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Confetti Unicorn Cupcake Candle

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Confetti Unicorn Cupcake Candle
Confetti Unicorn Cupcake Candle
Confetti Unicorn Cupcake Candle
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You have been asking for a colorful wax creation and we have been listening! Introducing our Confetti Unicorn Cupcake candle!!

We begin with a layer of our amazing Pink Cupcake fragrance followed by a second layer in our Magical Unicorn fragrance. We then added a layer of our whipped wax topping in Pink Cupcake.

The magic is what is happening on top of this amazing candle. We covered the whole candle in confetti wax crumbs than added pink rainbows and blue clouds wax embeds that are surrounding the center piece of a huge rainbow colored wax embed scented in Magical Unicorn.

This candle is huge at over 32 oz. of wax and triple wicked for a perfect burn.

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