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Car Diffuser

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Car Diffuser
Car Diffuser
Car Diffuser Car Diffuser Car Diffuser
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Our brand new Car Diffusers allow you to take CBV where ever you go!


The bottle is made of glass and the cap of the bottle is made of wood to allow for the perfect amount of fragrance to be diffused throughout your car. 


Give our diffuser a little shake everyday or so to move the fragrance up into the wooden lid so it can diffuser throughout your car. 


Easily hangs and is adjustable to hang from your rear-view miror.


Please only hang from your rear-view mirror as the fragrance can leave a mark or cause damage to surfaces in your car.


*Can be refilled with our Refresher Oils. 

* There is a plastic cork that needs needs to be removed before using, it is only there to protect in transit.  


8 mil


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