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Comfort - Fruit Cheesecake

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Comfort - Fruit Cheesecake
Comfort - Fruit Cheesecake
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We begin this candle with a layer of graham cracker crust goodness. We then added a layer of maple wax crumbs topped by an additional layer of whipped wax in a special blend of Bumbleberry, Blackberry Jam and Creme Cheese Frosting scents all topped off with fruity wax embeds! So cute and full of fruity goodness! 

When I think of comfort foods, I think of yummy desserts, that is what inspired this line of delectable candle creations. Each candle is created especially for you, it takes a very long time to pour candles such as these, each Comfort Candle is poured individually so they REALLY are not only candles but works of art.

Candles By Victoria Comfort Candles com in one size and are over 18 oz. of wax. We love this container so much because of the wide mouth, it allows for a larger melt pool, which in turn produces an outstanding scent throw! These candles come double wicked for a perfect burn from the beginning of your candle until the very last drop.

Please place candle on heat safe plate while burning, possible over flow can happen during the initial burn.

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