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CC - Baking With Mrs. Claus

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CC - Baking With Mrs. Claus
CC - Baking With Mrs. Claus
CC - Baking With Mrs. Claus
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This sweet candle begins with a layer of our Mrs. Claus Kitchen scent, then we added a layer of maple crumbs and finally we topped the whole thing off with whipped wax in Mrs. Claus Kitchen then added a wax gingerbread man and woman, two rolling pins and lots of white and green glitter, so festive and fun for the holidays!

Our Cylinder Cutie candles come in this amazing 18 oz. jar. We love this container so much because of the wide mouth, it allows for a larger melt pool which in turn produces an outstanding scent throw! These candles come double wicked for a perfect burn. 

Please place candle on heat safe plate while burning, possible over flow can happen during the initial burn.

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