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Magical Unicorn Candle

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Magical Unicorn Candle
Magical Unicorn Candle
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Let CBV take you on a magical journey where unicorns exist and fairies dance.

Enjoy this delightful brightly colored candle that smells simply divine. A CBV custom blend of fruitiness that will rock your world.

We begin with a layer of Fruit Loops Cupcake and Blueberry Patch in electric pink wax. We then swirl in more of the fruity goodness in a beautiful teal color then we top this magical candle with whipped wax in our amazing Green Apple and sprinkle the top in rainbow glitter. 

Treat yourself to this one of a kind candle creation from CBV, you won't be sorry you did.

Please place candle on a heat safe plate while burning, possible over flow can happen during the intital burn.

21 oz. plus

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