviews.
Chocolate Wasted
When you love chocolate and you can't decide get them all in this rich, creamy, chocolatey goodness!! A blend of white, dark and milk chocolate, heaven! 
Based on 4 reviews.
Christmas Cravings
Sugary, buttery and fruity sweet molases with notes of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg with sweet notes of vanilla and cotton candy. This is a must try scent if you love bakery type fragrances, so good!  
Based on 1 reviews.
Buttery, warm, fresh Cinna-bons scent topped with ooey-gooey vanilla icing is absolutely incredible! Not overly spicy...just a pinch of cinnamon, perfectly blended with the sweet scent of vanilla & butter. This one is sure to make your mouth water for more! Can you say "YUM"?!
Based on 16 reviews.
Cinnamon Apple Berry
A comforting blend of cinnamon sticks, juicy tart apples and sweet berries gently sprinkled with sugar.
Based on 3 reviews.
Cinnamon Apple Peach
Sweet, yummy cinnamon apple with a touch of peach. This is one awesome blend we know you will just love!
Based on 2 reviews.
Cinnamon Buns
Fresh baked cinnamon buns dripping with white icing. Hot and yummy right out of the oven.
Based on 2 reviews.
Cinnamon Caramel Swirl (type)
The ultimate blend of caramel, cinnamon and vanilla. Rich, decedent and oh so good. 
Based on 2 reviews.
Cinnamon Coffee
A strong true coffee with a splash of cinnamon to make it exciting!!
Based on 3 reviews.

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