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Reed Diffusers

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Reed Diffusers
Reed Diffusers
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This elegant home fragrance system delivers fragrance with a distinct yet simple wicking system of porous reeds. Fragranced liquid seeps up through the reeds allowing scent to fill the room. Each set includes a glass display bottle with lid, 6 ounces of fragrance and six 10 inch reeds. Candles By Victoria Reed Diffuser Fragrance system lasts up to 4-6 months!

How do Candles By Victoria Reed Diffusers Work?

Place the Reed Diffuser bottle on a stable surface, place the reeds into the bottle. Let the reeds saturate then, after one to two hours, flip the reeds over. For desired intensity, flip reeds often to expose fresh fragrance to the air.

The scientific process of diffusion relies on kinetic energy. A gentle flick of the reeds will instantly disperse tantalizing fragrance into the air and beautifully liven up any room. Each of the fragrance reeds reacts to subtle changes in the air currents. Place yours in a high traffic area for maximum diffusion, or near a window or gentle breeze to circulate the fragrance throughout the room. Doorways, hallways, and entranceways are ideal locations for maximum diffusion.

Keep away from heat and flame. Do not light sticks. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only; avoid placing fragrance and reeds in contact with skin, eyes, paint, varnish or plastics.

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