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CC - Mint Chocolate Chip Sundae

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CC - Mint Chocolate Chip Sundae
CC - Mint Chocolate Chip Sundae
CC - Mint Chocolate Chip Sundae
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A nod to all Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream lovers out there! We begin this candle with a layer of mint chocolate crumbs, we then add a second layer of Mint Chocolate Chip whipped wax and repeat the process, we sprinkle the entire thing with more mint chocolate crumbs and just a few chocolate sprinkles and call it a day. So yummy, so strong and for all you Mint Chocolate Chip lovers out there like me this candle is a must have!

Our Cylinder Cutie candles come in this amazing 18 oz. jar. We love this container so much because of the wide mouth, it allows for a larger melt pool which in turn produces an outstanding scent throw! These candles come double wicked for a perfect burn. We also include a lid for storage.

Please place candle on heat safe plate while burning, possible over flow can happen during the initial burn.

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