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Bee My Honey-Comb

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Bee My Honey-Comb
Bee My Honey-Comb
Bee My Honey-Comb
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This adorable candle comes in our brand new Honeycomb scent which is a house blend of our cult favorite Bath Time With Pooh and some creamy bakery yumminess. If you love honey, toffee, buttercream, creme brulee, cheesecake goodness this candle is for you! 

This candle comes triple wicked for an amazing scent throw. So cute with a whipped wax topping, honeycombs and bee wax embeds, this is one super adorable candle that smells heavenly.

Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this special candle!! 

32 oz. 

Burn on a heat safe plate as this candle may overflow. 

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