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CD - Snuggle Baby Delight

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CD - Snuggle Baby Delight
CD - Snuggle Baby Delight
CD - Snuggle Baby Delight
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They say the apple doesn't fall from from the tree and in our case this is so true. Our daughter Chelsea has been involved and worked in our family business since she was 6 years old. Candles By Victoria is as important to her as it is to me, she takes great pride in what she does and the candles she makes for all of you.

Over the years I have been the creative force behind CBV, I would come up with a candle idea and then she will recreate that candle for all of you but one day she will be head candle queen around here.  I recently challenged her to come up with her very own line of candles and she out did herself as I knew she would!!

I am so very proud to introduce you all to our newest line of candles, Chelsea's Delights!! Created and designed by my amazing daughter. This sweet candle is a whipped blend of Snuggle baby with Baby Powder wax crumbs intertwined. The top of the candle is decorated with rubby ducky wax embeds and a cute bear wax embed. The rim of this adorable candle is trimmed in blue and teal glitter. 

15 oz. 

Possible overflow can occur during the initial burn, please burn on a heat safe plate.

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