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Layered Butterscotch Coconut Cream Candle

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Layered Butterscotch Coconut Cream Candle
Layered Butterscotch Coconut Cream Candle
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This is our Layered Butterscotch Coconut Cream Candle. This candle is poured in a clear glass 32 oz. bowl, is triple wicked for a perfect burn and a heavenly scent throw. This candle begins with a layer of our blend of creamy Cheesecake with whipped cream, the next layer is Buttercream Crunch, and finally we added a whipped layer of Coconut Cream Pie, then sprinkled the whole thing with gold sprinkles, and if all that wasn't enough we added Butterscotch Kisses as a final touch to this delectable candle! This candle is adorable and smells AMAZING!

Caution: these will spill over during the first few initial burns, so place them on a candle safe plate.

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