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Sweet Treat - Hot Apple Pie

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Sweet Treat - Hot Apple Pie
Sweet Treat - Hot Apple Pie
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We begin this candle with a layer of our amazing Granny's Pie Crust, we then add another layer of our yummy Spiced Apple Pie fragrance. We then topped it off with a few apple wax embeds and sprinkled it with red sprinkles. An American classic served up for you in a waxy treat! Enjoy!

Treat yourself to a candle from our Sweet Treat line, candles that capture the scent, look and feel of home baked goodness without gaining a single calorie.

Candles By Victoria Sweet Treat line was inspired by our customers, we wanted to bring you a sweet treat bakery line that you could enjoy but at a more affordable price. Each Sweet Treat candle is individually made with all the love and care that we put into our larger more expensive bakery candles but at a price everyone can afford.

These wonderful candles come single wicked in our 15 oz. tumbler jars and are a perfect addition to any home or great to give as a gift.

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