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Magical Mermaid Candle

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Magical Mermaid Candle
Magical Mermaid Candle
Magical Mermaid Candle
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Let CBV take you on a magical, mystical journey under the sea with this adorable new candle.

The fragrance for this candle is a CBV original house blend of sweet vanilla, watermelon, kiwi, pineapple, pomegranate and cotton candy. We feel the fragrance is what helps make this candle truly magical not to mention the wax embed mermaid tail, seashell and the touch of glitter.

Designed with mermaids and the color of the sea in mind we bring to you this bright and whimsical beauty. 

Disclaimer - The Mermaid tails will come boxed seperatly in their little own box. There will be a place in the top of the candle for you to easily add the tail. These tails are wax and we will package them as carefully as we can but we can not guarantee they will arrive to you in one piece. If a broken tail is a deal breaker, this may not be the candle for you. We will try our very best to get it to you in one piece, however we will not replace a tail or an entire candle if the tail arrives to you broken. 

Please place candle on a heat safe plate while burning, possible over flow can happen during the intial burn. 

21 oz. plus

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