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Sweet Treat - Hawaiian Colada

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Sweet Treat - Hawaiian Colada
Sweet Treat - Hawaiian Colada
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One of my personal favorite Sweet Treat Candles. We begin with a layer of our yummy tropical blast fragrance we then add a layer of our sweet Pina Coloda fragrance. We garnished it with pineapple wax embeds, shredded coconut wax and dusted with sprinkles. This is one yummy treat that you'd wish you could drink!

Treat yourself to a candle from our Sweet Treat line, candles that capture the scent, look and feel of home baked goodness without gaining a single calorie.

Candles By Victoria Sweet Treat line was inspired by our customers, we wanted to bring you a sweet treat bakery line that you could enjoy but at a more affordable price. Each Sweet Treat candle is individually made with all the love and care that we put into our larger more expensive bakery candles but at a price everyone can afford.

These wonderful candles come single wicked in our 15 oz. tumbler jars and are a perfect addition to any home or great to give as a gift.

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