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Bake Shoppe - Oreo Fluff

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Bake Shoppe - Oreo Fluff
Bake Shoppe - Oreo Fluff
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This adorable candle begins with a layer of our Chocolate Wasted and Buttercream Crunch scent. We then add a second layer of wax chocolate crumbs and finally we add a whipped topping of Salted Caramel, Buttercream Crunch and Kim's Country Cornbread. We top it all off with wax Oreo's, chocolate candy pieces anjd chocolate wax crumbs. It smells devine and is so flipping cute!

Poured up in our favorite Love, Victoria jar with over 20 oz. of scrumptious wax these candles will give you hours and hours of enjoyment!

The candle measures 4 inches tall, it has a very wide opening of 4 inches and tapers down to 3 1/2 inches at the bottom. We love this container so much because of the wide mouth, it allows for a larger melt pool which in turn produces an outstanding scent throw! These candles come double wicked for a perfect burning candle from beginning to end.

Please place this candle on a heat safe plate while buring, possible over flow can happen during the initial burn.

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