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Magical Angel Fire Candle

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Magical Angel Fire Candle
Magical Angel Fire Candle
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Created for you by Chelsea, let me introduce you to the newest candle to our Fantasy line of candles our Magical Angel Fire Candle. 

This sweet candle begins with a CBV house blend of Luna (type), Vanilla Sugar, Chantilly Lace and Dark Kiss. This is a very romantic and dreamy fragrance that is just perfect for this candle. 

The top layer of whipped wax is in our Hell On Heels fragrance which is so good, if you have not tried it, it is a must try for sure.

The top of the candle is decorated with wax angel wings and a wax feather and sprinkled with just a touch of glitter. 

A simply adorable candle!

Please place candle on heat safe plate while burning, possible over flow can happen during the intital burn.

21 oz. plus

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