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Large Bread Pan Candle

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Large Bread Pan Candle
Large Bread Pan Candle
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This large Bread Pan candle comes in all our available fragrances and has 6 wicks!

The candle will come with a wickless option for those of you that prefer to melt vs burn, you can slice off what you want and pop into your warmers. The top of the candle will always come with Maple Butter Crunch Crumbs, scented wax pecan embeds and wax marshmallows, so be sure to choose your scent wisely.

This candle is huge, weighing in at a whopping 40 oz. of wax!! Super cute and a great decoration for your kitchen but remember, this is a wax treat, don't eat!!

*This is a stainless steal pan, container will become hot, please burn on a heat safe surface.

This purchase will also earn you 40 Rewards Points to reedem for free products & discounts in the future.

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