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Iced Sugar Cookie Candle

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Iced Sugar Cookie Candle
Iced Sugar Cookie Candle
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This YUMMY candle is our spin on my favorite cookie the Iced Sugar Cookie. The candle is poured in a 32 oz. bowl and is triple wicked and scented in our amazing Sugar Cookie scent. The top is whipped wax scented in our blend of the perfect Buttercream Frosting, we then topped the entire candle off with hand cut mini sugar cookies that are covered in real sprinkles, and finally we sprinked the entire candle with more colorful fun sprinkles. This candle is adorable, my daughter Chelsea just loved the way this candle turned out and suggested that I add it to my regular line of candles.

Caution: these will spill over during the first few initial burns, so place them on a candle safe plate.

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